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  1. Hi Caboodles. There must be some running clubs. Whereabouts do you plan on living? I know of one in the Joondalup area.
  2. lurkio

    Any meet ups soon??

    All decent areas Mrs K. We're close to Rockingham, so give me a shout when you get here and maybe we can grab a coffee?
  3. lurkio

    Any meet ups soon??

    Where are you moving to?
  4. lurkio

    Meetups 2015

    Well Edna Pint, see you in October.
  5. That's a bit of a truck for us Chan, but I know there are a lot of poms around the Joondalup area so hopefully there will be a good turnout. Have fun
  6. Also, nothing ever happens quickly. WA = wait awhile
  7. lurkio

    Meetups 2015

    Hi Lou. I think it may have been a lot easier if the kids had been of school age But we're hoping that sooner or later things will start coming together. We've joined a gym and the pétanque club, so a start has been made LOL. Secret Harbour is Pom Central hey?
  8. lurkio

    Meetups 2015

    Hi Zoe. 13 April isn't long now!! Rockingham is a nice area with fab beaches. Give us a shout when you get here and we would love to meet up.
  9. lurkio

    Meetups 2015

    Fantastic! Are you having much luck with viewers? We lost our buyer two weeks before we moved over, so still have a house back home that's rented out. Hope it happens soon for you. looking forward to having several when you get here.
  10. lurkio

    Meetups 2015

    Sounds fab Deb. Whereabouts are you? How does this Saturday fit with you?
  11. lurkio

    Tell us your reasons for leaving Australia

    Loneliness. We're a couple of friendly outgoing 40 somethings with two late teen kids. We've been here in the Rockingham area for nearly two years and have found it so hard to make any friends. It's lucky we like each other!!
  12. Happy for you Lynette - yaayyyyy! Wish it was us xx
  13. lurkio

    UK, tax and LAFHA

    Hi Samk - Think you maybe ought to get some professional advice! (no offence to all on site)
  14. Well call me thick but I just can't make up my mind if I need to do the IELTS to obtain sponsorship in WA now. My family are UK passportholders, native English speakers. We are hoping to enter under a trade qualification (mechanic) Does anyone have the answer please?
  15. lurkio

    State Sponsorship WA

    Thanks for your replies both of you. I think I will apply SS first then Visa after all whoever knows if mechanics are even going to be on the list still, or what differences in points will be anounced. We lost the points that we used to get for being on the skills list darn it!!