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    Completing Form 40CH (child visa) help!

    Filling in the 40CH form for our daughter's visa application. Me and My spouse both hold valid Resident Return Visa. We were in Australia from Feb 2015 till June 2018. Our daughter is born in 2020 July. Currently we are in India. Can someone please help suggesting what should be appropriate reply for following questions. 54 Type of dwelling 55 How many bedrooms does the dwelling have? 56 How many people live in the dwelling? 62 What accommodation do you propose for the child you are sponsoring? Planning to write following. "I will be arriving Australia to arrange 2 or 3 bedroom rented house and other required things for child. Later wife and child will travel to Australia. So, yes it will be the same house where I shall move." Also, I have a friend with 4 Bedroom (own apartment). What is better to write ? He has offered to stay. Is it good to mention staying with Family Friend or better to mention arranging own accommodation. Our preference is to rent an apartment as soon as possible. Thanks, Vivek