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    Renewing aphra registration

    My understanding is, as rego has lapsed, you have to start application from scratch, and fulfil all the criteria.. including degree etc, I've seen a few posts on other forums stating just this, and now being unable to re-register due to revised criteria. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Geordiegirl68

    Perth Meet Up - 9th April 2017

    Two of us, thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Geordiegirl68

    Lets talk senior schools

    Good to hear, it's such a relief when you find the school and area to suit you, best of luck with your next decision! [emoji2]
  4. Train it is then, thanks.
  5. Advice on driving there, is there parking? Or nearest station?
  6. Geordiegirl68

    Lets talk senior schools

    I agree with all of the above, but sadly every member of staff, pupil etc etc is a reflection of the school, my communication was via email, and it was so dismissive and condescending, it put me off totally!
  7. Geordiegirl68

    Hairdressers SOR?

    Love this thread, my curly hair is now too long and scraped back with a clip,, need to find someone who can deal with it!
  8. Geordiegirl68

    Lets talk senior schools

    We had the same experience with Rossmoyne, so decided not to bother with them at all! With 2 children from all selective grammar schools in the UK, reckon it's their loss! Willetton on the other hand were excellent, very welcoming, happy to show us round, before we were even close to being in area! And maybe that's why Willetton has just overtaken Roasmoyne in the latest league tables! Only one week in, so early days, but our children are settling well,, and feel very well supported in such a new and different environment.
  9. We would like to attend, work permitting 2 adults and 2 children 14 and 12.
  10. Geordiegirl68

    Looking to make new friends

    Hi all, we've only been here just over a week, but already my 12 and 14 yr olds are homesick, would love details of meet ups, when there available.
  11. Geordiegirl68

    I cant believe we live here

    Just been going through an 'are we doing the right thing' moment, as we fly out next month! This has made me feel so much better! Thanks y'all x
  12. Geordiegirl68

    travel insurance

    Things you forget to think about! Came here looking for exactly this info, thanks very much.
  13. Geordiegirl68

    Bunbury senior high school?

    Ok, 2 months to go, travelling with 14yr old daughter and 12 yr old son, our daughter is very outgoing, and loves socialising, son rugby mad, plays for local club and school! Both currently at selective grammar schools in the UK, doing really well! Would love to move into Perth's exclusive school zones, but doing that will just cripple us financially, hardly the point in moving! So.... are we correct in thinking Bunbury Senior High School is a good option for them both? Seems to have good reputation. Would love to hear any comments on this, and what Bunbury is like for children their age?
  14. Geordiegirl68

    Road to IELTS

    First off, don't worry about listening or speaking, they're easy for native speakers. Focus on the reading and writing, they can be more tricky. This is the book I used! Found it really useful together with the 30 hrs free tuition from the British Council! Good luck.
  15. This is relatively new Claire, and there is at least one post on PIO stating his diploma was assessed as level 5, and he had been refused, I'll try and find it again and send you the link!