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  1. Hi, @Vicky87 We're just outside Newport too, in Newbridge. Glad to hear you're all enjoying it, especially with the little one. That's our main reason for making the move. One of our sons will be 3 when we make the move, how has she adapted to not seeing faimly etc? I start at 6am here so thats not too much of an issue, i'm either 6-2 or 2-20 here whereas i'm hoping to get a more regular days shift in Perth so that i'm home in the evenings for the kids more often. I've now got my skills assessment and everything done so we're just waiting for the states to open back up to submit our EOI.
  2. Hi all! Thanks for the advice on my previous post! We've now gathered all of the documents required for my skills assessment so will be booking in the technical interview asap. We've had another thought though... whilst i'm off work anyway and with the equity from our UK house released, we're toying with the idea of a roadtrip around Australia when we first get there. Our thinking is that we may not get 4 - 6 weeks off work again for a while and we won't be paying rent anywhere which will make it all more affordable. It'll also take up some of the time whilst we wait for our furniture to be shipped from the UK. Has anyone else done anything similar? It'd be the 4 of us, children would be 3.5 and 1.5.
  3. Thanks @ali. Lucky I still had all of my NVQ job reports on hand for the work history section and my bosses have signed off the references straight away so I think i've got pretty much everything uploaded. How long have you been over in Perth and how long did the rest of the process take you after getting the skills assessment sorted. We've just signed up with the Down Under Centre who seem heard up towards tradesmen in particular. They're advising 5-7months actual visa processing time and think that we should get picked fairly early after submitting an EOI as we have 80-85 points. We're aiming towards a 190 with a 489 being a plan B.
  4. Mine is on there. We’re just about to make our first payment to get things moving with an immigration agent. Got a long road ahead! On the plus side I have already done my IELTS etc from looking at emigrating to Canada previously.
  5. Thanks both. I’m a fitter and my wife doesn’t currently work but her last job was as a service advisor. She’d like to retrain in Aus though, hopefully in childcare.
  6. Hi Camilla, We’re new to the forum and relatively new to the idea of uprooting and heading over the Perth. You certainly seem like the perfect lady who could help us! How can we get in touch? Do you offer initial consultations? Thanks, Jack
  7. Hi all! Myself, my wife (both 24) and our two boys ages 2.5 and 9months are hoping to make the move to Perth! We were actually in the process of applying for our Canadian visa to emigrate to Alberta from South Wales. However, after more and more research on the job market in Alberta and finally getting in touch with a friend who lives over there (not great feedback which is always slightly off putting) we’ve centred our research on Perth. I’ve put another post on the British Expat forum but there are a lot of negative replies regarding moving to Perth as it’s been in a recession for years now and that wages are a lot lower than we were expecting. We’ve based our expectations from jobs found on Seek and Indeed so far? I’m sure I’ll be posting with a lot of questions soon enough but for now I just thought I’d introduce myself and the family! Cheers, Jack
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