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    Count down to launch date

    Hi everyone, I started posting on PP exactly a year ago and during that time we have been through many challenging phases. At that time we initially applied for the visa and faced the inevitable hurdles that we must all jump over to make it to the end. My other thread which was based on asking questions, reveals all the uncertainties I was facing during our build up to getting the visa and in the earlier stages of the great get away plan. However, I thought I would start a new thread as we have a only 8 days to go until we leave for Perth and I thought it would be a way of keeping a record of the emotional ups and downs we encounter. It may still contain questions, but on the whole it is a record of our experiences at the last stage of actually making the move real. So, for a quick summary to date; we have sold the house, the container has taken everything away and it sailing across the seas somewhere. We are living with my OH parents who have been wonderful, very accommodating and helpful. I have been driving my boys to school everyday for the past two weeks, each day it has taken me 2 hours for the return journey in the morning, that I then have to repeat in the afternoon to pick them up. So potentially four hours each day! As a result, I have taken to filling the middle bit of the day with shopping, docs/ dentist/ optician visits and coffee shops with free wifi. I am beginning to wonder if I will be able to fit all the stuff in I have bought. A must for my shopping list was golf shoes as I had heard that they we're ridiculously expensive in Oz. I tracked down a bargain and bought a pair of Footjoy waterproof leather shoes that were meant to be £89 for just £39. I also got one of those cute skirt/shorts skort things in white. A bargain. I think my MIL thinks I have turned into a shopping queen. Everyday I come back with a bag containing something. I can understand why rich women that don't work go shopping so much, just a way of filling an empty day. This is so out of character for me, usually I am at work. Today was the last of the marathon school runs. Today my boys officially left their excellent schools and had to say goodbye to their close friends and wonderful teachers. I had a lump in my throat driving them there this morning and wondered if there was any point in putting on my make-up as I knew I would end up with panda eyes after not too long. I couldn't hold back the tears but tried to distract myself with jolly chats in the playground about our plans. I left both my sons at different schools, each with a large bag of sweeties to hand out to their friends and a camera to record the day. My youngest also insisted he bring in a bunch of flowers for his teacher as she was lovely and he would miss her. Bless. I trundled off home and lost myself in scanning paperwork that we don't want to physically have to carry on the plane. I found wage slips dating back to 2001. I questioned whether I would even need them but decided I should keep them as Sod's law I would need them as evidence at some point in the future. I literally sat on the floor surrounded by piles wage slips that I tried to put in date order before scanning. This at least took my mind off the boys last day. When I did eventually collect them I was presented by scenes that would make anyone weep. My youngest who is 8, played with his friends and didn't want to say goodbye. They hung on to each other and kept saying that wherever they were in the world the other should know that they were still with them. Blub, blub.... Then they stood around my son and each said a prayer for him whilst putting their hands together, closing their eyes and all saying amen. (Yes, they go to a church school). It was the kindest thing, it broke my heart. I felt so cruel taking him away from people who mean so much to him. Once in the car his little face crumpled as he declared that he didn't know it was going to hurt as much as this. How I drove in a straight line as we both cried, amazed me. So, with 8 days to go I am now at the stage that stings. So far I think I have done really well. A friend of mine described me as pragmatic (maybe another word for detached and cool) but I think I have finally come to realise that this is it, no going back, hearts will have to be broken, the last hugs and face to face contact has to be made. No more self denial. We are off to start this new adventure. No certainties, don't know which area to live in or school to attend, no job, no friends (apart from the ones I have made on here, that I sometimes tell more to than the real people around me as they understand what I am going through). We must be crazy/brave/ mad. Ask me on a good day and I'll answer courageous. We have our leaving do down the pub tomorrow and I guess that will be a mixture of jovial story relaying and then as the alcohol kicks in, tears and man hugs. I'll let you know how we get on. Night night. X
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any heavy duty, cardboard packing boxes that they don’t want anymore? We are packing up the house in December and moving in early January. I am also trying to find 2 empty, wide screen TV boxes that will fit 55” TV’s. We are based in Ocean Reef/Joondalup. It wasn’t that long ago we had masses of them that we couldn’t wait to get rid of. Now we are back to needing them again! If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    image mannequin

