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  1. We are about to break lease on a 3x1 with pool in South Duncraig, catchment area for Carine Senior High School, which was WA secondary state school of the year in 2017. Pet friendly and available mid December. Please PM me for more details, thanks.
  2. Hi not sure if you are still looking, we are about to break lease on a lovely 3x1 with a pool in south Duncraig, please PM me if you want more details. Thanks
  3. ailey

    help required (if possible)

    Hi it might be worth contacting the local libraries directly. I know the city of Joondalup often run classes on tracing your family history so they could have some ideas and links. Also I think the Salvos (Salvation Army) and or the Red Cross might be able to assist. Good luck.
  4. Hi, I am a uk Clin psych and moved to Perth 3 years ago. I have done the transitional programme and sat the exam. I am happy to provide moral support and can advise about the resources I found helpful for the exam. It is such a challenging system and unfortunately I too struggled to get a job because of the Medicare restrictions. It is best to pm me.
  5. ailey

    Springfield Or Poynter Primary school

    Hi Poynter is a lovely school, very friendly with a strong community feel. They have a farmers market every fortnight and there is quite a lot of parents involvement. Good luck with your decision!
  6. When we moved, I missed a stick blender for making soup etc for the wee ones. We managed to get camp beds on gumtree and bought a cheapish double bed from ikea, they do next day delivery, which kept us going for a while.
  7. A good thing about Perth is that there is loads to entertain little people, from parks to the beach, and it is quite easy to make friends. Good luck!
  8. Hi Glasgow, AHPRA have brought in new regulations for psychs with overseas qualifications. They do not allow you to work for Medicare whilst doing the transitional programme. I will try to pm you and explain further.
  9. ailey

    Cats in Western Australia

    Druid, that's mean! We brought our cat over, she is quite elderly but we are very glad she came. My big tip would be to make sure you get the rabies jabs done ASAP, as you need a lot of time after to ensure the antibodies have worked, beyond the antibodies test. Our cat has settled well, except for bad fur balls in summer (she was expecting a Scottish winter then) and a mean boy cat who harasses her through the window some evenings. He has not been approached by the ranger and a quick shot of the hose sees him off. There are adverts in the supermarkets for food to feed strays and our local pet shop has a re-homing scheme for strays, so cats are not hated in Perth. We had to get her registered with the council for $10. All the best with your moggies.
  10. Hi Lucy, hope you are settling in to life down under. Just wondered if you might know my friend Pamela? It's a long shot but she is from Scotland and said her friend with a 4 year old was moving to bunbury. If so, please send me a pm, if not, sorry if I have confused you!
  11. ailey


    Learning the ukuele! Great fun, been along a few times to the Friday group at hillarys. I also enjoy a bit of ornithology, I have a bird book and tick off the ones I see. Don't judge me....!
  12. Hi Jen, sorry I never saw your post before now. Perth poms usually emails to notify of messages but either they didn't this time, or I missed the email. Anyway, apologies for this late reply. We have been in duncraig for almost a year. I have 2 young children, 1 in year 2 and 1 in kindy. They go to poynter primary. It is a really nice school, lots going on and well regarded. I stay in south duncraig, there are quite a few other schools around and I think they are all ok. There is a lot to do in the area with parks, esp Carine Open Space nearby and the Percy Doyle reserve for tennis and t-ball. There are quite a few ex pats at the school, other nationalities and locals too, so a good friendly mix. Duncraig is well served with supermarkets galore, 10 minutes from the beach, and easy access to the freeway and train station at warwick. Good luck with your move!
  13. Hi there, I don't know your area very well though you might want to check out buggybuddys website for info on baby groups. It is a really good website and a good place to meet mums. Kind regards.
  14. Hi Ailey!! Hope you are well……I just saw on a thread that you live in Duncraig - we are really looking at this area - could you tell me a bit more about the area? How long have you lived there? What do you guys do for work? Do you have children? Thanks so much JP et al