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  1. Childcare costs and government assistance

    I would add to this that if your children are not fully vaccinated by Australian standards you wont get any rebate and some child care places will not accept them. An example is that they vaccinate against chicken pox here where as in UK they dont, you just get chicken pox and get over it. They still want to vaccinate even if your child has had chicken pox. Prepare yourself for government interference and taxation beyond your wildest dreams!!
  2. At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Thanks Arwen
  3. First Time Buyers in Oz

    Where did you buy in the end?
  4. Just a quick hello....

    Hi, Is the Mandurah High School the state one or the Catholic fee paying school? If your children come from a fairly nice area and a fairly nice school in the UK, I dont think they are going to like the state high school in Mandurah. It has reputation of being a little rough.
  5. HD Fitters required in Perth

    Hi Wooster, I see no ones replied, so I thought i'd ask the obvious questions. I'm a LV tech and work in place that does predominantly 4x4s, some of these things re akin to a Heavy and takes two of us to lift the wheels!! Anyway, I digress, does your company help convert LV to HD? where in Perth is it? and what is the average pay? I have 31 years mechanical experience, ran my own shop in UK ,prior to that did apprenticeship with Peugeot before moving to Nissan as foreman and master tech. Jase
  6. Purchase of House

    We found because we had no history here and didnt have a massive deposit there were not many lenders who would lend what we wanted. It wasnt a lot of money either considering and we could well afford it. Sadly as new migrants they make you a high risk, we ended up going with the government Key start that back in the UK I would never have considered a lender like this as the interest rate is higher. In the UK we have/had an excellent credit rating so lending was thrown at us. Here you are unknown unless you have plenty of money for a deposit!
  7. At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Hi Bryan, we can also relate to your post, been here nearly 2 years and have found the Aussies superficial or so I thought. Sadly, in October my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I was shocked as the offers of help we've had from our Aussie neighbours, while my wife was having surgery food was left on our doorstep so when I got back from the hospital there was something for the kids other than McDonalds. One lovely lady has taken my daughter too and from school for us because Ive had to go work early etc. These people were neighbours or people from the school who we now consider friends. I'm not suggesting you need a crisis to bring people out of the wood work but thinking back all they needed was asking round for a beer. We have no family here and its been really tough lately, would we go back, I dont think so, what would we go back to? After the initial euphoria of us coming back it would all die down and youd be in the position of finding a job, house etc. Admittedly, it must be tough to work so far away and I cant imagine how difficult that is for you and your wife but something will come up, get your wife to keep checking SEEK and INDEED for jobs for you and text/email them to you. When something crops up you want its a great motivator to stay up and fill out an application. Or as others suggest, move everyone to Albany, its doesnt have to be for ever and they may love it. Also, I dont think I would worry too much about your 13 year old, if I remember my 3 oldest girls this was the age where they got into ipads/computers etc and I remember whinging at them to go outside, go and play with friends met with "I aint go no friends" now they are late teens they have loads of friends and are never in!
  8. Leaving Oz for a holiday

    Hi Mrsr1976, I returned to the UK for a week after being here just shy of a year and had to apply for a RRV as the travel part of our visa had expired. Sadly I only got a year RRV as I had not been here over two years. They wanted various pieces of paperwork to prove our commitment to stay but this was easy to prove, rental agreement, children at school etc. In April 2017 I applied for my 8 year old as me and her went to a family wedding, at this point we had been here over a year and they still only granted her a years travel. The cost was about $340ish each RRV. As ive very quickly learned the Australian visa system in nothing more than a money making exercise jase
  9. Private schools close to Rockingham

    Hi, you dont say how old your kids are so assuming that they are in secondary school, because the state schools for primary seem to be good it only seems to tail off for secondary I'll tell you what i know. In Baldivis you have Tranby College, I have a friend whose two kids went there and are very happy with it, then a little further South, Mandurah way you have Fredrick Irwin, Mandurah Baptist and Mandurah Catholic College, at Warnbro (i think it Warnbro) you have the Lutheran Living Water School. All of these are private. In secret Harbour you have Comet Bay which is a state school but supposed to be pretty good.
  10. 2016 Tiguan- ship it or not?

