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    UK year 4/5 Vs Grade 4 in Oz

    Hi First time poster! Our family are hopefully relocating to Perth in the next 6 months, just waiting on our RRV’s to come through. We have 2 daughters both in school here in the UK - age 9 (year 4) and age 6 (year 2). I have been told that they will both go into grade 4 and grade 2 when we move. From looking online, this seems to be compared to year 5 and year 3 in UK school years. I don’t know enough about the curriculum in Oz to compare but I am concerned that they both could essentially, depending on when we move, miss out on completing their current UK school year and be behind academically (and get thrown into the oz equivalent of year 5/3). I hope I’m explaining myself properly! I am worried that potentially being behind academically as well as trying to settle into a new school, make friends could be too much! Any advice or tips would be much appreciated Gill xx