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    Migration wannabe

    Thanks Everyone forms submitted so fingers crossed ;) let the adventure begin :D i am excited but need to remember to walk before running
  2. ianfitzgibbon

    Migration wannabe

    Thank you both - the agent is a good one as it help my old work colleague and friend migrate too... thanks for the save tip too time to raid the piggy bank me thinks `:D
  3. ianfitzgibbon

    Migration wannabe

    Hi everyone my first post myself and my family are wanting to migrate - just need to submit our forms to the agency ‘Emigration Group” my wife and I are totally want this - my eldest daughter is fine but just need to convince my youngest as we are currently living in my late parents house she doesnt want to leave the place that nanny was... reason for the post is there any timeline / setup by step guides for the process as I’m finding a bit of a minefield we are hoping to move to Perth and build etc thanks again ian Fitzgibbon