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  1. Hi all, I have worked for agency (its full time job and I am still working), for over two months already. Do I have any holiday pay for that period of time? I am beginner in Australia, have moved in October. I used to work for agency in the UK and for every month of work (full time), I was getting extra 2,08 holiday pay for every month of work, is it any similar in Australia? Thanks
  2. Martin7

    Shipping costs from WA to UK/EU (boxes 10-20kg)

    thanks for your post, I checked and it says 171 AUD for a 61x51x41cm box - 30 kg, a little bit more expansive than extra luggage for airline (anyway for both of choices I have different pros and cons). I think its not very expansive, my previous quotes were much higher, for over 400 AUD.
  3. Hi all, What shipment method (company) would you advise to use in this case: - shipment time could be even 2-3 months, from WA to UK and EU - parcels of size like: 40x40x40, 10 - 20 kg I am looking for the most economy option, I tried to use online website to get a quotes but it looks like it use only a few companies to compare. And finally, how much in your opinion it will cost roughly? 40x40x40cm, 20 kg parcel? I am wondering if it will be cheaper that adding a extra luggage to my flight booking, Thank you