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    I thought the wind blew them in??
  2. Wombat Girl


    All good points, thanks We have two weeks' air b&b, during which time we need to find and agree on a suburb, and apply for and get approved for a rental! Kids are going into next year 9 months in so don't want them off for more than 2 weeks as they'll be behind as it is...
  3. Wombat Girl


    Thanks VS, very informative post Husband will be home-based so proximity to city not an issue Totally agree with your last point - all our favourite areas (picked in the UK) were off the cards as soon as we visited them in person, and we actually ended up somewhere we'd never heard of! time is of the essence though, as we have one week in Safety bay and one week in Alkimos and then need to be in a rental!
  4. Wombat Girl


    Thanks so much for your detailed post, and apologies for the delay in replying, I've been busy packing and selling for Perth! so what are flies and mozzies like in Roley? We've noticed prices haven't dropped as much there and are also considering Kelmscott (east of railway tracks!), mount nasura and mount richon, just incase prices / interest rates go up before we can buy (U.K. house on market but slow going, as it always is in the U.K. ). do you ever miss the beach? When we buy red definitely like a pool but rentals don't tend to have them and a summer without access to water to jump in might be unbearable
  5. Wombat Girl


    Hmmm seems a bit pricey but thanks anyway Anyone got any experience of Dawesville / Halls Head?
  6. Wombat Girl


    I'm now thinking hills as I can ensure he kids won't become surf dudes and get eaten by sharks
  7. Wombat Girl

    Picnic/bbq areas - where do you go?

    My husband has just released an app called Grill Seeker (on ththe App Store) which finds public BBQs across Australia. We've just started on Perth so there aren't many there yet (mainly around the Peel region) but it's a work-in-progress so please bear with us. Cheers
  8. Wombat Girl


    This may sound dumb but why would they come closer to shore to find food when fish are usually found in deeper waters? Unless of course they're specifically hunting humans... Personally when we move to Perth I won't be letting my kids swim outside of shallow water so unless shark nets are in place - which of course restricts us to Falcon, Coogee, Sorrento or Quinn's.
  9. Wombat Girl

    Wages after tax

    Hi Straighttothepoint, My question is a very similar one to Buntystoop's. Would it be possible to also send me the spreadsheet if you don't mind, please? Thanks, WG :-)
  10. Wombat Girl

    Wages after tax

    Hi there Verystormy, thanks for your reply. I'm trying to find the website which said that super is the employer's financial responsibility. Will post it if I find it! What is this "LAFH" allowance I've heard about? Sounds appealing
  11. Wombat Girl

    Wages after tax

    Hi there, I'm a new poster (although I joined ages ago!). We're still in the UK but will hopefully be coming out on a 457 visa within the next couple of years. I've already done some research and have established that the only deductions out of my husband's salary should be for income tax (any super should be paid for by his employer and be on top of his salary). So I'm confused as to why this calculator took $10k off for super!? (I ticked the "non-resident" box). Also, when I unchecked the "non-resident" box it showed we would pay $6k LESS income tax! Am confused now.... Any clarification on these two points would be appreciated, thanks :-) WG