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    Advice on private schools

    Hi, I used to live in Hillarys and had a son who went to Duncraig. I am a teacher at LJBC and have friends with children at St Marks. My son was in the academic extension program at Duncraig and I was very happy with the teaching and his progression. When we moved out of our rented house in Hillarys to another suburb I found the logistics of school runs and getting to and from work, too much to cope with. I therefore changed schools so the children could walk to school. I went private and haven't looked back. Mine go to Prendiville Catholic Collage. Great place. Very nurturing but also push for for high standards of behaviour, respect and academic performance. He is still in extension classes and is very happy and doing extremely well. Only now does he say he say that in comparison, Duncraig kids mucked around more in class compared to Prendiville, where it wouldn't be tolerated. He says that he feels that he is getting a better rounded education and enjoys feeling part of a community that values everyone and supports each other. Positive atmosphere. LJBC is great too. Very caring and well organised. The staff and the kids are lovely. High standards of performance a constant aim. Positive atmosphere. St Marks also probably have the same as the other two. I have heard from a couple of parents who kids were struggling a bit that they felt that if you weren't academic they didn't really cater for them/not interested. This could be just the views of a few. Best thing to do is arrive and look around each place. You'll know as soon as the tour is finished which is right for your family. It's the things you can't put your finger on, the gut feeling that is the decider. GCSE's count for nothing here. Students do non exam classes up to Y10. After that they take their options and are advised if they should go the General route (less likely to go to University) or ATAR route which is a direct access to Uni after Y12. I hope this helps.
  5. Hi, this is my first post and I wanted to say hello to the existing members. I have been very impressed by the level of support and advise freely given here. How delightfully friendly! My husband and I are applying for a 190 visa. Early stages and still waiting to hear back. Whilst we wait, I search this forum for fact finding gems of knowledge. I have been researching where the 'best places to live' are. Still getting my head round if they are north or south of the river. I haven't seen much mention of the Hills, east of Perth. What's that like? How far would it be to travel to work in the CBD and to a fantastic family friendly beach? In fact, I don't know much about South of Perth either. Just seems to be mainly about Joondalop (spelling?!). I watched Phil Spencer's program about moving to Perth and have based my initial info on that...yes that was around Joondaloop too! Any advise would be read with great interest. many thanks.
  6. We are moving from our rental in Hillarys to our own house in Ocean Reef. Can anyone recommend a removal company that can move us? We had Pickfords out to quote but even they said that they would be higher in price as they charge by the hour and include travelling time from South of Perth and back again. Anyone more local to us? Not sure if I want them to pack or just do it myself to save the dosh. Mmm...probably the latter. Thank you.
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    Teacher Job up for grabs

    Hi, I posted a new thread in the 'Jobs' section. Not sure how many people will see it there as most like me, probably only look in the 'Welcome to Perth' bit or home page. Anyway, there is a real job going and they are finding it hard to fill at such late notice. I gave my notice in yesterday on the last day of term, after having a last minute interview elsewhere for a permanent job. It's is a great place and I would like to help them out. The ad is below. [h=2]Relief teacher needed Ocean Reef[/h] Hi, Just to to let any teachers out there know that Ocean Reef SHS is looking for a qualified Food Technology Teacher. The role is covering sick leave for the first two weeks of term 3 (starts 21/7/15). The role may be extended for longer. If you are interested please call the school ASAP. Someone will be there over the hols. This position has come about as I am leaving to start a new job elsewhere. They are a great team and I would love to help them find a suitable replacement to start after the hols. Thought my fellow POMS may like a break. Tell them you saw the mention on here. Post me if you apply. Good luck!
  8. For a number of weeks, a few of us have been meeting up in Mullaloo by the Ocean to go for a walk along the costal footpath with the aim of getting a bit of exercise and to have a good old natter. It's really enjoyable and we tend to be out walking for about 2 hours (one hour walking out, then turn around and head back for the second hour). Nothing too strenuous but enough to get the heart pumping. We thought today, that it would be a good idea to open it up to other PP members who would like to get some fresh air and make new friends. If you would like to join us, we are meeting after the school holidays on Thursday 16th Oct. We meet outside the Dome Cafe which is opposite the play park on the main road running through Mullaloo. You can't miss it, it is facing the Ocean. We meet at 9:30am. There is a large free car park opposite. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, sun screen, a hat/sunglasses and bring water as it gets hot by the time we return! If you would like to join us, please let us know and we will keep a look out for you!
  9. Hi, Just to to let any teachers out there know that Ocean Reef SHS is looking for a qualified Food Technology Teacher. The role is covering sick leave for the first two weeks of term 3 (starts 21/7/15). The role may be extended for longer. If you are interested please call the school ASAP. This position has come about as I am leaving to start a new job elsewhere. They are a great team and I would love to help them find a suitable replacement to start after the hols. Thought my fellow POMS may like a break. Tell them you saw the mention on here. Post me if you apply. Good luck!
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    Scenario question

