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  1. Morning guys , my name is Richard I’ve just joined this morning , im looking to move to western oz with my wife and children in the next couple of years , we have family who live in kalbarri and visited them twice in the last few years , this has made us want to move to Perth /geraldton , we came back from oz feb last year and started the process with a agent called the down under Center , we met up with them and got started , however after only a couple of weeks they advised us to stop due to the pandemic and that I just turned 43 , so now I’m 44 and we just can’t let this go , I rang them yesterday and they said my options are the 186 visa or potentially the 494 visa . But I’ve been told I would need a job sponsorship for 3 years to do the visa application , how on earth can I get that , Is there any advise anyone could give us ? Also my wife has just qualified as a dispenser at Lloyd’s pharmacy and is looking to become a pharmacist tech which will take some years to do ! Our family in oz have offered to sponsor us but because of my age that won’t help , any ideas ?