    Don't bother, sell it there and buy something not European here. Firstly, if you go and ask on the other forum etc and look at the red book price etc what it doesnt tell you is that as soon as you mention its an personal import its already down valued, the insurance company's also load as its an import. You'll then have problems with the onboard Sat nav, im presuming it has one, as they'll want silly money to convert it to Aus. The Australians dont have this fascination and lust for all things Europeans like, say, the Americans do. I work in a garage and everything European that come in the Aussies are convinced its trouble or badly made, it makes me laugh, they don't wanna know how good it is from my point of view as far as their concerned its going to cost a fortune to repair and sadly they are right, parts for Euro stuff is astronomical compared to Aus, Jap or Korean. As for the import process, I imported my car, an old classic, and a boat and trailer, the actual importing process was fairly simple and I could not have bought a boat similar here for what I paid for it in the UK plus shipping costs, the car probably broke even although I still havent got round to getting it registered as yet as I can't bring myself to take it to those arsewipes at the DOT at Welshpool, but thats another story, I was warned and they wern't wrong!
  11. Is it really worth it?!! Advice needed please.

    Hi Newbie, Ive read this thread and everyone makes valid and realistic points. Perth isn't great economically, times is hard. But I haven't had trouble getting jobs and neither has my wife. We took pay cuts and change of occupations to come here( I had PR for a previous trade), we too aren't particularly sociable but mainly because we've got small kids and the wife won't leave them with people they don't know and as we don't have anyone that we know well enough we don't go out with out them! lol! You've sold your house so you may as well use the money from it and treat it as an adventure, whether you have to go back after a 2 or 4 years is neither here nor there if you didn't come both of you would be wondering "what if". Its better to have tried something and not liked it than to have not tried it at all. I disgree with the statement about not buying a house because you are on temporary visa( unless you have trouble getting a mortgage t being on a 457), we have PR but having only been here 17 months we arent 100% sure we are going to stay, we miss friends and family and some aspects of the UK but we, like you, sold our house to come here and have spanked most of the money so what better way to recover it than buying a house here incase you need to go back in two or four years time? This was our thought, our savings were fast running out so we used what was left for a deposit. The housing market is rock bottom here at the moment so there are some bargains to be had. We bought renovator south of the river so we could add value and if the market hadnt pickjed up and we decided to go back we'd have a go at renting it out. If you want to save yourself money look slightly further out for rents, we currently Rent a 4 x 2 in a great area 40 mins from city for $330 a week. We are currently paying mortgage and rent!! Couldn't have don't that in the UK!! My post may sound a little like we are planning to go back, not at all, I love it here, I miss people, some of the Aussie ways annoy me but on the whole as a family we are better off here because we have more time to spend with each other. Don't come thinking its paradise and youll be alright! Jase
  12. We are finally here!

    Hi Beachcomber, we live in Baldivis but have just bought a house in Golden Bay not far from Lakelands. We wanted to be closer to Mandurah because we love it there! Ive been doing a bit of research because I have two 15 year old girls in the UK who want to now come over after saying they wanted to finish their education in the UK!! We've been here nearly 17 months. Now, I know two people from UK who have got there teenagers at Comet Bay and they say that their children dont have any problems there but they then go onto say "well there are some trouble kids but you get Feral kids everywhere" this I agree with but it has put me off it. I hope that someone comes along on here and give their opinions good and bad so you (and I) can make a balanced view. Mandurah Baptist ($6500 a year) Fred Irwin ($7500 a year) are supposed to be fab schools and I particularly liked Mandurah Baptist but sadly with two of them and also two small children I could not afford either of these. Mandurah Catholic College is worth a look, fees are $3500 and it was top of exam league tables last year. All of these have space as I asked only last week. Comet Bay is obviously a state school so free. Id be interested in findings? Jase
  13. 15 Months in... so far so good!!

