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  1. Are you currently in Perth or just about to move and are a fully qualified refrigeration mechanic / engineer? My company is currently on the look out for experienced refrigeration mechanics with supermarket experience. If you fit this description get in touch, we would love to hear from you. If you know of anyone who you think may be interested feel free to pass their details onto me or show them this post. You can pm me or contact me via email james@westcool.com.au
  2. jamespinder83

    Perth Poms business owners.

    I have just started my own air conditioning and commercial refrigeration business, Climate Control Solutions, feel free to like my Facebook page. Busy at the minute , just have to see how it goes over the cooler months, need a couple more solid contacts. Anyone needing any air-conditioning in their home give me a shout, like wise if there are any commercial property owners out there.
  3. jamespinder83

    Ford Focus For Sale

    I am selling a 2004 Ford Focus SR, 4 door, manual drive for $4750. It has 134000 kms on the clock and is in a good condition for 11 years old and mechanically sound. Air con was replaced a year ago and timing belt recently changed. Would be ideal for someone new coming over instead of hiring for a couple of months or just as a run about for someone. Any questions feel free to ask. you can contact me through here or on 0439359789.
  4. Im currently looking for an electrician who can carry out some small jobs for me over the summer and onwards. I have set up my own air conditioning / refrigeration business but will need an electrician from time to time to hook up supplies to the mains. If anyone knows of anyone please feel free to pass this message on. You can contact me either through here or go to my Facebook page , www.facebook.com/ClimateControlSolutions. If anyone else has any air conditioning queries feel free to get in touch as well
  5. jamespinder83

    Job advice for the wife

    we live in Quinns Rocks. Thanks for the suggestion we will have a look.
  6. jamespinder83

    Job advice for the wife

    Hi all Myself , my wife and two year old son have now been living in Perth for the past 15 months. So far it has only been me working but my wife will now be looking at going back to work in the new year. The problem we have is we don't actually know what positions she should apply for. In the UK she obtained a sociology degree. She then got a job as a teaching assistant at a secondary school, which is known for been in a problem area with many students with learning problems and home issues etc. She was then asked to do a role titled "learning mentor". Basically she had a certain amount of allocated students who she would work with one on one, taking them out of mainstream class but still in the school, and help them achieve the GCSE grades they had been predicted to get, but were falling behind with their progress for one reason or another. She also had to liaise with students families to try and get them involved in their child's education. After 18 months of this she was then put in charge of the whole department overseeing the work of 6 learning mentors which she gained great results from and thoroughly enjoyed, as well as getting paid a good wage. She did this for a year then we moved here. Now we are in Perth we haven't got a clue of how she can get a job within schools again as she has no teaching qualification and even teaching assistant roles require qualifications, and after speaking to teachers who have made the move, even they struggle to get work. The only option we can see is to maybe do some qualification and work her way up again. If anyone has any advice we would love to hear it as we are running out of ideas of what we can do to get her a similar role in the education system over here.
  7. Hi all I am currently in the process of trying to start working for myself in the refrigeration and air conditioning trade. I have been in Perth nearly a year now, have been in the trade 12 years, and now want a new challenge. If anyone knows of any companies who may need any sub contractors in the coming months any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I can install, maintain and repair all types of air conditioning and refrigeration and take great pride in my work. Hope some of you can help out there. :smile2:
  8. jamespinder83

    refrigeration fifo job

    What add ons do you mean?
  9. jamespinder83

    refrigeration fifo job

    thanks for the replies much appreciated, anyone else have any experience of similar stories?
  10. jamespinder83

    refrigeration fifo job

    Hi I've had an interview today for a 12 days on 9 days off shift, which is very appealing but the pay isn't totally what i was expecting, just over $100,000. Now i know this isn't bad comparing to a mon-fri job but thought it would be a little higher than that. Can anyone advise if this is standard or not. I am maybe thinking of taking it to get the mine site experience which i haven't got yet, then maybe move on to a better paid roll. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  11. jamespinder83

    Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Mechanic Job Advice

    You seem to have everything thing under control about knowing what you have to do. The only thing which you will not do when you get here is have anything to do which vetassess. Its all a load of rubbish about been able to carry out the training with them unless you move to SA. What you have to do is.....When you get here, contact Polytechnic West, Carlisle. If you ask to speak to Bob Boll, he's the man in charge. You explain you have the OTSR and mention any other qualifications you have? do you have other qualifications? He will then get you in and have a brief chat about work which you have done in the UK and then he will explain they can do an RPL with you. Basically they know you can do the job, so just do a series of assessments with you to tick off all competencies that are needed to gain your AQF III. The electrical is very in depth but if you get your head down with it , it is possible to do in a few weeks of starting it. The full thing took me three months, which was pretty quick. People sometimes start and don't even finish. Prices have just gone up drastically so i think you need a couple of thousands dollars now. It is tax deductible though. At this point you are probably going mad that you have spent all this money on vetassess, I know i was. You do need it though, for immigration purposes and also when i had my discussion with Bob at the beginning he said he would take me on if i didn't have it. If you check out my posts on here and pomsinoz you will find out more info you may need. I know how much of a pain it is getting info so have answered a few peoples questions in the past few months. Hope this helps.
  12. jamespinder83

    Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Mechanic Job Advice

    Read this link and it may answer some of your questions http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/western-australia/199664-air-conditioning-engineer.html
  13. jamespinder83

    Need any air conditioning work doing?

    Hi. There is probably a lot of questions you need answering so if you have any specific ones gives me a pm. There seems to be plenty of work out here but i don't know what it will be like in May as it will be cooling down. If you know what you are doing over here though an employer will want to keep you, they really struggle to find great staff so i'm told. The worst part is any qualifications your husband may have, mean nothing. He will have to do what they call a recognition of prior learning at tafe. The price of this has sky rocketed this year so he needs to look into this. Getting your licenses as quick as possible is the main stress.
  14. jamespinder83

    Need any air conditioning work doing?

    Happy to help people with queries also as i have been told off for sort of advertising , from what i can make of the msg.
  15. jamespinder83

    Need any air conditioning work doing?

    sent you an email mate, there was a mix up with the address you sent it to.