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    When to move with 7 year old

    Couple of questions if I might... Thanks We're planning on moving to Perth but want to plan it round our daughters schooling. Those that have made the move, would you say its best to come in UK summer holidays or wait till xmas and start the Oz school year. How do you choose a school and apply especially if you want littlen to start school as soon as possible? Are there any websites out there that can give info on whether a school is good or bad? Back here we can check ofsted reports etc. Is there something similar for Perth? Thanks for your help
  2. katenollie

    2006 Holden Astra

    We're moving back to the U.K. And looking to sell our car before we go. Looking for $7500. We're up in Alkimos area. It's been a good car to us and is economical and cheap to insure and maintain Details 1.8 litre petrol 105kms 1996 Holden Astra Very good condition inside and out Electric windows CD player etc. Any other details let me know
  3. katenollie

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Hi John, We're moving back to the UK in August and keeping an eye on the currency market. What would your advice be in terms of transferring the money back to the UK. Im kind of hoping that the dollar strengthens or the pound weakens but neither look likely to me?
  4. katenollie

    Just moved to Butler

    Hi, Im katie 29 and my husband Ollie 29 are also new to the area and keen to meet up with people. We have a little girl Macie who is 2 next week. Anyone fancy meeting up this weekend with the hubbies? We'll probably be popping into the cornerstone to give Macie her lunch between 11 and 12 on Sunday xx
  5. katenollie

    Buying uk size double duvet in oz

    Anyone got an ideas where I could buy a uk double duvet in oz. got uk quilt covers but no qui.t. Just realised they are different sizes?
  6. If I get a job within a company that pay by what is called BACS in the UK. THey do my tax etc. Someone (aussie) just said that I would need to do a tax return and see if I get a rebate at the end of the next tax year. I would have thought that with the company paying the tax, it would equal out over the year.
  7. katenollie

    Renting a Washing machine NOR

    Anyone got the names of any cheap companies that rent out washing machines for a few weeks. Our furniture hasnt arrived yet and wont for a few weeks so need something to bridge the gap. All I am coming back with is Radio Rentals which I am waiting for a callback from. Thanks
  8. In the uk we'd head for an indoor soft play centre. Tmorrow looks like its going to be wet so was so during if there are any decent places to take a sub 2yr old out for some fun in the northern suburbs nor region. Only been here a week so don't have the know,edge yet?? Thanks
  9. katenollie

    Cheapest Car Insurance

    Cheers Cerberus. I'll take a look. We got quotes from budget, rac and Allianz but was wondering if we were missing a standout well known cheaper supplier. Thanks again
  10. katenollie

    Cheapest Car Insurance

    both drivers 29 yrs old on a 6 yr old astra. plenty of UK NCD WHats the cheapest company?
  11. Recently arrived in butler area in a holiday let. Just been accepted on a home. Can someone tell me how and where I go to set up Medicare and benefits like family assistance etc? Trying to work out via the website and I can't make sense of it Thanks
  12. katenollie


    Whats it like? Does it compare to clarkson, quinns, butler, merriwa? We really like the trinity "estate" but as its so new, I would imagine that you may not be able to compare it to that, so comparing to the above would make it clearer for me. Thanks
  13. Bekki, wish you were doing it a week or two later, we arrive on the 30th so will miss your bbq planned for the saturday. keep us in mind if you do another.
  14. katenollie

    ATM Charges

    Looking into aussie bank accounts. Got a document about NAB. Looks like they want to charge me $4 per cash withrawal? Doesnt mention if this is only on non NAB atms though. Have I read this right. Do you guys on here get charged for using your cards at ATMS?
  15. katenollie


    Moving to butler (well for the 1st month anyway) Where do I go to get tax file numbers and medicare set up?