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  1. jamdon

    Help please urgent

    another quick question CAN they change the visa without my consent?
  2. jamdon

    Help please urgent

    Thanks everyone for your feed back, much appreciated.
  3. jamdon

    Help please urgent

    Hi All I have been here for a year now on a 457 visa as a supervisor but work is slowing down a bit and now my boss wants to change my job description to a lesser position, I payed for the visa and everything that goes with is so can my boss do this without my consent? All help will be gratefully appreciated. Jamdon
  4. jamdon

    Needing to fill my day

    Hi thanks for your reply alexander heights is next to wanneroo north of Perth and caroline76 I have pm you. thanks Jamdon
  5. Hi all We moved here 6weeks ago from Scotland looking for a better life for ourself and our kids however its not to bad for me because I go to work and speak to people all day but all my wife does is take our son to school and sit by herself until its time to pick him up again . I fear that this is getting here down because our other two kids are still in the uk and we are just getting our Internet switched on on Thursday so she hasn't spoken to them much , she is needing a club or something so she can chat and have a conversation to someone other than just us . We are living in alexander heights so anything around that area would be great ( she will probably kill me for this but she needs an adult conversation ). many thanks james
  6. jamdon

    House rental wanted

    Hi all that's us in Perth at last staying with friends but in urgent need of a house to rent in or around landsdale . A 3 bed would be nice but will settle for a 2 bed . Many thanks James.
  7. jamdon

    Health insurance with a 457 visa

    Yes your not wrong Goat i have the price list and i was pretty shocked by the price mate , Do you have any advice ?
  8. Hi All My immigration agent has offered to orgonise health insurance for our 457 visa application through medibank private , does anyone have any coments or any better health insurance providers . This is all new to us so any help or info would be greatly apreciated .
  9. jamdon

    where is all the perth photos

    that is what i was saying portlaunay but you put it much better than me lol .
  10. jamdon

    IMG 0925 all going well

    Some brilliant pics mate keep posting :ssign7:
  11. jamdon

    where is all the perth photos

    Thanks for the reply portlaunay , i have looked for posts but photos having their own section would be easier to access rather than having to look for them . Sorry if i sound as if i am moaning i didn't mean for it to sound like that . James
  12. Hi all I also look in the poms in Adelaid forum and it has a link for the photos but perthpoms does not unless i am missing it , all i see is other peoples albums . Why dont you start a section for everyones pictures and keep us all happy until we get over and see the real thing for ourselfs.
  13. jamdon

    Visa help for son's girlfriend

    Thanks Ali i will have a look at that . James
  14. Hi all My son is coming over with us on our 457 visa and his girlfriend want's to come also but we are not sure which visa would be best for her . Our son is 17 and she is 18 he said he wants to come with us for a better life but doesnt want to leave her because they have been together for a few years and they love each other .We have been looking at working holiday visa's but we are not sure so any help and advice you may have would be most helpfull . Many thanks James
  15. jamdon

    hi everyone , new to the forum

    Hi everyone thanks for your reply , i think its landsdale we are moving to whats it like there ? i have been using my phone to look in to the forum but it keeps cutting of so i cant reply very often as im on night shift but i will join in whenever i can .