    So, we are nearly 15 months in and these are my observations on a practical day to day level not the whole heart felt leaving family etc I'll put our feeling down in another post, I will start by telling you I'm a 46 year old bloke here with wife and two kids aged 3 (nearly) and 7. I'm in the motortrade currently working as a Tech at a great garage in Rockingham. These are my thoughts, you may not agree and have different views and experience. Some of mine are negative and some are positive. WA. - We live in Baldivis south of the river and spend a lot of time in Mandurah due to being into boating. The beaches are beautiful the coast is fabulous. If you are into the outdoors then this is the place to be. I am astounded by the free boat ramps, trailer parking, outdoor BBqs, fabulous parks, free parking, camping sites, places to visit that do not cost anything, the list goes on of stuff to do, plus the free events that are put on. Everything is really child friendly and I dont think Ive been to an event where there are drunk teenagers playing up like there used to be at home. (We did live in a deprived part of the country). The sun shines most days and even in winter on a sunny day the temperature can get to mid twenties. However because its a dry climate once you get acclimatized it feels much colder, so when its 15 degrees here it feels more like 4 or 5 did back in the UK, so out come the jumpers!! Last year at this time I would go out for my early morning run and think how warm it was, this year I think its bloody freezing! Ha CARS and Driving. The cars are sh*t, if you think you are going to come here and buy yourself a nice little ten year old Peugeot 206 for £1500 like you had in UK , forget it!! The WA car fleet is old and I would estimate that 50% are either partly maintained to poorly maintained. There is no MOT and no requirement to maintain your car unless you are unlucky enough (unlikely) to get stopped by the police and "stickered" to get whatever they find rectified, as long as you pay your "rego" on time just keep driving. European cars like Peugeot, Renault are not popular, VW group have more a foot hold and slightly more popular however parts for European cars are expensive and a rip off. There are a lot of Japanese and Korean cars. The older jap stuff is fab and as they dont rot like they did in the UK youll see a lot of stuff from the early to mid 90's still on the road as peoples daily drivers, they will still want upwards of a grand when they sell them. Back in the UK some of these cars are turning up at classic car shows. I wouldnt buy a korean car over ten years old, except maybe the Hyundai Getz for a run around. I have seen cars with the canvas and metal hanging out of the tyres, rear diff oil leaking over the brakes so that only the fronts work only for customers to say that they dont have the money to fix them and drive away promising they wont drive them (yeah right). My advice buy the newest car you can afford preferably something Australian, Commodore or Falcon seem to be pretty cheap to maintain and on the whole reliable. Petrol is cheaper here than the UK, when we arrived it was half price that of the UK but has crept up a bit. Diesel isnt as popular here although readily available, V6 and V8 petrol cars are still very popular here and there are some beauties. How the Hoons afford to leave all that Rubber on the road is beyond me, Tyres are just as expensive here as UK The Aussies are terrible drivers, it astounds me that in state where the speed limit on the freeway is 62 MPH and the freeways for the most parts are two lanes how many crashes they have!! They drive too close and when you are doing the 100KPH limit someone up your arse so you move out of the way only for them to sit alongside you doing the same speed!! Theres been a number of times when Ive been ready for a row with someone who appears to be driving like an idiot only for them to be totally oblivious to how annoyed ive got at their driving!! There seems to be a lot of deaths on the road and a lot of is put down to drink driving, they appear to be 20 years behind with their drink driving thinking. The people - The people on the whole are friendlier on a daily basis than the UK. When your out and about people say "HI" more than UK. However, once you start working for Aussies, or want them to do work for you, or buy something second hand like a car they have no morals and will screw you over without a second thought! The first guy I worked for paid me short, regularly and when I spoke to him about it he tried to tell me it would even itself out, err no if you only pay me 37/1/2 hours and I work 40 how will that ever even out?? Also only paid from 8 to 12 Saturdays but didnt expect you to leave until after 1!! Had the attitude that if you wont do it then someone else will, I lasted 3 weeks before telling him his fortune! Aussie tradies want to do as little work for maximum dollar and even in the current climate I still find thats their attitude, however when you do work for them they want to pay minimum dollar for maximum work. If you look on Gumtree and Facebook for second hand stuff they want far too much for stuff, some people want near on retail new price for SH stuff. Ive also bought stuff where Ive turned up and tried to haggle and been told thats the price mate Im not knocking anything off but the advert said ONO!!!! I'm into my cars and I like doing up broken ones and keeping them for a bit, ive seen a couple that I wanted to buy to do up and have negotiated a price and asked the questions has it been involved ina crash, do you owe any money on it etc to be told no they were ligit, only to check them and discover they had finance on them, when I challenged the owners they both said that they were going to pay off the finance when I paid for the cars, yeah right course you were!! They also dont really have the same sense of humour as us, I mean, theyve never heard of Only Fools and horses, Black adder or the Inbetweeners!! The government - Australia, in general, and WA is a nanny state, I hear adverts all the time, on how to stop your child being injured at home, "Make sure you check the bath water before you put a small child in", Dont drink and drive, dont drive over train crossing when the lights are flashing and the latest one I heard was that you should go to bed early to avoid being tired when driving, it actually says try going to bed before 9PM, WTF, are Aussies really that stupid they need the government to tell them when to go