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  1. LugubriousDuncan

    Rescue dogs

    Can anyone suggest the best place to adopt a rescue dog. Don't want a puppy or anything ? Thanks
  2. So if on a 457 visa is there no other route to PR?
  3. I have 2 tickets for this that I can't use now. It's the new play written by John Cleese. Good seats in the stalls. at the Regal in Subiaco. They were $122 each but open to offers. Please PM me. Thanks Duncan
  4. LugubriousDuncan

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    My Mum is hinting to come out again for a month in February. I'll give her her due as she's 82 and on her own. Mind she flys business class. It's just that for the last couple of times it's been really very difficult. She's not great company and expects to be waited on hand and foot. Then of course I'm racked with guilt about the whole thing . Not easy at all.
  5. LugubriousDuncan

    Rentals - what security does the renter have?

    Check out Ozhouserentals here in Perth. They were terrific when we first arrived
  6. LugubriousDuncan

    Furnished rentals (4 Weeks)

    We used Ozhouserentals and they were awesome
  7. LugubriousDuncan

    Letting agent recommendations

    Ozhouserental were superb when we arrived. Furnished accommodation whilst you find your feet and source your unfurnished rental
  8. LugubriousDuncan

    Furnished Rental

    Yup agree with Ozhouserental. Tracey was awesome
  9. LugubriousDuncan

    Any "older" Brits, Nth of City.

    Welcome PP. This is great forum. Have sent you a pm
  10. LugubriousDuncan

    Just moved to Karrinyup

    Hi there. We,ve been in Karrinyup for about a year and love it here. We're a little older as both of us are 50 Happy to meet up and show you the area.
  11. LugubriousDuncan

    Robinsons Shipping Boxes - Various Sizes

    I'd hang on to them if you have the room. Very expensive to replace
  12. LugubriousDuncan

    Wanted 4 or 3x2 from December

    Maybe should have mentioned that we are looking for unfurnished rentals.
  13. LugubriousDuncan

    Rental Reductions

    The rental bubble seems to have burst. Even the agent tells us that they now have empty rentals they can't shift. I suspect it's because we're at the end of the boom and many have now bought or in the process of buying leaving a plethora of property for rent.
  14. LugubriousDuncan

    Rental Reductions

    Cheers Guys, the market seems to be collapsing. There's an absolute stack of properties for rent. There was a viewing of a place around the corner from us and not one person went.
  15. LugubriousDuncan

    Wanted 4 or 3x2 from December

    We're still looking if anyone can help. Thanks