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    Thank you , greatly appreciated
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    By way of Introduction..

    Hi Folks, Looking to potentially move to South of Perth in either Port Kennedy, Safety Bay or even as far south as Secret Harbour at the beginning of 2023 (allowing for all Covid elements to have moved on by then hopefully). I'm married to my wife of 15 years and we have 2 boys ages 12 & 10 and was looking at the Catholic College Schools in the area. Is St Theresa or MTCC as it is commonly called good ? Is there a catchment area or can you travel from afar to attend? I'm mid fifties with dual nationality (UK & Australian passport holder) but will require visa's for my wife and 2 boys. Looking to move and hopefully be mortgage free but also looking at a career change into healthcare. Our only fly in the ointment is potentially that our eldest boy was diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum and that the Australian authorities will deem it as a cost in the long term to their welfare system by way of providing support. However he has not required any help throughout schooling and is in mainstream and above average in all subjects and is crazily good at IT. He needs no 1-1 support in school classroom or in the playground and the authorities have basically assessed that he will go ahead to have a normal life and be able to have a fulfilling life without the support of social care. Personally i feel that it is a misdiagnosis as it is purely based on an observational view which is probably the case for many kids and adults who have to had to go through the same process. Happy to hear any thoughts before we dive into an interview with a migration agent at the end of this year. Take care Folks!