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  1. Hi, I have just been laid off and am looking for employment in W.A or Qld. I am a skilled boilermaker, fully qualified, can anyone help please, or make any suggestions. Thanks
  2. scotty dave

    permanent visa without IELTS

    Phew. Thanks for the information.
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    permanent visa without IELTS

    I have been offered a job with 457 sponsorship, to be made permanent after 3 months satisfactory employment with the company. Is there a permanent visa that I can apply for that does not require an IELTS test when the time comes.? I am UK born bred and educated, but am dyslexic..apparently it costs an extra £400 for them to make allowance for this, or so I`ve heard. Can anyone advise please??
  4. Hi everyone. I have a 457 Labour Agreement Visa that expires in mid March this year, and the job I was going to have let me down. I`m a coded boilermaker welder with 26yrs experience, working on quarry and mining equipment and I desperately need to find work. I will go anywhere/any shift pattern, and relocate at my own expense.:smile2: All suggestions gratefully received, thanks
  5. Good luck with your job search, I`m a boilermaker coded welder myself, and I recommend getting your cv registered on a few of the job sites,also googling companies that deal with the type of work that you are experienced in and then sending them your details. It`s a definate advantage that you have your visa in place, and you should try to arrange interviews for when you arrive, so that you can do welding tests. However, you shouldnt have any problems at all in getting work once you arrive, as long as you have your qualifications and references to hand. Hope all goes well for you.
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    Hi everyone

    :jiggy:once again, i want to thank everyone who has given me advice, this site has become a crucial part of my daily drive to do something positive daily to assist my quest to get to Australia , I can log in at 3am if I have an unanswered question that has just popped into my head, and I can usually find just the answer I need pretty quickly, and get back to sleep again... so thanks guys....you`re wonderful:wubclub:
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    Hi everyone

    Firstly, thanks to all those lovely people who sent us good wishes, and good luck to all of you :smile2:. We only have 6-8 weeks to get ready, and are not quite sure where to begin. We are being sponsored ( 99% sure,hopefully) and we have put our house up for sale, researched areas of Perth where we would like to live, and now the sorting out of a lifetime of collecting ****. So there`s some stuff for giving away, some for charity, some for ebay, and the rest we will get shipped over. We will be looking on this site for suggestions as to what to bring and what to ditch, eg car, tv and xbox, white goods, furniture, and also a decent shipping company, but can you book this if you dont know your forwarding address yet? Likewise opening a bank account? Do you have to be a permanent resident to buy a house in Oz?? Are wills made in the UK valid in Oz? Heeeeeelp!!
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    Hi everyone

    Thanks, cant wait to get started:jiggy:
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    Hi everyone

    :wink:I`m hoping to come over to Perth with my wife if I`m successful with the job I have applied for......this is nerve racking and its just the beginning.....I`ve had a few false starts, and I know that I`ll be a regular on this site looking for advice all the way through the process