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    Hi all Just thought I'd post this here to see if anyone in the expat community might have some advice for me. I have been working in education for twelve years. I moved to Perth from overseas over two years ago and have continued to work in education. However, I have longed for a career change for some time now and recently completed a Masters degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability in order to facilitate this change. As part of this course I focused on resources management, water assessment, ecology, EIA, GIS and my thesis focused on marine protection. I enjoyed completing these studies and worked hard to achieve first class honours. I feel that academically I'm very strong, the problem is that I have literally no industry experience in the environmental sector and no real knowledge of how I might get my foot in the door. If anyone in this community is working in environmental consulting/conservation/research, perhaps in a senior/management role, I would sincerely appreciate some of your time, perhaps for a chat on the phone or even a coffee/beer. There are a few roles I intend to apply for but I would like to get more of an insight into the industry before applying. Thanks!