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  1. Vanessababa

    Secret Harbour?

    Oh no what a nightmare!
  2. Vanessababa

    Secret Harbour?

    Citizenship by Descent - should be finalised in the next few weeks fingers crossed Do you know of any potential opportunities?
  3. Vanessababa

    Secret Harbour?

    Aw thank you so much for the reply, much appreciated. I am torn between Adelaide and Perth so looking into different areas, although I really like the look of Secret Harbour and the school reviews on the link you sent me are really good. If you dont mind me asking where did you end up living?
  4. Vanessababa

    Secret Harbour?

    Need a little advice please What are your thoughts on Secret Harbour as a suburb to raise a 12 year old? Looking at different areas in WA and I really like the look of Secret Harbour. What are the employment opportunities like? My background is Call Center Management/Business Development Management. Would it be too far to commute to Perth? Any advice more than welcome and thank you all in advance