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    Car Import

    Pegg, don't bother, the whole process, once you get to Perth, is bullshit designed to cost you money. Plus, once you've got it through the bullshit its classed as an import, which it is, so you pay more insurance and its worth less if you wanted to sell it.
  2. JaseandAnne

    Parent visa query

    Just a quick question, I'm an only child, been in Australia now over two years as a permanent resident. Wife has Cancer and is under going various treatments that are going to be ongoing. I only have my mum left and she is 76 but is a fit 76. She has high blood pressure which she takes tablets for. Now she has said that she would like to sell up and come and live with us to help with the children, which to be honest we could well do with. However, I can only see the contributory and Non-contributory visas. The contributory visa is $43800 plus $10000 medicare bond and the non contributory has a near 20 year waiting period. Both of these are nothing short of criminal and the government quite clearly does not want people bringing their parents. I mean, who lodges an application that will take 20 years? The chances are your parents will be dead and the gov have still had their visa fee!! Is there another option?
  3. So we are over two years in and love it here, things annoy me, stamp duty on cars, rego on trailers and boats all just a money making exercise with no real concern for the people, this is backed up by the fact as long as you rego your car it never has to be looked at, no mot so there are massive buckets of badly maintained sh*t driving about but thats another story. The driving is bad, they are idiots. Miss family, friends, a decent pub, decent customer service and a decent family friends pub/restaurant thats reasonably priced but they are starting to come. However, in October 17 the unthinkable happened that you never plan for, my wife who was 39 at the time found a lump, long story short its cancer. We found out the day we moved into our first Aussie bought house ( Bought back in March but was renoing it). Our world has been difficult to say the least, with two children 8 and 3 1/2 but my wife has been amazing and an inspiration. Shes has three operations to remove the cancer and surrounding infected tissue and is now half way through her Chemo. Now my thoughts regarding the Health and Government systems here, firstly when something like this happens you need help normally from your family, we have no family here and none in the UK that are able to drop everything and come over, the same with friends. Now I know that family and friends feel terrible about not helping but we decided to move 10,000 miles away so they cant be blamed for not helping. However, our Aussie neighbours from our old rental and our new house have been bloody amazing so have the other parents from the school, I now see what community spirit is and these people are amazing. I still have to go to work everyday and although my boss has been great I cant just drop days at the last minute after all they are running a business not a charity!! Now, my wife worked nights shelf stacking at Coles part time and had paid into her Super fund for over a year and had been paying for all the insurances, in fact about two weeks before we discovered it was cancer she was whinging about how much money they take and was going to cancel them, thank god she didnt because we would have lost our house if it wasn't for income protection!! We are NOT entitled to anything from Centrelink, nothing!! We are on a 176 SS visa and are not entitled to any income based benefits for the first two years. This is not small print, we knew this, but you always think this wont happen to you so gloss over it, well it does happen and we are proof. We also have Health insurance, however, with my wifes Cancer and this is all I can speak for, I'm on the fence with whether its worth having. Sure, she had her own room at a private hospital and private surgeon removed the lump and did the subsequent two other surgeries but she would of been seen equally as quick and may well have had her own room at a public hospital. The health insurance doesnt pay for scans and investigative work and there is a always an excess or gap in some treatments that we are in for to the tune of just over $2000. With the public system you have to pay for some exploratory stuff but no gaps/excess. In fact my wife is now on the public system for chemo because its the same as private with out us having to find the gap money. I cannot fault either private or public system here but I think one compliments the other. If you have no health insurance I think you wait for some things, just like the UK and some stuff youll have to pay for. Would we go home? No, we came for a more outdoor life for us and our children, Ive lost two stone in weight being here, the change of lifestyle and food has certainly helped me. the people are friendlier and generally more inclined to chat about nothing. Myself and my daughter do Karate which was a thing of mine in the UK but I never had the time, shes not long going for her black belt and has the potential to go further. I go to a fitness class at my local park 4 mornings a week with a great bunch or people. Wouldnt of done that in the UK!! So, it may never happen, and I hope you guys never have to go through this, but its worth remembering that life isnt always smooth and what you would do if it all went wrong!!
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    Job demand in Perth

