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  1. Hi I am looking for a finance accountant to work for one of our large transport companies based south of the river. You must be fully qualified and be available in the next 4 weeks to start. please email me at perth@driverhire.com.au if you are interested.
  2. deanhewitt

    Hgv licence in western oz

    Hello Thanks for your email. It will be our pleasure to meet up when you arrive. During that period I am all over the place between Sydney and Melbourne as we open new offices over there then plus I fly back to the UK and arrive back in Perth on the 8th July. Give our office a call when you arrive and speak with Margaret Ann 9474 4077 and she can check my diary and book you in then if this helps. Margarat Ann will also help in any way possible to help you settle in. Good luck with the move.
  3. deanhewitt

    Hgv licence in western oz

    HI there We have a number of companies that like to employ UK drivers because of their work ethic and safer driving standards with all the EU regulations put on to UK drivers ecpecially with the new drivers CPC licence. If you are here now I am always free to meet with UK driver and point them in the right direction.
  4. deanhewitt

    Which Recruitment Agency to use?

    You are welcome and loko forward to it.
  5. deanhewitt

    hgv drivers

    Hi there drivers are not being put on the SOL list although they are now a level 4, 12 months ago they were a level 7. If they do ever get put on it will be for Class 1 or HC equivalent with a number of years experience.
  6. Hi We are looking for an experienced heavy vehicle driver with a network authority card for delivery and call out of electricity pylons. This is an immediate start based south of the river with excellent pay and standby pay plus lots of overtime. If anyone has this experience we are keen to hear from you. perth@driverhire.com.au
  7. deanhewitt

    Hgv licence in western oz

    Hi Shaun Depending on how much experience he has he may not need to sit a test he could just transfer this over to a HC - X licence. WIth regards to upgrading his licence there is no fixed cost that could be given as a training company we use for all our expat drivers access every driver first and I have known experienced UK drivers pass after a couple of hours lessons. We send our drivers to Wrightway training in Maddington and they are great. They are an Irish couple who own this and have been training here for 20 years and they wont try and rob you of your money. We are always looking for good expat LGV drivers with good experience. Especially courier drivers. Tell him to send us an email at perth@driverhire.com.au (he will know us from the UK as we have over 100 offices there)
  8. Hi all We are looking for 15 Concreters to start a 4 month contract in the next 2 weeks. If you have this experience and have a white card or WA blue card then we would like to hear from you. $35 per hour. We are also looking for experience labourers for the same contract at $25 per hour. If you have previous experience in this and are looking for immediate work please let us know. You can contact us at perth@driverhire.com.au Many thanks
  9. Hi all We are looking for 15 Concreters to start a 4 month contract in the next 2 weeks. If you have this experience and have a white card or WA blue card then we would like to hear from you. $35 per hour. We are also looking for experience labourers for the same contract at $25 per hour. If you have previous experience in this and are looking for immediate work please let us know. You can contact us at perth@driverhire.com.au Many thanks
  10. deanhewitt

    Who is hiring construction workers in WA

    hi there the best person to contact is tavis.shearer@dhappointments.com.au he runs my civil side of the business. if you email your resume and tell him that I told you to contact him. Also if you can mention when you are coming over. Tavis in on holiday as of next week so he may respond to you after then. He is looking for 15 concrete finishers urgently I know that.
  11. deanhewitt

    private health insurance on a 457

    Be aware your 457 stipulates you DO NEED to have private healthcare for as long as you are on a 457 and no expceptions. Your healthcare is tax deductable so everything you pay you will get back anyway. If you are unsure telephone DIAC or go to Wellington Street immigration centre and ask it isnt worth risking you losing your 457 for.
  12. deanhewitt

    Who is hiring construction workers in WA

    Hi Jon I see you are from Warrington, me to a long time ago now. When are you due to arrive? I need a site manager now for a client of ours.
  13. You will need to register the property with the local authorities that it is being rented out and for your new tenants council tax. I would inform your mortgage company that you will be renting it out. We did with ours and it made no difference they just said enjoy yourself. I would advise that you get a tax exemption from the HMRC saying that you will not be liable for tax from your home in the UK when you emigrate. This helped us a lot when we sent our P85 in to hte HMRC and had to complete a self assessment. They wrote to us and said that because we had registered for non tax penalties on our rental we could claim back our interest payments on the mortgage. For once I think the HMRC have a heart.
  14. deanhewitt

    Fitter & Turner salaries (mining vs non-mining sector)

    You would need to find out if this role is a contract role or permanent. If it is contract you will only get paid for the hours worked so if it was FIFO and he worked 8/6 for the 6 days off he would not be paid so if you were calculating the position over a month he would be paid an average of 240 hours for the month.
  15. deanhewitt

    4872 welding do they recognise this in aus?

