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  1. Hello! And huge thank you for your reply! I have a 3year bachelor degree, and then the top up PGCE would make the fourth year. Ive read a few posts on TES website and the university has suggested some students have had some success of being able to teach in Australia with this qualification, but cannot say officially. So was hoping this would be the right option? Oh right ok, how come the points are so high. Will have to have a look. Thank you for suggestion I have emailed her Was you able to gain visas through her? Huge thanks for reply, really appreciated!
  2. Hello! Just joined the group and looking forward to sharing and finding out some tips for moving to Perth. We are currently right at the start of the process to move to Perth. I am a qualified Sen Teacher with 5 years experience, however i only possess a QTS qualifaction, which I know is not transferable. My teacher traning was done through the schools direct route (New GTP). I am looking to top this upto a PGCE however through the University of Northampton. Has anybody had any experience of this of knowledge whether this is accepted? The course will finish next June, so we are then quite keen to move. Is this an achievable goal? Thinking of gaining a working visa initially, and then transfer it to a permanent Visa. This is something we have debated for a few years however never felt it was the right time. So any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Would you advise using an agent to support the process? I have two young boys (3,1) so need to make sure we get it right. HUGE thanks in advance for any help given!!! It reallynis appreciated!!