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    Hi everyone, we are moving to Perth(from Queenstown, NZ) in a couple of months with 3 children (9, 11 and 13) . First we we were thinking Mullaloo looked nice to buy a house but now we think we won't be able to afford it and looking at Kinross/Currambine area OR Greenwood/Kingsley. Does anyone live in these areas? We would love any recent feedback on these suburbs please! Travel time to city, from what I research is under 35 minutes from all(off peak)? All are family suburbs/low crime/quiet? Beach is under 10 minutes away? Only dog beaches are Quinns and Hillarys? We are not British(although my grandfather was !). I am from Queenstown and husband from Madrid. But we have lived in lots of places(UK,Japan,Sydney,Melb,Brisbane,ChCh, etc) and looking for new adventure and opportunity, warm beachy place to live and enjoy with the kids as they head into their teens. Older Kids would be at Greenwood College, Ocean Reef High or Kinross College.So any feedback on these schools also appreciated! Any other similar prices suburbs you recommend anywhere in Perth please let me know! We have never been! Thank you : )


    Thank you for your reply : )