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  1. Thank you! It's been a pleasure... Link to ad just in case anyone is interested: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kinross/property-for-rent/beautiful-family-home-for-rent-in-kinross-walk-to-the-station/1142113380
  2. Thanks everyone for your messages. :-) We have had some success with Gumtree, all that is left is a couple of free sofas if anyone's interested. Cheers!
  3. Indeed, sorry should have said :-) Kinross
  4. Hi everyone, So it's time for us to head back to the UK (sob! we've had a great time though). Anyone interested in any of the following: a fridge freezer / washing machine (6m old) $300 each 40" TV (6 m old) $250 Ikea outdoor table and chairs with cushions (6m old) $100 Free sofas (old but functional) Free dining table and chairs (ditto) Free desk and chair Free matching white chest of drawers/ bedside table Free single bed and mattress Free Ikea Lack side table Free cane bedside table Free lamps Free Ikea Billy bookcases x 2 (tall) Free shredder Please PM me! Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi all, So, sadly we have to return to the UK which means breaking our lease... just posting details here in case anyone is interested! It's a beautiful 4x2 in Kinross within walking distance of Currambine station, childcare centre and the IGA shops. Nice neutral tones and miles better (sorry km's better) than any of the other houses we viewed! Plus, the property is managed directly by the owners who are (IMO) more helpful than most letting agents. $410 pw. If anyone would like further details, pics or to pop round and have a look, please PM me. :-) Thanks for looking!
  6. mazey

    Job agencies in Perth

    Thanks, yes Centrelink are so lovely, I wasn't expecting any help so we were really pleasantly surprised! :-) Just booked tickets to come back in January after our Christmas holiday, so we're not giving up just yet anyway! As you say, we can at least enjoy the summer months and maybe head home in (UK) spring if things really don't work out. I've never been out of work before so am finding this really tough, especially as it was my so called skills that got us here in the first place... :-D Cheers xx
  7. mazey

    Hello poms!!

    Great news Paul, well done! And good luck with the house sales everyone. On our side, my husband has found work and I am just doing some temp work (data entry). Not quite what I'd hoped for but hey, it's money coming in! :-D Really enjoying Perth now the weather is warming up!
  8. mazey

    Job agencies in Perth

    Hey Pegg, sorry I haven't looked on here for aages! :-) Well, my other half quickly found work through a friend (of course). :-) I have been searching since the beginning of August and I have landed some temp work for a month or so, which is definitely all good. I've had one interview for a "proper" permanent job which went well, but just got a phone call saying the role was going to an internal candidate from the North Sea region instead! So, I am persevering and trying to use the contacts, LinkedIn, phoning up etc... but am slowly losing hope and might just go home! :-) Thanks for asking xx
  9. mazey

    Todder playdates? NOR

    Thanks Chelsea, will drop you a PM :-)
  10. mazey

    Job agencies in Perth

    Thanks Pegg, will definitely bear that in mind - they're not always very good at calling back but I keep trying! :-) Has anyone had any good-ish experiences with any particular agencies? There are so many listed online, it's knowing where to start as much as anything! Thanks.
  11. mazey

    Form 922 vs 929

    Hello all, Sorry for a tedious question but I thought someone would probably know the answer! :-) We arrived a few weeks ago on a SN190 visa (Skilled nominated). Our initial grant letter instructs us to complete form 922 (Notification of address or change of address for Business Skills visa holders) when we arrive - which is fine. The only thing that struck me as a bit odd was whether SN190 was a "Business Skills" visa? I thought this was something completely different as I'm a Construction Estimator, not a business guru or investor or anything - or am I just reading this wrong? If not, it would be a form 929 instead... Just wondered if anyone else had encountered the same dilemma! :-) Thanks
  12. Hi everyone! So here we are, 2 weeks in... no jobs yet, an (almost) empty house... and a 2.5 year old who's always full of beans! :-) Any families with toddlers in the Kinross area fancy a cuppa / play-date? I worked full time back in the UK so am finding the days a little bit long if you know what I mean :-D Maisie x
  13. mazey

    Hello poms!!

    Hey Paul, how are things progressing? :-) We arrived a week ago, staying with family... it's quite cold! Found a car but we just need a house and jobs (eek)! I thought the IELTS was a bit of a formality, good luck anyway. And you too Debs!
  14. Hello, Can anyone recommend any good work agencies in Perth? I am looking for general office work and my husband for warehouse work. We've done lots of googling and online applications but no luck yet! Any pointers much appreciated, thanks. :-)
  15. Hello, yes I know the thread you mean. We used Letton Percival and the other one that is sometimes recommended is insuremymove.com (or something similar, sorry can't remember exactly) :-)