to bed!! The government bodies that you will come into contact with have got that attitude that they used to have in the UK 30 years ago before they became more customer focused after realising that it was the public who funded the department but also paid extra for their particular services. The Department of transport for example is a bizzare step back in time as you go to change ownership of your car and take a ticket and sit and wait for your number to be called only for there to be a sour faced old cow behind the counter who treats you like you're wasting her time and shes doing you a favour!! If like me you dont want to give your child the MMR vaccine, then the government wont give you the family allowance payment, they also wont allow you to send your child to any preschool/Kindy either until they are vaccinated. Apparently it puts other children at risk however if other children have had the vaccines and mine havent the only risk is to other children who havent had the vaccines!! I wont go into my reasons for not wanting the MMR but as a parent this is my choice and I should not be dictated to by the government. If you ever have the misfortune of taking your personal import car to Welshpool DOT for its inspection then here you will reach a new level of A*sehole who take great delight in failing your car/trailer etc for no reason other than they can and it makes their day. In fact the guy I used to import my car was from over East, Sydney, and when I told him i was bringing them into Perth he said , and I quote, "they are all a*seholes over there, the docks,the customs and the DOT its the worst place to get anything through" and he wasnt wrong. The only government officials I've come across who have been courteous are the police and most of them have been from the UK. HOUSING The houses are nice, you get more for your money here, although the blocks are getting smaller for new builds. Not really sure why when they have some much space other than to maximise profit. However we have just bought a 4 by 2 house on an 800sqm block with pool and workshop for less than we sold our 3 bed semi for in the UK. the buying process is nicer, once signed you cant get gazumped as long as you meet the contract dates. If the owner hasnt told you something doesnt work and they are selling it as not working then it has to work. for example I did the final inspection last week for the house we are buying and one of split cycle A/C motors didnt work and the pool gate didnt shut properly, now in the UK i would of just accepted this as thats how it is but not here! The estate agent said they got to be fixed before we take ownership!! Refreshing. Schools- Our littlen goes to Baldivis primary school which is a state school, its is lovely and I think her class has 22 children in it. If you come from a large city in the UK then you will not be disappointed with the class sizes here. Our little girl had also been at school for a year before coming here and having to start year one again but there is still stuff on the curriculum to challenge her and I dont find the education system behind. I have found that here they seem more focused on the journey to adult hood than focused on training them to pass exams parrot fashion. She seems happy and is always coming home with some reward for being the top reader or top in maths so that year head start has put her top of the class which is nice boost for her confidence. I dont know a lot about the secondary schools but it seems to be if you can afford it send them to a private school. WORK/JOBS - I'd say WA is on its knees for work, especially trades. In my industry the only jobs available seem to be the lower end of the spectrum, the fast fit lower skilled end where there tends to be a high turn over of staff anyway. Having said that i've managed to get a good job at a nice place, but there is a lot of competition out there and Ive realised it isnt what you know but who you know . If you want to get a job in government beware that the higher paid jobs require you to be a citizen however the lower paid jobs and those they have trouble recruiting for, Ie Police officer, even if you have the skills and qualifications, that being "a citizen" or being in the throws of" becoming a citizen" clause is chucked in. If you want to change careers or do something different, good luck, as you'll need courses and qualifications before you even get a chance at having a go, I dont believe there is such a thing here as on the job training. They'll be a college course that you have to pay for before you even try and get a job! Shops/Shopping - Not so many big supermarkets as in the UK selling everything like Tesco and Asda.You still get the little shops and off licences albeit some of them are part of the big companies. I applaud the Aussies for their Buy Aussie spirit however they are being let down by their government who has allowed some big business to move over sees. Now they have no option but to allow foreign companies in to sell theyre stuff. Ultimately this will be good for consumers but not so good for workers and small business. The shops close at 5.30 in the week accept for some of the bigger companies who are open to 9, our local spud shed has just gone 24 hours, the only shop I know of thats 24 hours. Thursday is late night shopping just like it was 30 years ago in the UK. The thing I love about the shops is that they arent open 24 hours for that one insomniac to go shopping at three AM but at the same time it annoys me that when I've forgotten our wedding anniversary if its not a Thursday I'm in proper trouble. Crime- The Aussies seem to be paranoid about crime, shutters on windows, house alarms etc but, I was a police officer in the UK for 16years before coming here and let me tell you they do not know what crime is here! The things that get reported on the nightly news here would be lucky to get a spot in the local rag at home. Yes there are burglaries, car thefts, assaults and robberies but they are nothing compared to the UK considering the size of the Perth metro area So if you are still with me thus far, well done, and I'd now like to point out that I'm not a whinging Pom, some of these things annoy me but its a damn sight better than where we lived in the UK. Our lifestyle and quality of life has drastically improved and I really like it here and, at this point, do not intend to go back. Yes, we miss family and friends and if they could be here that would make it perfect. Jase
  14. 15 Months in... so far so good!!

