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  1. Carob

    Feeling old

    Agree with duffieldtowers last comment. Here is another one, we have used it a lot since coming over this year, we are in our seventies! and still learning! "I prefer to regret what I'd did do, rather than what I didn't" quote was by Astrid van der Burgt (although I have no clue as to who she is I might add!) And yes we have also used the 'well we will always wonder if we don't give it a try' route with our doubting friends.
  2. Carob

    Hi everyone :)

    We used Crown who were excellent both sides. They used a phenomenal amount of wrapping paper! We chose them as they have their own depot in Perth. Aquis looked at a few things in a 20' container filled to the brim, but nothing needed treatment, so effectively everything cleared very easily. Also, the time frame for arrival was pretty spot on Did seriously consider John Mason and PSS. Best of luck when it comes to unpacking it all.
  3. Carob

    The Smiths have landed!

    Hello PP. Perhaps we were lucky, we had no mould at all. I think the secret is to make sure everything is crispy dry. ( we left in March) No problems with AQUIS either, they looked at a few things in our 20' container, without any comment. Been here now since March 13th and still minor sorting outs going on - must be our ages!!
  4. Carob

    Parent Visa Process...

    thanks Odies, and our congratulations to you too, as you have your visa now. It all seems to happen very quickly when this point is reached. Life is a bit hectic here, flights booked for March 11th so Perth here we come. Is that where you are heading? Another learning curve ahead.
  5. Carob

    Parent Visa Process...

    hello Odies. We are with you on this one, as we got the 2nd VAC request today (13th). We have to validate by mid May. It's strange how it all seems to happen so quickly at this stage, after a seemingly long wait. So hopefully heading out for our new life within the next couple of months, having already sold our house. All the best, Carob my time lines are on the PIO Brand New parent visa thread, think you have posted on there as well.
  6. Carob

    Money transfers

    Hello Keith. We have used Halo a few times, and been very pleased with their service, and yes they do give a better exchange rate than Moneycorp. However, you may have to offset any charge your bank in Aus makes if you use Halo. There was no charge on our ANZ account with Moneycorp when we used them the other day. We have an order with Halo though for another transaction, as they are my OH's favourite. Not all banks in Aus charge though I don't know which ones. Hope this helps. HAPPY NEW YEAR
  7. Carob

    Parent Visa & Migration company

    Welcome back Gollywobbler. Sorry to hear about your Mum, but what a grand age to reach. There is hope for us then, we will be 72 before we go out on a 143 visa. We consider it the last great adventure!! Yes, and hope that it will also give us a few more years like your Mum. Your information was always very useful when I first started reading these threads. Do you post on "the brand new PIO parent visa" thread, as there are a lot of people asking questions about the 143 and 173 visa, I'm sure your expertise would be very welcome. All the best. C
  8. Carob

    Parent Visa & Migration company

    Hello Odies. We have the same time scale as you, found the check list useful. Are you going to start your police checks now, as I understand from another poster on PIOs that there is a bit of a delay in a case officer being allocated. Ooh, sounds like we may need to do the AOS soon, as you have already done yours. Do they not request it now? Keep your very useful info coming. C
  9. Carob

    What is actually covered ......

    Wow, thank you Rossmoyne for this info, will have to bookmark it so that I can refer to it. Yes we will be coming out as retirees, so it would probably be better to take out private medical insurance. Not sure I understand what is meant by "full medical insurance". Need to read it thoroughly. Finding it all a bit of a minefield at the moment! Also, probably being a bit dim, it's this sunny weather we are experiencing at the moment in the UK!!
  10. Carob

    What is actually covered ......

    Thanks for the info very stormy. Good thing there are people like you on here, that have great knowledge.
  11. Carob

    What is actually covered ......

    Just popped onto this forum and am wondering what is meant by "the advantage of the rebate being on a pension" VeryStormy. Is it something to do with the Medicare levy? I understand if income is above a certain level it has to be paid. Do you know if this applies to old codgers already on a pension? We are in a visa queue at the moment. Hope you can come up with an answer, thanks.
  12. Carob

    Having a wobble!

    Hi Osmond8 Great post. We are in the visa queue and having wobbles like a lot of other people. Thought it was just us, due to our advanced years, so good to hear of other people feeling the same. Yes, we say, if we don't try it, we will always wonder!! Luckily we have no real emotional ties with the UK, and our only family is in Perth. So, where in WA is Aldi's going to be located? It will be over-run with us lot, I suspect. Haha!
  13. Carob

    New Airline Flying into Perth

    That is really good news, perhaps other airlines will follow suit. I guess the runways have always been long enough to take these planes!!?
  14. Carob

    Singapore Stopover

    Just seen your message. We stayed for two nights at the Mandarin Marina overlooking the water, this was a couple of years ago. However, our deal was done on booking with Quantas so comparatively inexpensive, something about wanting to get people to stay over. Also we were child free, so may not be suitable. It was next door to a shopping mall, and in the evening a street food market, which was a bit of a challenge!! Lots of places to stay though, so the best of luck in finding somewhere.
  15. Carob

    Contributory parent visa timeline

    Oops, sorry Odies, wrong spelling. Should be chireckles.com but it also goes under, gainwave.co.uk/cpv/. The site is for the 143 and 173 visa applicants, however not a lot of people use it, and it doesn't appear to have moved much recently. Yes, I posted the 180 application, I don't think we could have done it online, like a lot of the process it seems. Will be able to do the medicals online now? Our letter says it has to be posted by the panel doctor, but DIAC seem very good at changing