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  1. Ashlenelouise


    Thank you so much
  2. Ashlenelouise


    189 pr visa xx
  3. Ashlenelouise


    Hello, only me, just a quick question, we're hoping to go to New York next year, just wondering if I can come and go as I please out of Australia? Or once I leave to New York I will have to apply for like a return visa? Or anyone know where I can find the information on? I've tried good old Google but no luck xxx
  4. Ashlenelouise

    what to do at singapore airport / 11 hour layover time !

    We were like zombies. We found the snooze lounges and slept there for 6 hours I did not anticipate being as tired as I was. I've never felt that exhausted. We were literally falling asleep sat upright. I couldn't sleep on the plane, well worth trying to catch a few ZZzzzZ on the flight xx
  5. I booked through air BnB maybe have a look on there xx
  6. Ashlenelouise

    Moving in October....on my own!

    Ahhh Steph, I also work in Hollywood, it's a lovely hospital. What ward / area are you working xx
  7. We looked around the cbd, prices were expensive for rentals, we decided to buy a cheap run around for 900$ ( it's like a shed on wheels but it gets us from a to b) and we looked further south, we live in Leeming, to my job in the city it's 15-20 minutes commute and my other half works in Rockingham for the council so it's a 30-40 minute commute, we got a 3 bed house for $400 weekly, were as in the cbd that was the price for a one - 2 bed apartment, let alone a house. Maybe look either north or South 15-20 minute commute to the cbd. I don't find the commute all that bad, I drive all the way down the river xx
  8. Ashlenelouise

    One week in lovely Perth since we landed......

    Wahoooo you finally made it, welcome to your new home- I'm also in love with my new life, just in time for summer too,. Let the fun and games begin xx
  9. Ashlenelouise

    what are you doing at this moment

    I'm just sat In the garden having some lunch and letting the sun soak into my pasty skin before I go to work for an afternoon shift ... Looking forward to the warmer months approaching.
  10. Ashlenelouise

    I know no one will care but ......

    Finding it okay at the minute, busy with work and getting the house sorted so haven't really had time to miss the UK just yet. Loving the fact it will start to get warm soon, it's practically rained majority of the time I have been here. Finished my shift at 3 pm yesterday, me and the other half went to kings park and watched the sun set over the city, couldn't really do anything like that back in Lancashire lol. So far so good
  11. Ashlenelouise

    Do you register with gps?

    Just wondered what's the deal with gps, do I have to register? I'm on the contraceptive pill and I need another prescription at end of December, just wondered how I go about going to the doctors, it's covered by Medicare isn't it?
  12. Ashlenelouise

    sent docs - how long till they arrive ?

    Ahpra are a lot slower at everything in comparison to anmac, If that helps, I know it's all a big worry but honestly ahpra took a good few days to reply stating they had received it xx
  13. Ashlenelouise

    I know no one will care but ......

    I know no one will care but I'm finally settled in Perth now I feel home xx
  14. Ashlenelouise

    2 weeks till we fly.... last admin slog......

    Wahoooo before you know it you will be on that plane, I've been here a month and it's the best decision I've made. I'm totally settled. We have a nice 3 bed rental in leeming, it's massive, a lot bigger then anything I could of dreamt of having in the UK. I know your feeling nervous, but honestly? It's the best thing you could be doing xx
  15. Ashlenelouise

    Got my Invitation to Apply - now what? woooooo

    Well done you two, finally nearly at the end. Get it filled out and start uploading documents, will be on that plane in no time xx