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    Car Wanted for Work

    Hi Guys I'm arriving on the 23rd of August and was wondering is anyone selling a car for around $1000. I don't expect it to be posh or glamorous but if it runs well that's good enough for me. I'm going to be based between Kenwick & Rockingham. Also would prefer Aircon just incase i have to peel myself out of the car on a hot day. cheers
  2. Hi Guys Myself and the family are looking to set up base in Rockingham or there abouts, we wouldn't go any further due to work commitments. Does anyone know of someone leaving or breaking a lease so we could take it over. Ideally we are looking for a 4 bed with good size back garden so the rascals can use up some energy and fall asleep quiet early also near schools and parks. We know there is a demand at the moment for rental properties so i guess i'm just trying my luck. cheers Anthony
  3. antonioeire

    Rockingham to work

    Cheers guys your all very helpful as usual on perth poms. your advise is truly grateful..
  4. antonioeire

    Rockingham to work

    Hi Guys I just found out yesterday that i will be working in Kenwick and where staying in rockingham for a couple of weeks before we decide where to live. Rockingham looks beautiful and it would be a great place to start out. Does anyone know if this is too far of a trott to go to work and would i be best living closer? but the wife has a few things that she wants to have while living in perth. 1. modern house with large back garden 2. accessible to a beach 3. close to primary schools and play areas Is she asking for too much or should i live around armadale or thorlie....
  5. Hi Guys Myself and the family are arriving in Perth on the 23rd of August and struggling to find accomodation for a couple of weeks up coast in Quinns Rock or Joondalup. Does anyone know of any properties to Rent and we have a Budget of $700 to $750. We would like somewhere close to a beach and near schools as we are thinking of living around this area permanently. any help would do...
  6. Visa granted yipppeeeeeee thanks guys for all your help...
  7. antonioeire

    Visa Backlog true or not..

    Hurray! email this morning to confirm visa's granted, what a relief i nearly passed out when i read it.. I'm so excited now even took a day off work. Let the real work begin. thanks guys for your responses and help. The best forum
  8. antonioeire

    Rental Assistance

    Cheers Shauna just can't wait to get to perth to be honest and start my new job. It's very exciting to think that this will be my new life.
  9. antonioeire

    Rental Assistance

    Hi Shauna thanks for your reply, this makes more sense. My wife won't be working when we arrive as she will be looking after 3 small children. i guess i'll just have to see what happens when we arrive. do you live in perth???
  10. antonioeire

    Rental Assistance

    Hi Guys My Wife and i are going on a RSMS sponsored visa 119/857 We are looking to rent in the north of perth. As we are becoming Permanent Residents, is there such thing as rent assistance? the reason i am asking this is that it's mentioned on the goverment website and apparently if you rent privatley your entitled to a tax assistant. IE: Rental $500 you get 20% back, therefore you only pay $400 is this true
  11. antonioeire

    Visa Backlog true or not..

    Thanks for your reply mate i hope once again it doesn't take too long, can't wait to see what life will be like in perth.
  12. antonioeire

    Visa Backlog true or not..

    Hi Guys Has anyone heard of the backlog with visa's at the moment. We had our Medicals on the 20th of March and they since then have been deferred. It's now been over 3 months and still no decision. I'm going out of my mind. Our type of Visa is RSMS 119/857. I need some encouraging words of wisdom
  13. Hi Mate what's it like to live up in joondalup my wife is very keen on that area as she has read some good reviews about the north, however i won't have a car for a while and is it possible to commute to Belmont on the east.
  14. antonioeire

    Crying all day today flying out to Perth Sunday Why?

    hi Guys we haven't left yet but this is the kind of encouraging words that my wife should hear. she feels exactly the same and i think we will be fine once where there and settled. we have 3 very small children under the age of 5 and i'm sorted with a job. she has 2 brothers and 2 sisters with children in other parts of australia so i guess where worring about nothing. ya never know we might organise a meet up and exchange stories. great to see people giving advice on these forums. cheers everyone
  15. Hi guys The sequence of events are as follows: 1. May 2012 sent applications and documents and paid agent. 2. August 2012 recieved approval from the visa people that my sponsorship had been approved and we could proceed with the application. 3. Heard noting for 6 months from our agent bearing in mind that she organised my sisters visa and her family in 2011 and was successful. now living in adelaide 4. March 2013 Call from agent to organise medicals. 5. March 20th 2013 completed the medicals 6. April 2013 Agent said the medicals were clear however because i had a dose of TB back in 2000, they were deferred to the MOC and could take a few weeks. 7. June 2013 Agent tells me that there is a backlog and she expects us to hear soon, weeks rather than months. 8. finally i am at breaking point and fed up. What next?????