    Ooooow Jen78, I might take a look at that, see if they have anything for me!!
  5. JaseandAnne

    Job demand in Perth

    Hi, thought i'd reply, I can't help with your specific job but in general the jobs market seems to be slightly picking up. I have heard that some of the mines are starting to pick up and recruit more staff, theres been an advert on the radio for Rio Tinto looking for staff.The mines all have a knock on effect for the rest of the labour market which is always good. Ive never fancied the mines as being away from home defeats the idea of coming here but lots of people do and of course the money is good. Have you tried SEEK and INDEED for jobs? Also look at the Transperth website, i dont suppose that transperth maintain their own track but it might give you an insight into who does and maybe a quick email to them might prove fruitful. Good luck
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    Two years in and the Unthinkable happened!!

    Thanks Ali, tough times but we'll get there
  7. Sooooo, my two older children are Aussie residents but are in the UK finishing their education, they are due to come out in July but my question is do I have to get them a RRv or can I just get them a holiday visa? RRV are expensive and if you have spent less than two years here, which they have, they are only granted for a year. They are only staying for 6 weeks and by the time they are due to come again the RRV will have expired. The visa system is just a money making exercise but thats my personal opinion. I got a RRV last year to go to a wedding, cost me $360 and only lasted a year, had to provide proof of staying here even though I'd been here well over a year (fair enough) then they only grant travel for a year. Would happily apply for citizenship but have to be here 4 years!! All the jobs I want to apply for require you to be a citizen, says it all really! Anyway thats a rant for another post!
  8. JaseandAnne

    Resident Return Visa question again

    Thanks for the replies, when they came last year they still had about a month left on the travel part of the visa. When they got to Heathrow the check in staff said they could not see either of them having a visa with valid travel provision and issued them with a holiday visa, at the cost of £50 each!! When they arrived I contacted the Department of Immigration to query this. I was told that the airport staff didnt look properly and she would cancel the holiday visa, never got my £100 back though!! Theiving Bas*ards ;-)
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    Drinks tonight...

    I've just seen this, so may be a bit late. It was a fantastic offer but you dont say anything about yourself for people who might have been able to make it and might not have seen your previous posts. For example I'm in my late 40's and although I like a beer and throwing some shapes on the dance floor you might be early 20's and not appreciate my dad dancing!! Ive never been to the CBD of an evening for a beer due to kids, work etc but its defiantly on my list to do!!
  10. JaseandAnne

    Shipping tools from the UK to Perth

    Hi Mate, I'm a car mechanic and I brought my tool box containing lots of tools including a rechargable lithium impact gun, never mentioned the battery type just put rechargable impact gun. Arrived with everything else no issues, but then us mechanics have far more tools than you tradies, lol ;-). With regards to the airline, arent laptop batteries litium? if so the airline should have no issue with them in your hand luggage. Worth a call to confirm though. When I popped back October 2016 I bought some A/C parts for my car,fraction of the price in the UK, a couple of bits were heavy and went in my suitcase but the alloy bits went in my hand luggage, no issues going through as I declared them all even though they probably looked sus on the xray machine. They did look at them, I showed reciept and explained what they were and all good. No interest Perth end which was good because they might of wanted import duty!!! lol
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    Childcare costs and government assistance

    I would add to this that if your children are not fully vaccinated by Australian standards you wont get any rebate and some child care places will not accept them. An example is that they vaccinate against chicken pox here where as in UK they dont, you just get chicken pox and get over it. They still want to vaccinate even if your child has had chicken pox. Prepare yourself for government interference and taxation beyond your wildest dreams!!
  12. JaseandAnne

    At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Thanks Arwen
  13. JaseandAnne

    First Time Buyers in Oz

    Where did you buy in the end?
  14. JaseandAnne

    Just a quick hello....

