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  1. Scott/Joanne

    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi we can make next weekend and child free too so could meet for a drink at one of the marinas if you fancy, or anywhere to he honest. Let us know
  2. Scott/Joanne

    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi Laura. We are in Somerly at the moment too before we move in a few weeks. We both work Mon-Fri but home fairly early, 3.30. if you fancy a chat or meet give me a shout . Jo
  3. Scott/Joanne

    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi. We are moving to Kinross at the end of the month. We arrived in August and have been in Clarkson. We are in our 40s with older children but if you fancy meeting up that would be great. We are just starting to find our feet.
  4. Hi I know this is a few months ago but I just moved in August and im 18 too. Live in Clarkson at moment and could do with meeting others. I'm on Facebook, Ben Crabtree.
  5. Scott/Joanne

    I need a job

    I've been here 5 weeks and aren't having any luck on the jobs front! 90 seek applications, 5 agencies and just putting in for my medium rigid truck test. I was an assistant transport manager in the UK for a tyre company. I just want to work any advice?? Living in Clarkson at the moment.
  6. Scott/Joanne

    Renting north of Judaloop

    Hi yes I did mean Joondalup, so much happening so quickly that my brain is everywhere. Thanks for your reply. Is there a particular company/web site that deals with furnished rentals that you would recommend.
  7. Can anyone help. We are moving to Perth at the beginning of August after a long 5 year wait!! My son is going to the Edith Cowen university next year So we'd like to explore areas around here. Could any one recommend how to initially get a furnished rental within travelling distance of here until we can look for something when our furniture arrives. What areas are nice please? Any other advice would be great too as looking at pet travel and furniture removals. Thanks