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  1. Hello I am looking into settlement agents for property purchases . If you have had any that you would recommend please forward me their details . I need as many as possible please. Thank you in advance
  2. Long term car lease

    Ok that’s great thank you for the reply xx
  3. Long term car lease

    Hello I am curious if people are aware of long term car leasing that are available? In the uk I’m aware you can pick up small cars for as little as £120 leasing over a 3 year period . I would be interested to know if this is done and if there are any particular recommendations? I’m more interested in lower prices rather then particular models . thanks
  4. Looking for a holiday rental.

    Hello I’m looking for a holiday rental for the new year for 3 weeks. Can anyone suggest websites/ agents I can look to find one?
  5. Hello myself and my family are still living in the Middle East. We plan to move over in the next 12 to 18 months. We are currently living in an expat compound and the contract on our housing is due to end in April. We will then be housed in a furnished compound . To save moving again I would like to send my bulky items over sofa, bed frame, tv cabinet and a wardrobe. I will therefore have some home comforts for when me and the family finally arrive. Can anyone recommend a storage company, give an estimate regarding monthly costs for this? Thank you
  6. PR and childcare cost.

    Hi I have a question regarding childcare costs. Can a new p.r resident qualify for help with childcare costs (those on a low income). thank you
  7. Hi all Myself and my hubby ( and 2 kids)will be landing in Perth within the next 2 years. We have done our rekki. Places we liked were mindarie, ocean reef, Kinross and then.... Secret harbour lol. Reason we're so keen on northern suburbs is we have family friends based close to here. I like secret harbour as I feel it has everything the north does but more affordable. My hubby will be working away and I'll take any work I can get that is close and works with the kids. So we are happy to live in any of these areas. We want to build our own little home. We have been looking on real estate and looked at house and land packages too. Any other leads as to where we could look to access the land? We would love a block for 500 sm. Please anyone one with experience or suggestions on other places to search for the land, we would love to hear from you lauren Billy poppy and Oliver
  8. Sorry... another question. Has anyone demolished ? Is this in itself an expensive task, before building can commence?
  9. Hi guys:) thank you for the feedback. I suppose it will have to be northern suburbs when we initially come. I was keen on building as I am currently out in Saudi . My little girl will be 9 when we come over but will have been living as an expat for 4 years. I wanted to build so that she can get to know where we will be living and so she feel a connection to the place. The next move will be have to be our last . But I suppose we could rent when first starting out. Thank you for the leads guys some good advice
  10. Schools - Secret Harbour??

    Hi Did you find any further information regarding comet bay? If so what are you thoughts, if you don't mind sharing
  11. Thank you Elfie:) i think hubby would want an established area. But I think the land maybe more pricey:s (so it seems). I love secret harbour though. We have been to all the areas and I like them all hi vs he currently works away in Saudi . So possibility in the same job were hoping i know the work situation is a tricky one at the min.
  12. Safety in perth

    Keefo if you don't mind my asking, where is it you live? (not too much detail obv on address). We like ocean reef burns beach and ilika as potential places to settle x
  13. Planning the move and many questions - Help!

    uh no, im sure where ever you go to you will love it. its an amazing place xxx
  14. Planning the move and many questions - Help!

    All three are lovely but we just liked mindarie the best. To have the marina on your door step would be amazing but then clarkson is literally over the road. Id be happy to live in any. but go to mindaire!!! were going there lol xxx
  15. Planning the move and many questions - Help!

    aw great sully! We have just got back from our recci. Mindarie is the area we have fell in love with and really want to settle. Like you I have researched perth so much. Its a fantastic place. my daughter didnt want to come home lol. we did like tapping from research but were guna push for mindarie we just liked it not sure why. we wont be moving out far behind you. be great to meet up when were settled there. Go down the harbour for a natter n a coffee Lauren xxx Good luck
  16. Bankruptcy.

    hey deb just got back from recci, sorry to hear you have gone through all this stress. my house sale went through in 3 days from us both signing at each end. we asked for it to be rushed through and they did it. we needed it to be complete before my husband went back off shore. best of luck chickers. nothings flipping simple but your nearly there. hopefully all this will be behind you soon and you be chilling on hillaries loving life Lauren xxxx
  17. Memories....

    wernt they all rude too? xx
  18. Memories....

    haha oh my god! puff the magic dragon lol. my uncle got a guitar and made a home-made tape of himself singing that. me my sis n cousins used to put it on and kill ourselves laughing. dont think it got the desired effect! \ wow what a memory xx
  19. Memories....

    haha lou! youve tainted rainbows for me.
  20. Starting your new life in Aus ....

    i cant wait!!!! love the idea of candles/ fire pit. too be honest everything everyone has named so far sounds amazing! Get me on that plane!xxxx
  21. Starting your new life in Aus ....

    I cant wait to get in on an evening after work / school all sit out in the garden chatting and enjoying the out doors. does it dark early?lol xxx
  22. Just moved to Butler

    are you opening up there rob? haha pp has been a canny way of promoting! ill be visiting!
  23. Here we go!

    we follow you the day after! only on our recci. we're flying at 3pm on Sunday from Manchester! good luck, safe journey Lauren xxx
  24. what are you doing at this moment

    aw thanks huni, Ill be popping into some schools next week, ill do a bit of digging about, if I find anything Ill pm you also xxx Lauren
  25. what are you doing at this moment

    you think they use phonics? numercon? xxxx