    Hi, Is the Mandurah High School the state one or the Catholic fee paying school? If your children come from a fairly nice area and a fairly nice school in the UK, I dont think they are going to like the state high school in Mandurah. It has reputation of being a little rough.
  15. JaseandAnne

    HD Fitters required in Perth

    Hi Wooster, I see no ones replied, so I thought i'd ask the obvious questions. I'm a LV tech and work in place that does predominantly 4x4s, some of these things re akin to a Heavy and takes two of us to lift the wheels!! Anyway, I digress, does your company help convert LV to HD? where in Perth is it? and what is the average pay? I have 31 years mechanical experience, ran my own shop in UK ,prior to that did apprenticeship with Peugeot before moving to Nissan as foreman and master tech. Jase
  16. JaseandAnne

    Purchase of House

    We found because we had no history here and didnt have a massive deposit there were not many lenders who would lend what we wanted. It wasnt a lot of money either considering and we could well afford it. Sadly as new migrants they make you a high risk, we ended up going with the government Key start that back in the UK I would never have considered a lender like this as the interest rate is higher. In the UK we have/had an excellent credit rating so lending was thrown at us. Here you are unknown unless you have plenty of money for a deposit!
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    At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Hi Bryan, we can also relate to your post, been here nearly 2 years and have found the Aussies superficial or so I thought. Sadly, in October my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I was shocked as the offers of help we've had from our Aussie neighbours, while my wife was having surgery food was left on our doorstep so when I got back from the hospital there was something for the kids other than McDonalds. One lovely lady has taken my daughter too and from school for us because Ive had to go work early etc. These people were neighbours or people from the school who we now consider friends. I'm not suggesting you need a crisis to bring people out of the wood work but thinking back all they needed was asking round for a beer. We have no family here and its been really tough lately, would we go back, I dont think so, what would we go back to? After the initial euphoria of us coming back it would all die down and youd be in the position of finding a job, house etc. Admittedly, it must be tough to work so far away and I cant imagine how difficult that is for you and your wife but something will come up, get your wife to keep checking SEEK and INDEED for jobs for you and text/email them to you. When something crops up you want its a great motivator to stay up and fill out an application. Or as others suggest, move everyone to Albany, its doesnt have to be for ever and they may love it. Also, I dont think I would worry too much about your 13 year old, if I remember my 3 oldest girls this was the age where they got into ipads/computers etc and I remember whinging at them to go outside, go and play with friends met with "I aint go no friends" now they are late teens they have loads of friends and are never in!
  18. JaseandAnne

    Leaving Oz for a holiday

    Hi Mrsr1976, I returned to the UK for a week after being here just shy of a year and had to apply for a RRV as the travel part of our visa had expired. Sadly I only got a year RRV as I had not been here over two years. They wanted various pieces of paperwork to prove our commitment to stay but this was easy to prove, rental agreement, children at school etc. In April 2017 I applied for my 8 year old as me and her went to a family wedding, at this point we had been here over a year and they still only granted her a years travel. The cost was about $340ish each RRV. As ive very quickly learned the Australian visa system in nothing more than a money making exercise jase
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    Private schools close to Rockingham

    Hi, you dont say how old your kids are so assuming that they are in secondary school, because the state schools for primary seem to be good it only seems to tail off for secondary I'll tell you what i know. In Baldivis you have Tranby College, I have a friend whose two kids went there and are very happy with it, then a little further South, Mandurah way you have Fredrick Irwin, Mandurah Baptist and Mandurah Catholic College, at Warnbro (i think it Warnbro) you have the Lutheran Living Water School. All of these are private. In secret Harbour you have Comet Bay which is a state school but supposed to be pretty good.
  20. JaseandAnne

