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    can I join the "visa granted" club?

    Oh well done hope you and your family have a fantastic new life in Oz xx
  2. lolaandy

    Planning the move and many questions - Help!

    Hi All, I have just read this whole thread and it is fab well done everyone It has helped me loads with few questions. We are hoping to do the big move nxt yr I am so excited. Question: Does anyone have any information on Bunbury area and good and bad points about it? thanks
  3. lolaandy

    This is it!!

    so happy for you hope you have a wonderful new life in oz and a safe trip, hopefully it will be me one day soon too all the best x
  4. lolaandy

    Polyweld Jobs

    Hi there does anyone know of anywhere looking for poly welders.
  5. lolaandy

    Polyweld Jobs

    Sorry was having blonde moment lol. Its can be anything from joining pipes in construction and sheet plastics to fixing boats and kayaks
  6. lolaandy

    Polyweld Jobs

    Its plastic welding :-)
  7. Hi Dean, If you are in the UK would you be able to meet up with my hubby for a chat about the opportunities for HGV Tanker/Truck drivers in Oz laura
  8. lolaandy


    Hi all I am new to this so please excuse my dumbness. me and the hubby are looking to move to Oz with our wee boy hes 2, and I have been on site after site and the information from them all is so confusing. we are too old for a working holiday visa I am 32 and hes 38, we have been told my hubby has good chance of a job hes HGV Tanker driver but when I read articles and people are saying its better when your over there to apply because its face to face but this is the problem how do we get there to apply for jobs because we can get a holiday working visa, or a skilled visa it would have to be sponsored. If there is any help at all please share I am at a loss as to what direction we need to take to have our dream. cheers
  9. Joan how did your brother get on with finding work, my hubby is in the same position any help world be amazing laura x
  10. Dean my other half also has the same skills and looking to move to Oz anything you can help him with?