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    Thanks Pegg, appreciate your message. Maybe I'm just in a crap part of the UK, haha! We've just been chatting about doing some re-training, possibly welding/fabricating - not me! Will definitely pursue, like you say if its meant to be and all that! I presume the Christmas trip is just a holiday, not another move? Good to know you're still keen to visit although not living there!
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    Thanks for the heads up regarding family. My brother had suggested him being there wouldn't be much of an advantage. Unfortunately no trade qualifications, other half can turn his hand to most things but no papers to say he can do it officially, unfortunately - maybe the route we need to go down. I hear what you're saying about 'better life'. Right now, anything feels it would be better than here but appreciate what you're saying!
  3. Hi all, Recent sign up after a long time discussing a potential move to Australia, particularly WA. Feels a bit pie-in-the-sky but desperate to move from the chaos of the UK as it stands and the obvious better quality of life! Partner and I are 32/35 with 1 son who is 18 months. Lots of practical experience working (PA/fitness instructor/start up business & pest control business /carpentry) however, no major qualifications to our names. My brother has lived in WA for the last 9 years and is now has citizenship/permanent residency but considering moving back to the UK(..!?!) We're caught between not being eligible for certain visas for one reason or another and age isn't on our side. I seem to go round in circles trying to find what may help us so I'm asking for help here. Does anyone have any suggestions/knowledge they can send over my way? (I'm sure this has been asked over and over again....And I'm aware there are agencies that can help but just trying to look at all cheap options first!) Many Thanks! Jen