    2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Don't bother, sell it there and buy something not European here. Firstly, if you go and ask on the other forum etc and look at the red book price etc what it doesnt tell you is that as soon as you mention its an personal import its already down valued, the insurance company's also load as its an import. You'll then have problems with the onboard Sat nav, im presuming it has one, as they'll want silly money to convert it to Aus. The Australians dont have this fascination and lust for all things Europeans like, say, the Americans do. I work in a garage and everything European that come in the Aussies are convinced its trouble or badly made, it makes me laugh, they don't wanna know how good it is from my point of view as far as their concerned its going to cost a fortune to repair and sadly they are right, parts for Euro stuff is astronomical compared to Aus, Jap or Korean. As for the import process, I imported my car, an old classic, and a boat and trailer, the actual importing process was fairly simple and I could not have bought a boat similar here for what I paid for it in the UK plus shipping costs, the car probably broke even although I still havent got round to getting it registered as yet as I can't bring myself to take it to those arsewipes at the DOT at Welshpool, but thats another story, I was warned and they wern't wrong!
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    Is it really worth it?!! Advice needed please.

    Hi Newbie, Ive read this thread and everyone makes valid and realistic points. Perth isn't great economically, times is hard. But I haven't had trouble getting jobs and neither has my wife. We took pay cuts and change of occupations to come here( I had PR for a previous trade), we too aren't particularly sociable but mainly because we've got small kids and the wife won't leave them with people they don't know and as we don't have anyone that we know well enough we don't go out with out them! lol! You've sold your house so you may as well use the money from it and treat it as an adventure, whether you have to go back after a 2 or 4 years is neither here nor there if you didn't come both of you would be wondering "what if". Its better to have tried something and not liked it than to have not tried it at all. I disgree with the statement about not buying a house because you are on temporary visa( unless you have trouble getting a mortgage t being on a 457), we have PR but having only been here 17 months we arent 100% sure we are going to stay, we miss friends and family and some aspects of the UK but we, like you, sold our house to come here and have spanked most of the money so what better way to recover it than buying a house here incase you need to go back in two or four years time? This was our thought, our savings were fast running out so we used what was left for a deposit. The housing market is rock bottom here at the moment so there are some bargains to be had. We bought renovator south of the river so we could add value and if the market hadnt pickjed up and we decided to go back we'd have a go at renting it out. If you want to save yourself money look slightly further out for rents, we currently Rent a 4 x 2 in a great area 40 mins from city for $330 a week. We are currently paying mortgage and rent!! Couldn't have don't that in the UK!! My post may sound a little like we are planning to go back, not at all, I love it here, I miss people, some of the Aussie ways annoy me but on the whole as a family we are better off here because we have more time to spend with each other. Don't come thinking its paradise and youll be alright! Jase
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    We are finally here!

    Hi Beachcomber, we live in Baldivis but have just bought a house in Golden Bay not far from Lakelands. We wanted to be closer to Mandurah because we love it there! Ive been doing a bit of research because I have two 15 year old girls in the UK who want to now come over after saying they wanted to finish their education in the UK!! We've been here nearly 17 months. Now, I know two people from UK who have got there teenagers at Comet Bay and they say that their children dont have any problems there but they then go onto say "well there are some trouble kids but you get Feral kids everywhere" this I agree with but it has put me off it. I hope that someone comes along on here and give their opinions good and bad so you (and I) can make a balanced view. Mandurah Baptist ($6500 a year) Fred Irwin ($7500 a year) are supposed to be fab schools and I particularly liked Mandurah Baptist but sadly with two of them and also two small children I could not afford either of these. Mandurah Catholic College is worth a look, fees are $3500 and it was top of exam league tables last year. All of these have space as I asked only last week. Comet Bay is obviously a state school so free. Id be interested in findings? Jase
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    15 Months in... so far so good!!

