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    Uk based welder - advice needed!

    Hi, I've been here for 7 months on a PR, I've hot 17 years experience as a welder/fabricator and passed the vetasses skilled assessment as a welder 1st class! I can honestly say the work is not living up to expectations, all the mining jobs want someone with previous experience as now they have gone a bit quiet they can be a bit more choosy, I must have sent atleast 20 resumes with excellent references but only 2 called back wanting more tickets like - working at heights and confined spaces! So I'm booked to do them next week, but it's certainly quieter than when I first started looking couple of years ago, hope it doesn't put you off though!!
  2. We are going to head there for 1 ish, is anybody else?
  3. Hi Stanley 661, perhaps meet up on Friday evening in 1 of the parks in tapping?
  4. hi philly, we will come
  5. We also live in tapping, been here 6 months from mid-wales! Got 2 girls aged 8 & 6, and have met done friends from similar meet ups but always keen to make some more!
  6. Rangerboy

    Wanted - car in decent condition

    Hi we purchased a 2003 ford falcon sedan when we arrived 4 months ago, but I am looking to sell it because I need a ute for work looking for around $4800 were in tapping nor
  7. Not heard of the ing projects? But the mining has def gone quiet infact 1 company just laid off 120 staff
  8. Hey morts46, the trade is quiet at the moment, I've been here for 4 months on a perm visa and although found work straight away there is definitely not many jobs about
  9. Rangerboy

    Visa granted today! Flying Christmas Day!

    ha ha if you are familiar with primark in the UK you will love Kmart, they are pretty similar price and quality(!) and you can keep your long sleeves until your acclimatised if you have small children though i would get some decent clarks shoes and bring them, ive found them to be mega expensive here!!
  10. Rangerboy

    Making new friends

    we'll try to come too! been here just shy of 4 months with two children 8 & 5 living in Tapping
  11. Rangerboy

    Cheapest ways to talk to folk in the UK

    we have only been here for 15 weeks so im sure there are better deals out there but we use Viber a lot, although the sound quality can be perfect one day terrible the next, facetime and skype, our internet is with iinet and they offer a package where you upgrade to an extra $10 per month and get cheap (how much this is I do not know!) calls to uk landlines, we've not done it yet but im thinking of it as speaking to my 93yr old Nan on anything other than the 'phone is not really working out as she cant text, doesnt even own a mobile and thinks Apple is just a fruit
  12. Rangerboy

    Get together NOR

    Good to meet some new people, we would be keen for another catch up soon! Booey, Caroline and girls
  13. Rangerboy

    Get together NOR

    That's good with us, see ya there
  14. Rangerboy

    Get together NOR

    We would come for a while if it was a bit sooner, that way it's not too much of a rush getting kids ready to go to the parade
  15. Rangerboy

    Get together NOR

    Hi Darren and all, not sure if we are going to be able to make it tomorrow as I forgot we are going to the parade, we may get there a bit sooner if anyone else is or maybe next time