    Just to add, sorry its been so long I dont get on here as much as I'd like as I'm too busy living the dream! With regards to crime, it is in no way as bad as the UK, there are areas that you wouldnt want to live in but remember the words "home invasion" sound so much worse than "robbery" or "Aggravated Burglary" that are the words we are used to from the UK. A home invasion is a Robbery and is much more common in the UK than here. They have Burglaries here but house security, and attitudes to it, are crap, my neighbour leaves his garage door open when he goes out!! WTF hes got his tool box in there and all his car stuff, yet he goes to work, leaves door up, 8 hours later comes back, if all his stuff gets nicked this is a burglary and is a statistic. The Aussies are lax about security not just in the home but also in other ways, we are near a naval base and I see Navy guys in full uniform, at petrol stations, in shops etc and the other day I asked one if he was supposed to be wearing his uniform off duty, yes he said we wear our uniform to and from the base! Now, when I was a cop in the UK we were told not to wear our uniform too and from work at all as this made us a terrorist target as well as the obvious target from criminals, I explained this to the Navy guy and he said well "I suppose when you put it like that but"
  15. Any update on the new state sponsorship for WA?

    You could look at the Northern Territories if you just want to get here and then move on at a later date, I dont know what your job is but they have been advertising on Perth radio for all kinds of trades and I believe there is some kind of NT Expo going on in Perth to entice people up there, I'm not sure if they are offering anything by way of SS but might be worth a look? Jase
  16. Odd things I've noticed since moving!

    So, for me in the Motor trade, I get a lot of the Darta one, I have to remind them that the android in Star Trek was Data in DAAAARRRRTTTAAA . Brake discs are "rotors" here and if some thing is on factory back order its Ex-East because thats where it will arrive/come from! I work with a Kiwi and a south african, as well as Aussies, so I get some funny words for some things from them. although they both say Data!!
  17. Fumigation costs

    We have just had the last of our stuff brought over and it consisted of 17 large boxes. We shared a container with others and our Customs and fumigation costs were $165 combined. I was never a camper in the UK, too bloody cold and wet, but we are considering it here and find that pretty good quality stuff made for the Australian climate is reasonably priced so unless your stuff is top quality I'd sell it and save yourself the cost of bringing it. For example, I bought an outdoor cover for my boat in the UK, just a cheap one of Ebay but its been on the boat in the UK for the past 2 years with a little bit of fading but all good, arrived here in December and between then and last week the Sun has destroyed it, took all the colour out of it and made it brittle, full day of heavy rain last week and it split!! Had to buy an Aussie made one, not much more in cost than the last one but made of much better stuff. A friend of ours told me that he knew some people who brought a bike over and it got knocked back for cleaning or destruction, they were quoted $200 dollars, they disputed that it was dirty and the cost went down to $100 they then demanded to see the dirt on the bike and went to the port where, when they arrived, it had miraculously been wiped over free of charge and they were able to take it!! So as elfie says, its a money making exercise.
  18. UK to perth

    when I contacted ironlady they quoted me RORO, just check that's container price Dave. Also I think ive probably over complicated it for you by giving you my war stories. I found the process to be fairly simple and certainly not as expensive as I thought, in fact I could not of bought a boat in as good condition here for what I would of sold it for in uk AND adding the import cost. I also benefitted from my car being import tax exempt because of its age. All you need to worry about is sorting it out this end when it arrives unless Ironlady are doing all that for you ? If not, its simple, once passed quarantine and as druid said, it probably wont and they will make it dirty than when it arrived, you can collect it from the cleaners. Before you collect arrange a Temporary Move Permit, easily done on line at DOT website, also you can arrange your own insurance however your temp permit comes with the government injury insurance so you can collect without your own insurance and be legal to drive but it will not cover damage to yours or others cars or road side furniture etc. Now you can arrange to have your DOT test the same day if you know in advance when it will be released from quarantine, so you could drive it from the dock to Welshpool Testing station and have it tested. It will fail because it does not have and Australian Compliance plate, as druid said, and they wont make you one until you have had it tested by the DOT. However I have heard that they can make the plate in 24 hours and so you can have the plate fitted and return for a retest the next day. Once you have the sign off paper you can register it at the testing station and they will hand you the plates to be able to drive away. Your temporary move permit lasts for 48 hours so you could get it all done within that time without having to buy another permit.
  19. UK to perth

