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  1. Nursing in Australia

    Hi Lauren, As you have a full year until your planned departure why don't you consider moving in with your BF and putting all bills and documents in both your names. Not sure if that will suffice but could be worth a try instead of getting married! Maybe get a joint bank account, any evidence of you being together will help. If that fails then I'd probably opt for the working holiday visa or apply for your own independent visa.
  2. If so and you'd like to work in Australia please let me know. Thanks C
  3. Nursing jobs

    I may be able to help with sponsorship. I'll PM you now.
  4. Midwives

    Hi Everyone, If anyone is looking for midwifery jobs in Oz please get in touch as we have vacancies. Thanks C
  5. Midwives Australia needs you!!

    Hi Judy, Unfortunately I have no information on conversion courses. What I do know is as an international student you will be paying a fortune to study. Should you want to go over there as a nurse I will be able to help you. Thanks Chelsea
  6. If you are a registered midwife looking for work in Australia, wheather it be agency or permanent please get in touch. Thanks Chelsea
  7. Hiya, Yes you need to put $160 so the total cost is $540. Thanks
  8. Nursing in Australia

    Hey, If anyone needs information about nursing jobs in Perth, I'll be happy to help. Thanks C x