    So, we are nearly 15 months in and these are my observations on a practical day to day level not the whole heart felt leaving family etc I'll put our feeling down in another post, I will start by telling you I'm a 46 year old bloke here with wife and two kids aged 3 (nearly) and 7. I'm in the motortrade currently working as a Tech at a great garage in Rockingham. These are my thoughts, you may not agree and have different views and experience. Some of mine are negative and some are positive. WA. - We live in Baldivis south of the river and spend a lot of time in Mandurah due to being into boating. The beaches are beautiful the coast is fabulous. If you are into the outdoors then this is the place to be. I am astounded by the free boat ramps, trailer parking, outdoor BBqs, fabulous parks, free parking, camping sites, places to visit that do not cost anything, the list goes on of stuff to do, plus the free events that are put on. Everything is really child friendly and I dont think Ive been to an event where there are drunk teenagers playing up like there used to be at home. (We did live in a deprived part of the country). The sun shines most days and even in winter on a sunny day the temperature can get to mid twenties. However because its a dry climate once you get acclimatized it feels much colder, so when its 15 degrees here it feels more like 4 or 5 did back in the UK, so out come the jumpers!! Last year at this time I would go out for my early morning run and think how warm it was, this year I think its bloody freezing! Ha CARS and Driving. The cars are sh*t, if you think you are going to come here and buy yourself a nice little ten year old Peugeot 206 for £1500 like you had in UK , forget it!! The WA car fleet is old and I would estimate that 50% are either partly maintained to poorly maintained. There is no MOT and no requirement to maintain your car unless you are unlucky enough (unlikely) to get stopped by the police and "stickered" to get whatever they find rectified, as long as you pay your "rego" on time just keep driving. European cars like Peugeot, Renault are not popular, VW group have more a foot hold and slightly more popular however parts for European cars are expensive and a rip off. There are a lot of Japanese and Korean cars. The older jap stuff is fab and as they dont rot like they did in the UK youll see a lot of stuff from the early to mid 90's still on the road as peoples daily drivers, they will still want upwards of a grand when they sell them. Back in the UK some of these cars are turning up at classic car shows. I wouldnt buy a korean car over ten years old, except maybe the Hyundai Getz for a run around. I have seen cars with the canvas and metal hanging out of the tyres, rear diff oil leaking over the brakes so that only the fronts work only for customers to say that they dont have the money to fix them and drive away promising they wont drive them (yeah right). My advice buy the newest car you can afford preferably something Australian, Commodore or Falcon seem to be pretty cheap to maintain and on the whole reliable. Petrol is cheaper here than the UK, when we arrived it was half price that of the UK but has crept up a bit. Diesel isnt as popular here although readily available, V6 and V8 petrol cars are still very popular here and there are some beauties. How the Hoons afford to leave all that Rubber on the road is beyond me, Tyres are just as expensive here as UK The Aussies are terrible drivers, it astounds me that in state where the speed limit on the freeway is 62 MPH and the freeways for the most parts are two lanes how many crashes they have!! They drive too close and when you are doing the 100KPH limit someone up your arse so you move out of the way only for them to sit alongside you doing the same speed!! Theres been a number of times when Ive been ready for a row with someone who appears to be driving like an idiot only for them to be totally oblivious to how annoyed ive got at their driving!! There seems to be a lot of deaths on the road and a lot of is put down to drink driving, they appear to be 20 years behind with their drink driving thinking. The people - The people on the whole are friendlier on a daily basis than the UK. When your out and about people say "HI" more than UK. However, once you start working for Aussies, or want them to do work for you, or buy something second hand like a car they have no morals and will screw you over without a second thought! The first guy I worked for paid me short, regularly and when I spoke to him about it he tried to tell me it would even itself out, err no if you only pay me 37/1/2 hours and I work 40 how will that ever even out?? Also only paid from 8 to 12 Saturdays but didnt expect you to leave until after 1!! Had the attitude that if you wont do it then someone else will, I lasted 3 weeks before telling him his fortune! Aussie tradies want to do as little work for maximum dollar and even in the current climate I still find thats their attitude, however when you do work for them they want to pay minimum dollar for maximum work. If you look on Gumtree and Facebook for second hand stuff they want far too much for stuff, some people want near on retail new price for SH stuff. Ive also bought stuff where Ive turned up and tried to haggle and been told thats the price mate Im not knocking anything off but the advert said ONO!!!! I'm into my cars and I like doing up broken ones and keeping them for a bit, ive seen a couple that I wanted to buy to do up and have negotiated a price and asked the questions has it been involved ina crash, do you owe any money on it etc to be told no they were ligit, only to check them and discover they had finance on them, when I challenged the owners they both said that they were going to pay off the finance when I paid for the cars, yeah right course you were!! They also dont really have the same sense of humour as us, I mean, theyve never heard of Only Fools and horses, Black adder or the Inbetweeners!! The government - Australia, in general, and WA is a nanny state, I hear adverts all the time, on how to stop your child being injured at home, "Make sure you check the bath water before you put a small child in", Dont drink and drive, dont drive over train crossing when the lights are flashing and the latest one I heard was that you should go to bed early to avoid being tired when driving, it actually says try going to bed before 9PM, WTF, are Aussies really that stupid they need the government to tell them when to go to bed!! The government