    Hi there we supply a lot of boiler makers and welders to a number of companies and they request that all employees have Australian Certificates. You may see this advertised as ARTC. As long as you have all your qualifications and certificates you can go to a college when you are here who specialise in this trade and for a few hundred dollars they will convert your trade certificate.
  16. deanhewitt

    packing things ourselves

    you will be surprised with the actual packers on the day. We moved a 4 bed detached house in a 20ft container although we were told by the sale sguy it would fit it the packers got it in all in and there was no damage at all when it arrived.
  17. deanhewitt

    Shipping companies

    We used Allied Pickfords. We had AP out but they were useless when it came down to assisting but that could be just down the individuals we dealt with I had to chase the MD up to get a response and then gave up. Allied Pickfords are also in the UK so it was one company we dealt with from start to finish and this was important to us as if something went wrong they couldnt blame another company
  18. deanhewitt

    Changing UK Driving Licence to WA Licence

    You do not need your paper part just the plastic one and all the ID as metioned. Get there early as you will wait a while
  19. deanhewitt

    Paint Sprayers

    Paint Sprayers We are recruiting for professional paint sprayers who are looking to work for a great employer based in South Guildford. You will be required to work 7 days on, 7 off, 7 nights on and 7 off. This is a great opportunity to work for a superb employer with a great reputation of looking after their employees. Criteria: 2 years minimum experience Attention for detail Based in WA Be able to pass a drug & alcohol test If this is you and you are looking to work in a professional environment in the mining services sector then please do not hesitate to get in touch. All applicants must have the right to work in Australia Sorry our client will not sponsor for this role as we do keep on asking them but because they are urgent roles from customer demands they do not have the time to go through the sponsorhip process. We are also looking for a number of Heavy Auto Electricians, Heavy Diesel Mechanics for FIFO, Redidential and Metro roles.
  20. deanhewitt

    boilermaker welder any jobs for us brits

    If he gets his trade certificates changed to Australian ones which isnt too difficult then we may be able to help as I need 14 boilermakers uregently. Tell your husband to email me at perth@driverhire.com.au with his resume and I will reply to him so we can speak. Hope this helps
  21. Hi All I have the following jobs available to service the mining sector. These are immediate vacancies and you must have the relevant experience and Australian Recognised Trade Certificates for all of these positions. Field Service Mechanic - Heavy Diesel Trade Certificate - x3 - 10/4 roster - Kalgoorlie - 4 years earth moving experience Field Service Mechanic - Heavy Diesel Trade Certificate - x2 - 5/2 roster - Bunbury - 3 years earth moving experience Plant Mechanice - Heavy Diesel Trade Certificate - x3 - 10/4 roster - Kalgoorlie - 2 years experience Heavy Auto Electrician - Heavy Auto Trade Certificate - x2 - 10/4 roster - Kalgoorlie - 2 years experience Plant Mechanice - Heavy Diesel Trade Certificate - x4 - 10/4 roster - FIFO Telfer - 2 years experience Field Service Mechanic - Heavy Diesel Trade Certificate - x3 - 2/1 roster - Pot Hedland & Karratha - 4 years earth moving experience Welders - Heavy Gauge Trade Certificate - x7 - 7 on 7off roster - Welshpool Boilermaker - Light Gauge Trade Certificate - x10 - 2/1 roster - Guildford If you have any of the above qualifications and experience please send your resume and trade certificates to perth@driverhire.com.au Please send directly and only apply if you have the relevant experience. Many thanks and we look forward to helping as many of you as possible.
  22. deanhewitt

    Golf clubs

    Depending on what golf clubs you require there are some gerat deals here and my fiance bought me a full set of new callaway irons half the price than they are in the UK. although I bought new callaway diable driver from the UK and had it delivered here because it was cheaper. have a look a http://www.golfbox.com.au plus there are lots of golf shops here and websites so just shop around.
  23. Hi You can do it there but when you arrive in WA you would have to change it to a WA licence within 3 months. Either way it would be the same process. If you are residents in Voctoria at the moment it would be quicker there as you already have everything you need with regards to ID etc to transfer it there. Depending on which UK LGV licence you have will depend on what you need to do to change it over. If you are looking for driving work when you arrive let me know on perth@driverhire.com.au good luck
  24. deanhewitt

    Starting a business in Perth, help needed please

    HI there We set up business here and yes you do need to train your employees. It is 1 or 2% of your employees salary that you need to spend on training with a RTO provider. This will be in your business plan for DIAC when requesting permission to set up in business as an overseas investor. If you would like any more information jot me an email at dean.hewitt@driverhire.com.au and I will try to assist you as much as i can
  25. We came and set up our own business we we took the route of establishing ourselves with an SBS and then sponsored ourselves, this toll about 8 weeks in total to get the business visa and 24 hours to get ourselves a 457. Cost wise to get this and everything set up ready for business just on lawyers fees was a lot