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    RRV visa issue

    Hello Folks! Great forum by the way... Just want to get some advice and maybe ideas how to get over my issue with RRV. I would appreciate your support on that. I am a geologist (the guy that deals with rocks :) and In October 2013 was granted a PR 190 visa for me and my family - then wife and a child. I flew to Perth right away in November 2013 - just by myself to try to find a job. Unfortunatelly nothing came up and I had to fly elsewhere - Middle East at that time gave some good opportunities. In the meantime we welcomed 2 more children in our family (there is 5 of us now). While I was in the Middle East - a job agency in Perth contacted me several times offering me a position - at that time I had to stick to my job in the M.E. Unfortunatelly 5 years flew very quickly and I almost forgot about my PR reneval. I came back from the Middle East to my home country in Central Europe and could not fly to AU before the 5 year period passed, for many reasons. I contacted a job agency in Perth and got a letter from them saying that they would offer me a job if I get RRV. I myself applied in November 2018 for RRV and included the agency letter in the application but till this day nothing ... no response from the immigration. An immigration agent told me that the agency letter is not sufficient, I would have to have a proper job offer, for any position - inlcluding cleaner, waiter etc., not necessary in my profession. The letter would be a strong point for me to receive RRV. The thing is I don't know anybody in AU that would help me with that. Anybody can give advice ? Thanks Mic