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  1. barnsey10

    Our First Leaving dooo!

    Hey !! Good Luck to both of you !! I have 30 working days left before we all fly out to Perth on 10th September. Sandra had her first leaving do last night, on one of those boogie buses for three hours on a pub crawl. The girls made her wear a hat with corks (original) and handcuffed her to an inflatable kangaroo. Lots of tears apparently, although she called me and didnt sound too drunk. She says its all very surreal. My leaving do with the guys early august. Family doo's 23/24 Aug. Very messy doo on the 25th (bank holiday next day). Tony, Sandra, Luke and Budweiser (the dog) moving to Craigie NOR in september :-)
  2. Hi, Hoping to have the 189 Visa Granted by the end of March. Currently working for BP in the UK as a Control and Automation Engineer. Degree Qualified, 15 years experience. Honeywell / ABB DCS and Scada Systems. Allen Bradley PLC5 / SLC 500 / Controllogix Fibre Optic / Copper Networking Serial Communications / RTU's HMI's / Alarm Reviews / HAZOP FAT / SAT / Commissioning / Project Looking to relocate to Perth, WA. Willing to FIFO for the right opportunity. Tony
  3. barnsey10

    Liverpool FC

    Hi, family and i plan to move to craigie area in October. I'm 41 and an LFC fan. Dont want to let go of the pub culture straight away - even happy to banter with manu / chelsea / arsenal fans too. Any ideas ? Tony
  4. Hi, we plan to make the move in Oct 2013, staying in craigie for about 12 mnonths with relatives. Looking to keep the legs going, any advice on Veterans football teams in the craigie area. Any ideas ? Tony