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  1. Hi, Can we come?! We will be moving over Mid January and will be a family of billy no mates ha ha
  2. Meljayg

    **Wages for CNC Milling Machinist**

    Thats great, thanks Druid
  3. Hi PIP's, Does anyone on here have any idea what the going rate would be for a Senior CNC Machinist or Leading Hand in an Engineering firm please? Thank in advance
  4. Hey PIPs, We are currently waiting for our 189 Visa to be granted. We are looking to move over to Tapping in January (all being well) to initially stay with my parents before we find a rental etc. We have 2 little lads, Marley who is 9 and Nate who is 3 (both will be 10 and 4 when we move). I'd really appreciate some input about which primary's and high schools are good NOR in this area (we are flexible-isn) with it, but would prefer to be close to Tapping. We will be in the catchment for Spring Hill Primary, and Tapping PS accept pupils out of catchment, but are there any others we should think about? I've read some where on here that Wanneroo isn't the best high school and these 2 primary's feed into it......any other recommendations please? Also for the little one, any recommendations for a good Kindy please, I've seen on here that Hillarys Community kindy is a good one and doesn't have a specific catchment area that you have to be in. Apologies for all the questions, but I'd really appreciate the feedback! Melissa
  5. Hi, I'm Wayne, I'm logged on the wife's account...... Just wondering if there is anybody that could advise me on engineering jobs. I'm a CNC Miller using Heidenhain controls with 19 years experience in engineering. I did a full apprenticeship and have plenty of manual milling experience also. We're looking to live NOR (Joondalup area) when we emigrate. Our 189 visa is in process as we speak. Ive had my trade certified by Vetassess. Can anyone advise me on places or companies to contact, websites for jobs and generally any other information that could be useful. If anyone on here does the same job or works in recruitment it would be great to hear from you. cheers Wayne
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    Any Paramedics in Perth??

    Thats brilliant, Thanks Druid
  7. Hi, I'm Melissa a Paramedic in the UK, our 189 visa is currently going through and I wondered if there are any Paramedics on here who work in Perth or NOR, who can point me in the direction of who to apply to for a job. I've registered my interest with SJA and have been in contact with them, but just wondered what other options there are? I'm not looking for full time, part time or casual would be great! Thanks in Advance
  8. Meljayg

    Paramedic Query

    I can only guess, they don't want paramedics with no 'on the road' experience. Coming from a Paramedic point of view, I'd suggest gaining a few years experience in the UK with an ambo service there before transferring over. As I understand it SJA aren't recruiting for the foreseeable future anyway, so you've nothing to lose and everything to gain
  9. Fab, thank you so much x
  10. Hey PP, Just wondered if anyone can offer me any advice/opinions on Primary schools in and around Tapping please? We are coming out in November on a reccie and want to have a look at some for our 7yr old lad. Tapping primary and Spring Hill are 2 we will look at. I've looked on the ACARA site, but was after some parents opinions. Thanks in advance, Mel x
  11. Thats Brilliant, thank you!!
  12. Thanks Goat, thats all sorted, moving in with the parents who already live in tapping until we find a rental or buy