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  1. hi we live in secret harbour. I am 37 and Paul is 43 we have two kids 12 and 11
  2. hi Marie21 might see you Sunday my son surfs with Dougie on a Sunday
  3. Hi Carla It will need to be a weekend but will catch up soon xxx
  4. Hi Tia 2 we are from Lincolnshire so not far from your home town. will try to catch up one weekend if that is ok ?
  5. Hi we live in Secret Harbour, (me, Husband and two kids 12 and 11) we would like to meet folk for bbq etc. Been here from UK (east midlands) since end of june x
  6. pvhc

    Visa Granted!!! Thank you PerthPoms!!!

    congratulations xxxx
  7. pvhc

    Medical problems

    both my son and I are asthmatic and use inhalers, our medicals were cleared and we now have our visa xxx
  8. pvhc

    Medical problems

    We had our medicals and when I rang the hospital they said everything was ok and they had sent them off to the DIAC. I received this regarding my son The health result has been referred to a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MOC) for further assessment. There is currently around a 3 month wait for health results referred to the MOC. As soon as the Case Officer receives the outcome, he will advise you accordingly. has anyone had this happen to them and should I worried about his health ??? I am slightly concerned thank you
  9. pvhc

    Medical problems

    3 months because my sons medical was referred x
  10. Hi I think it will be 190 and you all go on that visa x
  11. Hi we hope to be in secret harbour in june. Our kids are 11 and 12. would be great to meet x
  12. pvhc

    2 Weeks In Update

    Hi Sarah What info did you need to give or show when applying for a long term rental please. from vicky
  13. pvhc

    New Moderator

    Welcome Portlauney xxx
  14. pvhc

    Waiting for 190 Visa

    Hi ShyYC try this website for furnished rentals http://www.ozhouserental.com
  15. pvhc

    How much longer!!

    Hi Our medicals were referred and it was three months from the date of referral. from vicky
  16. Hi Dean and Margaret We have our 190 visa and my husband will be available for work from the 7/07/2013. would it be ok to give to ring when we land in Oz. We arrive on the 22/06/2013 thank you x
  17. pvhc

    Medical problems

    Medicals cleared and Visa here yeh xxxxxxx
  18. pvhc

    Medicals Referred Timelines

    Hi Our medical were referred in feb and we have had them cleared today xxx yeh our visa has been granted x
  19. pvhc


    Sorry did not know where to post this and it might be a silly question We are in the process of applying for our visa for Oz. My kids have a trampoline, is it worth bringing over with us or will the heat damage the trampoline enclosure etc ?? its a lot warmer there than here and I wondered if the heat would be an issue. I hope this makes sense ​from vicky
  20. pvhc

    Medicals Referred Timelines

    we had a medical referred in Feb 2013 and have not heard anything yet ​
  21. Hi Levi This is what our visa agent advised ........Excluding the relocation costs please provide an estimate of your liquid funds that are available for your resettlement to Western Australia (AUD$) please see our recommended amounts per person (Approximately $25,000 for 2 people- $5,000 for each additional applicant). As a family of four, you will roughly need $35,000 in liquid funds to take to Australia. from vicky
  22. Hi Racheld its on the sponsorship questions. They ask about your financial status. good luck from vicky