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  1. Nicky01

    Private Schools in Northern Suburbs - any good?

    We settled in Sorrento a few years ago and prior to coming to Perth were looking around the northern suburbs for good schools/ areas. I can honestly say that Sorrento and its Primary school are fantastic. It is a lovely area where you are never far from the beautiful beach, great parks and the harbour and restaurants at Hillarys. Transport links are great, and the city is only 15-20 minutes by car. Sorrento Primary is a brilliant school where countless people have said to me that you get a private education without paying the school fees as it is a state school and they get great results. My advise to anyone would be try and get a house in an area like sorrento with a brilliant school and save yourself the school fees....the kids will love surf lifesaving which gives them a focus for weekends and the ability to have fun and keep fit. (Sure they will find something else for you to spend the money you saved in school fees!)
  2. Nicky01

    2 cheshire cats and a few humans on the way

    Lovely, wish I was joining you! Good luck, look forward to hearing from you when you get back. Yes the grey sky gets to you eh... At least you will escape it for a few days. Just been looking at north verses south perth and no further forward. Hope you get a feel for the place and have fun. Speak soon. Nic x
  3. Nicky01

    2 cheshire cats and a few humans on the way

    Hi There, we are on our way out to perth in April next year and also live in cheshire (macclesfield). We have two children (5 and 1) and haven't got a clue where we are heading! Still at the research stage at the moment and we were contemplating a reccie visit but decided to save the money and spend it on a car instead when we get there! Be lovely to hear from you and hear your news (you might be down the road from us!) Nic x