bodies that you will come into contact with have got that attitude that they used to have in the UK 30 years ago before they became more customer focused after realising that it was the public who funded the department but also paid extra for their particular services. The Department of transport for example is a bizzare step back in time as you go to change ownership of your car and take a ticket and sit and wait for your number to be called only for there to be a sour faced old cow behind the counter who treats you like you're wasting her time and shes doing you a favour!! If like me you dont want to give your child the MMR vaccine, then the government wont give you the family allowance payment, they also wont allow you to send your child to any preschool/Kindy either until they are vaccinated. Apparently it puts other children at risk however if other children have had the vaccines and mine havent the only risk is to other children who havent had the vaccines!! I wont go into my reasons for not wanting the MMR but as a parent this is my choice and I should not be dictated to by the government. If you ever have the misfortune of taking your personal import car to Welshpool DOT for its inspection then here you will reach a new level of A*sehole who take great delight in failing your car/trailer etc for no reason other than they can and it makes their day. In fact the guy I used to import my car was from over East, Sydney, and when I told him i was bringing them into Perth he said , and I quote, "they are all a*seholes over there, the docks,the customs and the DOT its the worst place to get anything through" and he wasnt wrong. The only government officials I've come across who have been courteous are the police and most of them have been from the UK. HOUSING The houses are nice, you get more for your money here, although the blocks are getting smaller for new builds. Not really sure why when they have some much space other than to maximise profit. However we have just bought a 4 by 2 house on an 800sqm block with pool and workshop for less than we sold our 3 bed semi for in the UK. the buying process is nicer, once signed you cant get gazumped as long as you meet the contract dates. If the owner hasnt told you something doesnt work and they are selling it as not working then it has to work. for example I did the final inspection last week for the house we are buying and one of split cycle A/C motors didnt work and the pool gate didnt shut properly, now in the UK i would of just accepted this as thats how it is but not here! The estate agent said they got to be fixed before we take ownership!! Refreshing. Schools- Our littlen goes to Baldivis primary school which is a state school, its is lovely and I think her class has 22 children in it. If you come from a large city in the UK then you will not be disappointed with the class sizes here. Our little girl had also been at school for a year before coming here and having to start year one again but there is still stuff on the curriculum to challenge her and I dont find the education system behind. I have found that here they seem more focused on the journey to adult hood than focused on training them to pass exams parrot fashion. She seems happy and is always coming home with some reward for being the top reader or top in maths so that year head start has put her top of the class which is nice boost for her confidence. I dont know a lot about the secondary schools but it seems to be if you can afford it send them to a private school. WORK/JOBS - I'd say WA is on its knees for work, especially trades. In my industry the only jobs available seem to be the lower end of the spectrum, the fast fit lower skilled end where there tends to be a high turn over of staff anyway. Having said that i've managed to get a good job at a nice place, but there is a lot of competition out there and Ive realised it isnt what you know but who you know . If you want to get a job in government beware that the higher paid jobs require you to be a citizen however the lower paid jobs and those they have trouble recruiting for, Ie Police officer, even if you have the skills and qualifications, that being "a citizen" or being in the throws of" becoming a citizen" clause is chucked in. If you want to change careers or do something different, good luck, as you'll need courses and qualifications before you even get a chance at having a go, I dont believe there is such a thing here as on the job training. They'll be a college course that you have to pay for before you even try and get a job! Shops/Shopping - Not so many big supermarkets as in the UK selling everything like Tesco and Asda.You still get the little shops and off licences albeit some of them are part of the big companies. I applaud the Aussies for their Buy Aussie spirit however they are being let down by their government who has allowed some big business to move over sees. Now they have no option but to allow foreign companies in to sell theyre stuff. Ultimately this will be good for consumers but not so good for workers and small business. The shops close at 5.30 in the week accept for some of the bigger companies who are open to 9, our local spud shed has just gone 24 hours, the only shop I know of thats 24 hours. Thursday is late night shopping just like it was 30 years ago in the UK. The thing I love about the shops is that they arent open 24 hours for that one insomniac to go shopping at three AM but at the same time it annoys me that when I've forgotten our wedding anniversary if its not a Thursday I'm in proper trouble. Crime- The Aussies seem to be paranoid about crime, shutters on windows, house alarms etc but, I was a police officer in the UK for 16years before coming here and let me tell you they do not know what crime is here! The things that get reported on the nightly news here would be lucky to get a spot in the local rag at home. Yes there are burglaries, car thefts, assaults and robberies but they are nothing compared to the UK considering the size of the Perth metro area So if you are still with me thus far, well done, and I'd now like to point out that I'm not a whinging Pom, some of these things annoy me but its a damn sight better than where we lived in the UK. Our lifestyle and quality of life has drastically improved and I really like it here and, at this point, do not intend to go back. Yes, we miss family and friends and if they could be here that would make it perfect. Jase
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    15 Months in... so far so good!!

