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    using the wife's Poms account: Hi fellow U.K sparks just wanted some advice if possible. I have emigrated to OZ 4 months ago and am a qualified sparks from the U.K I have had my qualifications verified and passed my trade exam and now going to be issued with a restricted licence. I now know that I have to complete a log book and be "supervised" working as a ta. Problem being is I am currently living on the gold coast and I am really struggling to find work as a ta I have applied for loads of jobs never usually hear back but more concerning it seems it is like this across the whole country?. I am considering moving to Perth as it seems there is more ta work on that side? Is this true? any feedback would be most appreciated? It seems like a nightmare trying to be a electrician out here and might consider doing something else. I know a lot of sparks have had to do this coming over from the U.K and just wanted to know if the job scene in WA is better than the gold coast (non existent thanks
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    Hiya I can tell you I copied 3 of most of the forms needed for ANMAC .That was so that I had a few for later, natch. When sending forms for Visa, you can scan certified copies over so that saves on copies you may 'lose' by sending off to various places. A bEEEG tip is to ask ANMAC to send your forms to the Nursing Board once they are done with them. It is a free service and the Nursing Board (for example I asked mine to be sent to Perth site) will keep them for up to two years until you are ready to apply there. It seems daunting but read things thru carefully and you will keep your head above water. Hubby and kiddo's medicals flew through; I am just waiting for my medical to be assessed and then the visa should follow. I think it is cos I am South African so have extra scrutiny on the CXR... Let me know how you progress. And good luck
  3. so many decisions... and so many good answers from you lot, so i thought i would add in my dilemma and work out our answer afterwards. My son is due to start school, in UK, in Sept 2014 and- i know- only due to start in Jan 2015 if we were in Oz. We are likely to hear any day about visas but our PCC were dated 14 Nov so I guess that would be around the time we need to fly over (yipppppeeee). We are unlikely to have enough money to fly over before that so am in two minds about starting our son in school here for the few weeks before we go between Sept and November. Clearly we can decide nearer the time- and I have booked him places at the local school, but I am leaning towards just sending him to school for the experience. and you never know what is going to happen, right? would you just leave him at nursery where he is settled or move him to school? of course nursery might not allow him to stay past the legal age he should start school... many thanks