    Ah yes I forgot about the compliance plate, when I did my trailer I got the plate done before but as you pointed out Druid you can't do that for cars. So it will definitely fail Dave. As I said before it is all done to cost you money.
  20. UK to perth

    Hi Dave, You have to apply to bring the car in before you even attempt to ship it, however I expect that the company you are employing to ship it will do this but best check. You don't have to have an address before shipping your stuff out, your stuff, if you are putting it in a container will take upto 12 weeks to get here, 4 if you do RoRo. I would definitely advise against renting a property you have not seen or inspected especially if you don't know the areas you are looking at, why do you think you need to do this, is it just because you thought you needed an address to ship to? You don't you can update them later with your address. Bring the V5 and your service history with you, you wont need it to ship it as you will probably have had to scan it and send it off to your shipping company. All the paperwork you need to ship and collect the other end is generated by your shipping agent, you will only need your V5 this end to prove owner ship when you want to register the car to avoid paying stamp duty on your car. Make sure your car is imported on the personal import scheme. Welshpool is where the DOT testing station is, there are others but as an import you can only take it to that one. You will need to apply for a Temporary move permit to be able drive it from the port to Welshpool. You can apply on line for one, they only last 48 hours. If it passes you can register it at the testing station and they will issue you the plates there and then. I don't know if they can do this with the private ones. You can still insure a car that is not registered in Australia, my car still isn't registered and I have fully comp insurance with a company called Shannons. Don't forget youll need to insure it in the container, this insurance is normally expensive, I recon it will take your £1600 to £2100 - 2200 with insurance. Jase
  21. Has anyone found a better new friend than this?

    Holy Sh*t, does she need any other friends? I think I can be a good friend helping her with the wine!
  22. UK to perth

    Thanks Warnbro, yeah we get Hoons up here, just had one screeching along Nairn Drive behind us, don't know how they afford the tyres!! Mc Mansion made me laugh out loud!!
  23. UK to perth

