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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply. So its not impossible for me to get work then lol. I dont mind taking a step back, doing courses etc. How long are you talking months/years. And do you think my age will be an obstacle. All going well I'll be 41 when we get there. Thanks Sean.
  2. Hi all Just reading through this thread i appreciate its from years ago, but is anyone still following it for some advice. Me and the wife are looking at making the move over. But after reading this I'm now thinking i need to get a completely new job lol. After getting out the Army done a few different jobs before getting into plumbing. (I'm 39 now) Done bathroom fitting for around a year. Then worked for Scottish power installing smart meters for around 4 years. For the last year I've been working for a plumbing and heating company. Doing service, breakdown and maintenance contracts. As well as installs. I've Got my NVQ 2 in plumbing and heating and all my gas qualifications for domestic as well as my LPG for boats and caravans. I haven't done an apprenticeship though. Payed for all courses privately and got assessed on jobs for my NVQ. I love the job and would like to carry on in the same field over there. My question is has things changed or am i better looking for something completely different. (My wife is the main applicant so I'll be on her Visa) Just want to be realistic on my job prospects......or if there are courses to help me work as a plumber. Thanks Sean.