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    190 visa - general electrician

    Hiya mate, Oh dear looks as though you just missed out $20-25 TA $30-50 Fully Qualified The upper $40-50 is normally on mine sites up north (plus penalties) unless you specialise in industrial electrical work such as PLC's. Obviously slightly higher if you TA up north too..
  2. ElectricalTech

    190 visa - general electrician

    Hi Bestie85, I have been in Perth 1.7years and just about to get my magical 'a' grade license. The gap training (on the job experience) is a requirement for the 'full' license and trust me when I say it will take up to 12 months to complete. Expect to be a trade assistant for that time and not get paid sparky rates. Be aware that if you go down the route of electrical fitter, this restricts your working envelope and almost all vacancies require the full unrestricted license. I would recommend you go for the full license on arrival whilst still holding the provisional, as it will be worth the wait! Don't let this put you off, it's fantastic out here, but be sure to bring some cash whilst finding work. Hope this helps, ElectricalTech
  3. ElectricalTech

    OTSR- Electrical skills assessment

    Hi Amy, Sorry for such a late reply... I took the test at Challenger and guess each facility/test date the questions and practical will vary.. I just had a simple start/stop circuit. Just do what they ask for and no more...but if they asked for an E/Stop it would need to go before the start/stop at the supply end as it's a safety device, plus normally it would have two n/c switches associated with it. Cheers, ET
  4. ElectricalTech

    Restricted Electrical

    Hi, Exactly right. ARTC is step number one to gain the a grade license. I too have a permanent residency visa through TRA but unfortunately everyone needs to go through the same process on arrival. I wish you the best of luck, completely understand where you are coming from and feel your pain!
  5. ElectricalTech

    Restricted Electrical

    Thanks Weedolly but I wish it was as simple as gumtree and seek. Rang companies, spoke to agents/agencies, all the usual without success. I would be interested hearing from anyone who is in (or has been in) my situation at present.. 7cdb 1. Apply through TRA for your trade recognition - Takes up to 3 months to process - $1000 (I had two attempts and $2000 total, not enough evidence) 2. Take trade test if required - Took my test two months after getting my TRA cert above at college - $1000 3. Apply to energy safety for restricted license - $140 4. Do two week full time Aussie standards course - $2800 5. Find employment and fill out online log book for up to 12 months 6. Do one week full time communication/data course - $???? 7. Do first aid course - $??? 8. Final trade test - $??? 9. Success woop woop I have been in Perth 9 months and at at stage 3. You can get your restricted license before arrival by going down the Vetassess route instead of TRA but don't know the process unfortunately. If I did it over I would deffo do the Vetassess before arrival, no matter what cost. Hope this helps!
  6. ElectricalTech

    Restricted Electrical

    Does anybody know any electrical companies that are willing to take on restricted electrical license holders??? Arggggghhh!
  7. ElectricalTech

    OTSR- Electrical skills assessment

    Hi, I have been in Perth around 8 months and only just about to get my restricted electrical licence. I applied through TRA (Trades Recognition Australia) for permanent residency and on arrival been through TRA again to get recognised as a sparkie, what a nightmare! I have taken the electrical trades test and passed recently so here goes... Practical-Very easy Wire up a 2 way lighting circuit using a diagram as guidance. The instructor basically drew the whole thing and literally any qualified spark can wire it up in 10mins Test a 3 phase motor i.e. resistance between phases & earth, Insulation resistance Wire a 3 phase motor 3p+E, DOL (DOL already wired, just connect up the 3p+E and your away) Describe circuits on a distribution board and how to go about testing for continuity etc Theory-Should be fine if you do some bedtime reading on motors Loads of questions about motors and the theory behind how they work and components, brush up on 3 phase and single phase motors. Questions on how a DOL motor works. General ohms law V=IR P=IV Distribution and earthing I got a candidates booklet a few weeks before the test telling me what to expect. This came in useful when doing some googling. Nothing too much to stress about as the test is designed to ensure you have a basic understanding of safety and electrics as a whole. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. Hi, Coming to Perth very soon and been looking for ages on the site for advice on ARTC. I know I will need to obtain an 'a' grade license or at least a temporary one at some point. What is the ARTC assessment for i.e. does in enable me to obtain my license? I'm confused over it so any help will be fantastic!
  9. ElectricalTech

    June 2013 190 Lodged Gang

    visa granted hmmm when to arrive
  10. ElectricalTech

    Visa Applications

    yes of course
  11. ElectricalTech

    !!are we crazy!!

    Hi All, Me (27) and my partner (26) are having our medicals next Friday which is the very last step before we finally get our 190 visas to WA. We have no idea where we are going to live in or around Perth but mega looking forward to it. Girlfriend really wants to work in a grocery shop and I am a systems engineer.. We are taking all our savings which will last us around 9 months if we cannot find work. We are coming over no matter what, we are clearly under-prepared but we will just have to see how we get on! Jumping in feet first always seems to work Has anybody been in this situation and how did it go? Does anybody know of a rental website or is it only possible to rent on arrival? Any response or help would be appreciated Craig
  12. Hi all, I am a fully qualified electrical technician (27) from the UK. I'm at the stage of having just submitted my EOI for the WA state sponsored skilled working visa, so hopefully within 6 months I should get the thing! My question is: To secure employment with a company in WA will I need any additional qualifications relevant to Oz? If I cannot secure employment beforehand I do not want to go and struggle due to not having 'a' licenses etc... Any help would be appreciated along with recommendations of companies to contact around Perth or Albany. (experience with plc's, hmi's, scada, industrial automation equipment) Many Thanks Craig