    Hi Dave, So, I know its your pride and joy but have you considered Roll on Roll off? Now, I can see you shaking your head, as I did, Id heard horror stories like, " your car gets dropped off on a dock in Somalia while it waits for the next ship and gets stolen by a somalian warlord and the next time you see it is on the BBC news with 15 guntoting pirates hanging out of the windows as its being shot and blown up by an American gun ship" However, when I put this to the agent I used to do the paperwork he laughed and said that he'd never heard of such rubbish. It goes on the ship in a specific place and stays there until it arrives in Perth. its below deck AND is roughly £2500 cheaper than a container, where, I'm told, if it breaks free in the container no one will know until they open it the other end. I went with RORO and insisted it went below deck, which was fine and I can honestly say they took really good care of both, it only fell apart when they arrived here and were off the ship and went to the cleaners. I used an agent from over east as he was the only one who actually showed any interest in actually doing the car and the boat and would def recommend him. Straight talking and down to earth, he actually said to me, when I said I want it to come in at Perth, "that's the worst port in Australia, they are C**ts" and he wasn't wrong. If you think you are going to be there when they unload it off the ship you are sorely mistaken because even if you request that you be present the moment it arrives they will unpack it and put it where they want it. Now, I returned to the UK and over a two day period delivered my car and boat to Southampton, I drove through the security barrier with directions from the staff as to what wharf I needed, drove down and parked them next to the ship in lines. The guy came out, checked my paperwork then went around the car and noted any marks and blemishes and I signed to say they were correct. They checked Chassis number with paperwork and then checked to see what was inside, I lost a 20 litre Jerry can I had put in the boot of the car as you cannot take petrol cans on board as they are a fire risk, I did question the 1/4 of a tank in the cars petrol tank but apparently this is ok??? So I had to leave that on the dock, bloke said it would go on the pile of others they have collected over the years!! You are allowed to put items that are considered to belong to the car in the boot or inside the car, you can put spare parts and accessories inside and they will be shipped with it. I took the grill and wheel trims off mine and boxed them up, I also have a cover and spare wooden dash board, original stereo and 8 track player etc all went inside and arrived untouched. The dock staff in Southampton were great and assured me it would be fine as they pointed at a £100,000 1930s Roller being unloaded from a covered lorry to be loaded on the same ship as mine and being driven on! They are also not going to race or rally your pride and joy when they have all those brand new Jags to load on!! Now, when it arrived in Perth this is when the problems began. I was informed by my man over East that both had failed quarantine and would need cleaning. Aparently both contained Bio hazard matter that need cleaning off, I was allowed to collect the boat and take it to the cleaners but the car was only allowed to be lifted on a flat bed by a recovery company and delivered to a cleaner of my choice. So, I drove to Fremantle and I saw my boat on the dock looking lonely with nothing around it, so I went to the gate and pushed the buzzer, paperwork in hand, to collect it. Bloke came over intercom and I explained he then said, " Got a Marine Security Identification Card?" Nope I replied and he said that I could not enter the port without one unless I was with someone who had one. It was then explained that there were people who would "escort" me the 100 yards to my boat but they would charge $150 for the privlidge!! F**k Off says me, im not paying anyone that sort of money to escort me 100 yards!! Intercom went dead!!! So, I contacted my man over East who contacted a partner agent in Fremantle. She called me and said that she would have to APPLY for me to go onto the dock for security reasons. By now Im steaming and about to rip someones head off, I said I was not leaving with out my boat and would happily block the gate and allow the police to be called at this utter absurdness!! Anyway, an hour later she turns up and escorts me to my boat, while I'm there I look over car and it appears totally as I left it, however the battery is now flat, you cannot move it out of "Park" unless the battery has power, you will just move the selector and it will not do anything. I explained this to the women who said she would arrange recovery for the car ( at my expense) to the cleaners. I explained that I would really like a call from the recovery driver so I can explain he needs to put a jump pack on to get it out of gear, I'll get him to call you she says. Never does, he cant get it out of park and drags it up the loader, then, the cleaners inform me it arrived and a week later I went to collect it. They explain that the brakes are stuck on and when it arrived they had to lift it off with a FORK LIFT. I went absolutely mad and asked why they didn't call to ask and insisted they show me how they had been lifting it. When they showed me they had been lifting it with wood on the chassis rails I calmed down because this is where I lift it but still, this isn't how you treat a 43 year old car that is someones pride and joy. Not to mention what ever they clean it with discolours bear metal and leaves a film over your car as if it has been washed in salt water. My boat was even worse, being white, had lots of black "drag" marks over it from the rubber hoses and when they put the boxes and stuff back inside the boat they just chucked them in ripping one of the seats!! I complained (understatement) and they admitted full responsibility and we settled on a massive bill reduction rather than them try and sort it, I would rather clean it myself anyway and was able to repair the seat. So, sorry to Ramble on but it still gets me angry at how little a F**K these people actually give about your property and must get away with it more often than not. What I learned, I can pass on to you: You have to apply for approval to bring it in, I tried to do this myself, but its much easier for the shipping agent to do this as they already have an account with the department. You have to have approval before you bring it or it will get sent back or be stored at your cost until they agree to allow it in. If it fails quarantine, theres a good chance it will, ask to see the Bio Hazard matter they are failing it on. I failed to do this but have heard of people who have argued that it doesn't need the level of clean suggested and won. The quarantine officers are face less and uncontactable, you just get a name on a bit of paper so make sure you have details of your shipping companies local agent who can contact them on your behalf and get them to show you the hazard material. If it passes and you are able to collect from the quay side remember to contact local agent and ask if they have an MSIC card that will get you on the dock to allow you drive out. To drive out you will need to have a "temporary move permit" from the Department of Transport. These are easy to apply for on line and last 48 hours, they cost around $35 and allow you to move the car from A to B to C then back again, as long as its in the 48 hours and you have provided the details of where A B C are. It comes with only the basic injury/death only insurance so you might want to cover it with Fully Comp insurance before hand. I went with Shannons who seem pretty good with classics and Imports and covered it even though it wasn't Rego'd. you will then have to take your car to Welshpool to the DOT testing center for them to approve its use in Australia. They are looking for it to be safe but mainly they are looking for it to comply with ADR. Now I know you said your car is the same as what is sold in Australia but there is a possibility that there will be some things that don't comply or are lacking. The main one that springs to mind is the rear securing point for a child seat. We don't have them in Europe and although I have seen the odd car with thm in the UK they aren't a legal requirement. All you have to check is that there is a capped off screw thread on your parcel shelf or a built in securing hook either in the center or I should imagine on a car of your quality one behind each seat. Our commodore has one in the middle that all three seats, if there were child seats, would clip to. All, I'll say is prepare to be frustrated, but keep calm. You will never meet, either at the port or at the DOT station, a bunch of people who are hell bent on not helping you out and doing their best to f**k you about, but once you've got it through youll love the lovely wide flat surfaces and cheaper petrol to be able to enjoy your beast. Oh, at a maximum of 60 MPH with lots of hidden cameras at least youll save fuel!! Hope this helps, Jase
  24. UK to perth