    Just to add, sorry its been so long I dont get on here as much as I'd like as I'm too busy living the dream! With regards to crime, it is in no way as bad as the UK, there are areas that you wouldnt want to live in but remember the words "home invasion" sound so much worse than "robbery" or "Aggravated Burglary" that are the words we are used to from the UK. A home invasion is a Robbery and is much more common in the UK than here. They have Burglaries here but house security, and attitudes to it, are crap, my neighbour leaves his garage door open when he goes out!! WTF hes got his tool box in there and all his car stuff, yet he goes to work, leaves door up, 8 hours later comes back, if all his stuff gets nicked this is a burglary and is a statistic. The Aussies are lax about security not just in the home but also in other ways, we are near a naval base and I see Navy guys in full uniform, at petrol stations, in shops etc and the other day I asked one if he was supposed to be wearing his uniform off duty, yes he said we wear our uniform to and from the base! Now, when I was a cop in the UK we were told not to wear our uniform too and from work at all as this made us a terrorist target as well as the obvious target from criminals, I explained this to the Navy guy and he said well "I suppose when you put it like that but"
  25. JaseandAnne

    Any update on the new state sponsorship for WA?

    You could look at the Northern Territories if you just want to get here and then move on at a later date, I dont know what your job is but they have been advertising on Perth radio for all kinds of trades and I believe there is some kind of NT Expo going on in Perth to entice people up there, I'm not sure if they are offering anything by way of SS but might be worth a look? Jase