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    Where to buy hamper?

    Hello all ! I wondered if anyone could help us by recommending a hamper delivery company in Perth/WA ? Our friends in Bunbury have been going through such a hard time and we felt would be nice to order them a Chrimbo hamper from over here in the UK. Just wondered if any of you guys had used any good quality food/ drink hamper companies that could recommend ? Thanks in advance ;o)
  2. pegg

    Where to buy hamper?

    Ah , if coles do home delivery yes i could order a big shop for them , very true that many hampers always have bits in that seem to end up in the cupboard ;o) But yes , some nice food for them would be great
  3. pegg

    Parent Visas

    Hey guys , so sorry but we are back in the UK , we where due to get out again around January but flights etc from the UK are a nightmare right now ! But yep any advice or a chat just message us . WA was an amazing place - but for us at that time it did not work out , but it still holds a special place in our harts .
  4. pegg

    Parent Visas

    oh dear, sorry to course an upset . My real point was that only 1 migration agent ever gets mentioned on this forum ..... And hey - maybe i have got it all wrong , maybe another Camilla from another migration company. It was so long ago i probably have ....... Who knows ! But please remove post as i do believe it was unfair of me posting on a public forum , and that was wrong of me .... I apologise totally for this .
  5. pegg

    Parent Visas

    is it right that this forum only recommends one migration agent ? Bearing in mind this company is the one that was recommended to us but we soon found to be so over priced and customer care skills so poor - that we decided to sort our own visa's ...... and saved a fortune ! ( might be in my old posts approx 5 - 6 yrs ago )
  6. pegg

    Migration wannabe

    exciting times
  7. parking i know ..... its a nightmare ..... being demolished
  8. we follow Yelo corner store cafe in TRIGG on instagram , gosh love the views from that place ....... coffee not bad either lol
  9. pegg

    Wanting to make new friends

    totally understand , good luck guys
  10. pegg


    if you can afford it - do it ! but please be aware that things are very very slow in WA ...... what you may think will take a month usually takes 3 ! Or you could just mooch around the local beaches ..... sea is lovely n warm
  11. pegg

    Wanting to make new friends

    well from my experience gosh its hard, The Aussies that are over friendly tend to want to sell you something lol ! had that a few times ! I just think youve really got to put yourself out there .... hard i know, As sometimes conversation with an Aussie is like getting blood from a stone. I think the big problem we found is knowone knows your past history ..... old friends know what you've been through. I know we met a lot of very very lonely brits , very sad . But if you are struggling don't be afraid to ask for help, it can be very lonely at times. School and work helps ..... but if its meant to be it will happen , and a new best friend will pop up soon x
  12. pegg

    Wanting to make new friends

    fantastic ..... hoped you would say that , wishing you luck in finding friends guys.
  13. pegg

    Wanting to make new friends

    can you do any tricks ?
  14. pegg

    Anyone waiting to migrate?

    flying by Christmas again though i would hope
  15. pegg

    Cash from UK

    i think cash less than £500 is ok . Or perhaps tell your mum to put it into her bank account and ask bank to transfer to your bank account. But being in her 80's she should not really go out as we are on lock down here in UK. but once this is all sorted it should be ok. ......... But i know what you mean it is a nightmare , my mum wanted to put £1000 in my bank - however they would not accept it so she had to right a cheque instead !
  16. pegg


    Hi, we will be moving back as our permanent visa expires 2021. Same area also . But like i say i like it in the UK also, My love for our rugged coastlines with never end. But we live in the midlands so always a haul to the beach ! where in Mullaloo we where just a stroll form that giant swimming pool they call the ocean ! i swam every day in Oz - the sea is absolutely amazing ! Anyhow rambling on , i guess look at the skills list - identify whats wrong with UK to you guys and is OZ the answer ? ..... programs like "wanted downunder" seem to show Oz in a very romantic way . Hey , if you want to personal message us ..... We would be happy to answer any questions , Or anyone else on forum ...... Weve had some very amazing advice from here . Good luck guys !
  17. pegg


    Not sure whats wrong with the UK at the moment , hey unless its personal..... but compared to WA its booming here for sure. Personally if we had not have came back to the UK when we did .... Well financially its made a big difference . But we absolutely miss WA so so much , we are returning this chrimbo / jan 2021. And its not for the money - so it does have that pull . What about training to be a barber/hair dresser ? something on the skills list ? I know when we where there plasterers always seemed so busy out of all the trades . Im sure there must be a way .... if its meant to be it is meant to be . good luck guys
  18. pegg

    Recommendations on schools in fremantle

    i do like freo though ...... I used to help a charity "homeless Run Perth" around freo , giving food and hotchocolate . Met some really good people . As for school - sorry i dunno
  19. just wondering if folks are still searching for the Sun and emigrating to WA .............. just cannot believe how quiet forum is compared to 5 years ago! Maybe the fact that the UK is pretty booming at the minute ..... im not sure ? just my thoughts ........ thats all
  20. pegg

    Merry Christmas

    Yup , i do hope everyone is having a very very merry chrimbo too ! merry xmas @verystormy
  21. pegg

    cashless welfare card ?

    like i say it just popped up about it on social media - i guess its for folk with ie a problem with drink / drugs ? .. anyhow cheers for response
  22. Hey all , just been hearing some really negative reports over here about a "cashless welfare card" thats been introduced over there ? I was just wondering is this for your centre link payments now ? As when we where permanent residents we got a bank transfer every 2 weeks ? Just wondering if this is still the same ? just interested ...... thats all
  23. pegg

    yanchep fires

    Hey , i do hope everybody is safe and well with the fires in yanchep and the north ? Weve been looking at the news on social media etc . Anyhow i do hope you are all well guys x
  24. pegg

    yanchep fires

    yes i was told fires may have been started deliberately - why on earth! just hope alls under control now
  25. pegg

    cashless welfare card ?

    the problem that was in the report i read - was it is only valid for certain items , so the person who has card cannot freely spend on what they want on weekly shop for example. Also only certain companies except ? ..... Dont know much about it , just a very curious report about it that was all.