    Sorry Warnbro don't agree with everything you've written there, we live in a Cul de sac in a lovely area, with lovely neighbours and have a 4 by 2 with side access for boat/caravan on a 550 sqm block and pay $330 a week. Rents are coming down because, as you said times are tough here. Having said that when we arrived 10 months ago I had 3 job interviews and got all three genuine jobs. I say genuine because I did interview for a job that they clearly had promoted from within and were going through the motions. And I got offered another job that I accepted but they never got back to me and when I contacted them they said they had closed the vacancy. My wife got the first job she went for, night fill at Coles, and we were chuffed with that. I will ask though on a personal note, we are considering buying a house in the next year and Warnbro is on my list of suburbs mainly because of bigger blocks and older houses that may need work, do you know the streets/areas to avoid, clearly not going to be able to afford beach side and if we do it will be nearer Warnbro sound avenue than the sea!!
  25. UK to perth

    Hi Dave, I'm not going to get into the 457 debate as I don't know enough about them, weve been here for 10 Months and all I can say is, if you get 4 years out of it you will have a fabulous time. We came for the same reason as you, better family life than in the UK and I can honestly say that as a family unit the move has done this for us. Life is better for the children here as their life is more outdoors and you can get out and do more. We get out in our boat most weekends and absolutely love the fact that we can plan to go out at the weekend because you can pretty much say the weather is going to be good. If its a bit windy on the coast we go inland to the lake. Now we live south of the river and rent a 4 by 2 , theatre room, study with side access for the boat in a lovely quiet area and pay $330 a week, I find running my boat and cars cheaper here than home, insurance is cheaper, petrol is cheaper, Boat parts are cheaper but depending on what car you have car parts are expensive, ridiculously expensive!! If you've got an Aussie made car like a Commodore or Falcon, cheap as chips but anything European or prestige, expensive. We live in Baldivis which is 30kms from Mandurah, we are always in Mandurah with the boat, in the estuary, Canals and Marina is fabulous!! But I don't know what its like to live there, for some reason I don't fancy living there unless I could live on the canals in one of those multi million pound houses but that's not going to happen. As for crime, I don't think its any worse here than the UK, theres a lot less people here so crime is less per head, they report stuff on the TV here that wouldn't even get mentioned at home. They will report a "bashing" outside a nightclub where someone has ended up in hospital, wouldnt even geta mention at home. This says to me there isn't as much of it, as a cop of 16 years in the UK, the same sh*t happens here, but less of it and more publicised. Now, I imported my car and boat from the UK, like you, both have sentimental value and I was told don't bother sell them and buy the same here but that wasn't the point for me, also after looking around I couldnt sell what I had and buy as good here, with import costs it still worked out cheaper than buying something unknown here especially with the car, there is no MOT and there is lots of sh*t out there that people want a lot of money for!! My car is over 30 years old so as a personal import doesn't attract any import duty but sadly yours will, They base all taxes on what you paid for it which I think is stupid as you bought your car a couple of years ago and its worth less now. They actually based the GST, yes I had to pay GST even though I didn't pay import duty, on what I paid for my car 21years ago!! This was a bonus for me as its worth more now but they based the import duty and GST for my boat on the purchase price 4 years ago!! If you haven't got a receipt you have to write a declaration stating you've lost the receipt and what you value the vehicle at, obviously if its too low they will make you get a valuation. When I get a minute I'll put up the costings, and of course when it gets here it will fail quarantine so you will have to pay to have it cleaned and it will come back dirtier than you left it, the Aussies don't give a sh*t about your property its all about making that buck. You will then have to take it over the pits at Welshpool and these people take great delight in finding something they consider to be non compliant to Australian Design Rules (ADR) so do your homework about what mods you might need to do, make sure you print it off and take it with you, these will tell you you need to do something when you may not have to, they told me my car needed the holes in the rear shelf for the child seat anchors but they didn't come in until 76 and mines a 74 so they don't really know what they are on about. They can also be bloody minded, they made me go and take the boat off the trailer and have the trailer weighed separately on a weighbridge because they couldn't read the unladen weight as it was in German (German trailer). It wasn't good enough that I could get the company website up in English and provide the unladen weight from the website, oh no, because the trailer was never sold in Australia he wasn't prepared to accept that. Well, having worked for the UK gov for 16 years I was fully aware of people like this, they have a little bit of power and like wielding it, I'm not intimidated by these people and wouldn't let them beat me, I got it done same day and was back there within three hours so as not to pay a retest fee!! All the best Jase