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  1. Here on a 457, but wondered if we can get PR as we are quite ancient at 55 and 61, not retired yet , probably be years and years and year yet LOL but Ive heard its a no go for oldies as they Aus Government no too keen to take on the burden of us when we do retire. Any one know about this?
  2. Hi I used Move cube when we came out to Perth but not sure if it works the other way too, anybody done it?
  3. Hi There is a possibility we may be moving back to UK in June and I wondered has anyone any experience of shipping a dog back to UK and did you use any of the local companies ? Could you please share your experiences? I used PetAIr Uk to bring her here and they were Brilliant, but possibly a hard act to follow. really worried about it even though Ive been through this once already.
  4. I've sent you a pm fifi
  5. Hi Fi yes we are literally on Dog Beach it's so beautiful never thought we'd be lucky enough to live here! Jess hates it in quarantine, it's so hard leaving her at end of visiting time she is literally climbing the walls to get out. I feel so guilty , even though she will love it here and will have a much more active life because of the great weather. I think I worried too much about getting her here which went splendidly well, we had a great team behind us Bob at Petair and my Vet back in Warrington were fab , and went over and beyond to get her here, but I underestimated how hard this 30 days of her in jail would be. I honestly feel like kidnapping her every time I go, but the kennel girls there all look much fitter than-me so I don't think I'd get far Lol. Thanks for all your help, you made a huge difference when I needed it most.
  6. Yes fifi thanks rental now sorted at last ! We moved in on Friday. I must have viewed at least 30 places and was on first name terms with most of the agents (not that it did me any good LOL) Got to say I kissed a lot of frogs before I found the prince house, but we moved in within days as it was empty. I do think that there is a lot more scope for negiotiation than previously not sure why. We got the second one we applied for we managed to get a bit of a reduction on it and this is at South beach Fremantle. The owner accepted the dog no problem just had to pay a 250 dollar pet bond, she arrives on Thursday BTW Yippee ! I can visit her in Byford on Friday and just cant wait to give her a massive hug I have missed her so must over the last 7 weeks. feel like its all coming together now, all I need now is summer! ha ha.
  7. Well, I swear I had this conversation yesterday lunchtime in the Pickled Fig at South Beach Freo. Me to Waitress: Did you hear about the construction site accident yesterday? Waitress to Me: Yeah apparently it was a tyhoon/ water spout thingy, it whipped up a couple of sea containers out at sea and dumped them on the construction site, injuring seven. Me: OMG that's incredible Chap on next table: Apaarently there was a whole heap of other stuff whipped up and dumped too, like fish, sharks and stuff Me: WTF! Jeez Loiuse! I live about 10 minutes walk from that site ! Me thinking to myself: (well I hope I only thought it and didn't say it outlound) Bloody hell I could have been hit on the head by a flying shark or a Barramundi as I was unloading my shopping! God this is a crazy place to live but I love it! Probally all nonsense but I do hope the injured men are OK
  8. Hi sunset, did you get my pm, wasnt sure because it kept telling me it was too long. How's the house hunting going?
  9. sunset addict

    Wet and windy!!!

    And its St Swithins day which as you know means the Uk are going to have a brilliant summer as it was fine today so they are good for 60 days at least! I am scared to death of these winds lashing Perth today , feels like the roofs coming off and well as for the rain OMG, just moved here a month ago and not impressed with going through 2 winters ! Ha Ha . But seriously its a bit chilly in this cavernous open plan rental, and I promptly went down with flu and bronchitis 10 day in to my life in the sun! could only happen to me, but I don't begrudge the poor old pasty Brits a good summer god knows they are due one.
  10. sunset addict

    where can I buy Brisket in Perth ?

    Thanks everyone for the brilliant suggestions, You guys certainly your meat ! x
  11. sunset addict

    where can I buy Brisket in Perth ?

    Hi hoping somwone can help I am looking for a joint of beef known back in uk as Brisket or some times as rolled brisket. Looked in Coles they don't seem to have it or anything like it. For those uninitiated its a cheaper cut of meat that you cook very slowly for about3-4 hours and its relatively higher marbleing of fat give the most delicious soft tender beef that you can then carve like a roast although technically its been braised. Maybe its called something else , Ive seen corned which as you know back home is something entirely different in a tin, lol. I have promised a traditional sunday roast beef dinner with all the trimmings for some friends who have been in Perth for 20 years, but unless I can find brisket.... don't want to do a roast beef I end up over cooking or undercooking etc I am living SOR in spearwood / bibra lake / Cockburn area so if anyone knows anywhere local to there, but any good butchers that sell it I am willing to travel!
  12. sunset addict

    British fish and chips

    Steak pudding in the north we call that a Babis head aNd if its left in foil it's a Babis head with helmet on! Personally I would love mushy peas its the only thing I have not seen ! Apart from cod of course !
  13. sunset addict

    Crying all day today flying out to Perth Sunday Why?

    Just to let everyone know now in Perth and feeling much more positive . The sunshine certainly helps ! It was sad on our leaving day and I swear I cried all the way Manchester to Dubai the sight of my two kids sad faces standing at the gate as we went through security will stay with me for ever , but we have skyped and texted and called and honestly I think we will all adjust. Son busy moving girlfriend in lol and daughter planning her extended holiday to visit us when she can get time off work in October. OH thrown in at the deep end working full time from the day after we arrived so our feet haven't touched the ground yet but we took a ride out to Fremantle this evening and watched the most beautiful sunset. It reminded us why we are here, it's mid winter and the weather is nicer than a summers day back home. Everyone we have met has been friendly and welcoming and we have trips out planned with out local friends to have lunch at a vineyard in the swan river. So thanks everyone for your kind words when I really needed them, hope post helped others who find themselves in similar situation.
  14. sunset addict

    Crying all day today flying out to Perth Sunday Why?

    Waterproof mascara will be on as leaving my son and daughter will be awful but I am going to think about all the good stuff thanks for all the good advice. Debs and peanuts you crack me up you crazy pair , thanks girls xx
  15. We are coming out on Sunday everything's cool , job, house even a local friend and I am looking forward to our new life and adventure. So why have I been crying on and off sice 6.30 this morning? Container gone, party been and gone, now doing the "lasts" the last goodbyes, last packing, last shopping etc. I feel so low, anyone else gone through this?