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  1. British fish and chips

    Hi we are relocating to Perth next year from Nz and looking to open a real British fish and chip shop .. I will be importing all the stuff from Uk and doing real chips etc.. I have had 3 shops in the past in the uk so have good experience and can't find decent fish n chips in Oz ..can any one tell me where a good area is to open one? Is there a British fish n chip shop already there, as I have googled it and nothing comes up? Any other suggestion or advice would be good!! Thanks
  2. British fish and chips

    Hi all equipment is leaving uk in 2 weeks so container should arrive 6 weeks later so looking at opening late September.will update nearer the time.where a outs SOR are you based? Is there a big expat community around your area?obviously once we are up and running in currambine and there is a demand for it,we could look at opening elsewhere SOR..let me know your thoughts..thanks
  3. British fish and chips

  4. British fish and chips

    If I could get feed back ASAP off people .. Would people want seating? Would you be coming to eat there or to take away??
  5. British fish and chips

    Yes there will be puddings on the menu.. Shop will be located next to the big Dan murphys..
  6. Driving Licence/ Drivers Jobs

    Hi Guys I will be looking for a driver in about 6/8 weeks time for an easy ongoing contract based NOR but delivering all around Perth. Will be either large van or mr.. Will keep you in mind..
  7. British fish and chips

    Lol babies head never heard thAt one!! But yes they will be on menu..all home made aswell
  8. British fish and chips

    I would love to cook in beef dripping but to many people turn there noses up at it.. To many health freaks today.. I could always cook in on fryer to order with beef dripping.
  9. British fish and chips

    Well fryers from Uk and oil and fish.. Using the same spuds as Uk that will be cut fresh daily so hopefully they will be the same!!
  10. British fish and chips

    Ok guys shop has been sorted equipment is on it's way cod haddock, peas, curry sauce ,pies. haggis, black pudding white pudding ,fagotts ,fresh cut chips, drinks will be on sale mid to end of September in currambine!!second one opening soon after that SOR..
  11. Hi I see u like my comment? Can you help!? Cheers jony001
    1. Hi looking for a good cheap accountant to help set up my business entity and help getting an ABN?also to help look after my monthly financials.. Please get in contact if you can help.. Thanks
    2. British fish and chips

      i would not take phone orders..never have never will,it throws everything don't go out for a meal and order in advance!you would wait 15 mins for a pizza or Chinese ?so why not fish and chips?on a good nite in a chippy you should not wait more than 5 mins..
    3. British fish and chips

      Thanks for the feed back..first thing first stop converting back to pounds.. When I was back in uk last year I would pay 20 / 25 pounds for a feed of fish and chips which works out at about $40 aud for my family..I'm thinking the same as you are about taking the family out for fish and chips so im looking at family deals etc..I'm thinking what I would pay and can afford.i would rather drop the price and have people come back more often than only once in a blue moon.
    4. hi he will have to sit another test.he will need an MC licence (multi combination) which is for multiple trailors.or a HC which is the same as a hgv advise is to gor for a mc licence as it covers everything .i think for an mc licence a 2 day course is about $2300 aus.he will have to sit a theory test first.also look on seek at road transport and put in mc/hc/hr in the key words and this will bring up jobs and salary.also a dg licence is handy to have aswell.there is a company on seek who are looking for mc drivers and are willing to help with visas etc..
    5. British fish and chips

      Hi yes can get cod haddock pies peas curry sauce real chips cut fresh from spuds etc..still looking for good location NOR if anybody knows a good spot for lease?
    6. British fish and chips

      So I'm thinking rocking ham or joondalup for a shop?also pricing...would people be willing to pay around $15 for cod and chips?haddock n chips $15..about $6 for a pie ?
    7. British fish and chips

      hi straightothepoint sorry i not got bk to you sooner ..i thank you for your imput and have taken on board you point about seting up a business in wa..i think there is alot of potenitial in this fish and chip shop even if it is to serve british food..i cant go down the road of serving ozzy food and uk food its just not viable holding that much stock.they way i see it is if you go to a indian takeaway or chinese takeaway you go for indian or chinese food?not aussie if you go to a british takeaway shop you are goin to get british food??and im sure there are alot of aussies that like pommie fish and chips,as my wife is a kiwi and she loves fish chips and mushy peas..took a while to get her to try them tho.also i dont see aussie food as that flash atall.i have lived in nz for 6 years and find the food alot better than australia and the i think its a risk,but one i am willing to take.i wont be putting union jacks up everywhere as i think this is tacky..once people know its there there wont be need for unions jack etc.. thanks
    8. British fish and chips

      hi ..yes have been thinking and researching for about 6 months,just casual certainly helped me finding this web site.alot of positive feed back which is good.i could do with some negative feedback as well just to balance things up..if any one has any? Even menu ideas would be good thanks
    9. British fish and chips

      that thats a good price..any ideas what the fish is??just need to know these things as i need to be competetive with pricing..
    10. British fish and chips

      not really,depends on the competition tho??if you are selling a good product and can justify the prices it shouldnt matter...what is the average price for decent fish and chips?what would you pay?
    11. British fish and chips

      hi didnt mean to come across as rude..i didnt see faces as they didnt come up on my phone..any way i wanted to see what people wanted in regarding the fish as i prefer to use fresh fish,which would obviously be from australia as i thought people would not want frozen fish,but by the looks of it they dont mind,as long as its cooked im thinking for it to be a british fish and chip shop everything has got to come from uk..including frozen fish..thanks
    12. British fish and chips

      thanks for that..i would import all equipment so a warming bay would be included..another one for frozen fuish..thanks for that.
    13. British fish and chips

      yes i have looked into frozen and if people where happy with this i would go with frozen...just seeing what people say..i will be happy to import the frozen fish etc..
    14. British fish and chips

      hi i wll be looking to import all the fryers ,equipment etc,cooking oil/fat peas sauces etc.i dont know about using the frozen fish of cod and haddock etc as i would rather use fresh fish than frozen as it cooks better..i mite just see what people think on you would like to open one yourself??