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    Transferring visa to new passport

    A follow up on this, it was confirmed that the details have been changed. So 1-2 working days this time.
  2. welljock

    Transferring visa to new passport

    You can fill in the form 929 and email it to 929@homeaffairs.gov.au - when i did it for my son a few years ago it was confirmed in less than 24 hours but that was to DIAC (I think). I've now just done my daughter's and got an automatic email saying it will be done within 5 business days
  3. welljock

    Construction industry

    As a QS myself, with infrastructure experience you would probably be OK, our infrastructure division has been very busy, more so than than construction which has also picked up in the last year.
  4. welljock

    Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    Electric and gas looks high, I think the weekly costs should be monthly ie $150 + $100 month. I disagree with VS about health that's more than what I'm paying for 4 adults but not by much. School is probably about $1,500 per child per year (assuming not private and you get it 'free' from a government school)
  5. welljock

    Private schools close to Rockingham

    There's also Peter Carnley (Wellard), John Calvin (Baldivis - Primary only) and Mother Teresa (Baldivis); Mother Teresa are K-Year 6 at the moment but adding a year until they're K12. Can't comment on any of them as my daughter goes to Baldivis SC, they're not on any performance tables at the moment as the current Y12 is the first but they seem to have a better rep than any of the other Public schools (BSC is an Independent Public School)
  6. welljock

    Citizenship Changes Take Immediate Effect

    It's not a grace year, Arwen mentions it above as part of the regulations:- "must have been a permanent resident for the 12 months immediately before making an application and not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, during the four year period, including no more than 90 days in the 12 months before applying." Dunnyboy's legal entry date was Nov 2012 and the four years start ticking from then but he has effectively have to have spend 3 years out of any 4 in the country, so as long as he doesn't leave his 4 years (3 in the country) finishes in Nov 2019. The change now means you have to have been a PR for all four years now, rather than just the last one. Edit: Ali beat me to it.
  7. welljock

    Citizenship Changes Take Immediate Effect

    I believe your date would be Nov 2019, you're allowed one year out of the country in the 4 years, so can be tagged on at the front as long as it validated before. Any holidays out of the country before then would push the date on by that amount. The citizenship changes don't affect the timescales of anyone who has only had a PR visa.
  8. welljock

    Thank You Moneycorp and Our Members

    We've plenty of time, the lease doesn't run out for a couple of months, so more testing whats there.
  9. welljock

    Perth CBD what's happening?

    As the other one you saw, the bottom stories will remain with the tower built on top.
  10. welljock

    Thank You Moneycorp and Our Members

    Apologies from us for not making it, spent the afternoon viewing rentals.
  11. welljock

    Relatives in UK - can they insure a car here

    I don't think that is correct, you only need proof of identity and a WA address. There are more than a few people on temporary visas (who don't get a WA license) who own and register cars.
  12. welljock

    3 days in Perth - where to go

    Freo's not too bad, Mandurah requires a bus/taxi/uber even without the wheelchair.
  13. welljock

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Myself and my wife are hoping to make it
  14. welljock


    Not really any less charming than you calling everyone who says it can be done in 20 minutes a liar. I've been driving it 4 times a week for the last year and only on 5 or six occasions has it taken longer than 20 minutes, so I too think I know what I'm talking about. Thanks I did have a good commute this morning, I got the train which I do actually prefer even though it does take a bit longer.
  15. welljock


    B*********s, it took me 15 minutes this morning and that is normal. The traffic usually starts at Russell Road (occasionally Rowley) before you reach that you're doing 100kph, it's then slow to Berrigan Drive, then picks up again until the Leach Hwy through to Canning Bridge then pretty much full speed all the way to the CBD. Most mornings Baldivis to Perth is 50-55 minutes, occasionally longer but from December to Mid January it pretty clear and can be done in 30 minutes.