    Not a problem. When you validate the account in Oz, you tell them you haven't got one yet. Just drop it in at local branch later.
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    Count down to launch date

    Wow Ann, that is so lovely. Thank you! Been at work all day and feel knackered. Tried to be an 'inspiration' to my students but think for some I was just a strict moaning teacher. didn't let them get away with anything. Hence why I feel so exhausted. However, I know I connected with many of them and had a laugh and a bit of banter whilst they learnt new skills. They make teaching so rewarding. Still early days. At the moment I have Thursday's off which great as I am desparate to get the house sorted. Once things calm down, I'll definitely be back on the socialising with the girls. Ann, I'll meet you for that coffee soon. Xx
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    Count down to launch date

    Just wanted to update this thread as I started it just before we left the UK and as of today....we have been here for 1 year exactly. Our first year anniversary! So much has happened in that time. Recently we bought a house and are now just waiting to move in. A wonderful feeling to be able to make decisions and changes to the property you live in, unlike the rental we have had so far. Will be a relief to stop having rental inspections every two months. Also, I started work last week as a High School Teacher! Signed a contract today. I think the work thing felt like the final piece in the jigsaw. I have to pinch myself sometimes as I drive around as just take this all for granted. We made our dream happen, we live on the other side of the world beside the beautiful Indian Ocean, have happy children in fab Oz schools and a contented, settled life. It's still early days in the bigger scheme of things but my word, we have done pretty well so far on ticking things off the list and are not regretting it one bit. Cracking open the champagne on Friday. Need a clear head for work tomorrow.
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    In need of a confidence booast

    Ditto! I used to go and re-read the grant notice letter in case I had misread it. Wasn't even 100% certain as we were entering the country, wondered if they would stop us and say there had been a mistake!
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    Recommend a removal company in Perth?

    Cheers annjean. When things are a bit more settled, we must meet up for that coffee. See you soon. X
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    my first week

    Blimey Odies, you've certainly packed it all in! Can't make it tomorrow now after all. Sorry. Got a few things to do in the morning and know I'll be busy next Thursday too. I'll have to do a rain check for now. Other may be there tomorrow. The lovely ladies will make you very welcome.
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    Mullaloo Walk and Talk Meet Up 16/10/14

    Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow. Now the relatives have flown back I thought I'd be clear for a good old natter. Not so.
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    Construction job market

    What do you do?
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    Indian take aways - Rate them?

    Tonight we ordered an Indian take away from a company that claimed to be a 'British style Indian'. After spending a small fortune and waiting for the home delivery with anticipation, we were so very disappointed once we ate it. Three very different curries that all tasted and looked the same, just the odd additional bits thrown in. Seriously, how can a Tarka dhal be exactly the same as a chicken Ceylon? Dry bland naan bread, weird tasting chutneys and relishes. Seriously rubbish food. I'm sick of making the same mistakes, haven't had a decent curry since we've been here. I thought we should name and rate our local curry houses so we can share which ones to avoid and to name those to support. Avoid this one....British Indian, Kingsley shopping centre. British indian.com.au
  19. Hi, could anyone who has experience of these two schools give me some reviews on them? It would be good to hear from people who have their children there. How are they perceived in the community? Do the children seem well cared for, supported and happy? Do they cater for all abilities well? How do they perform in terms of results? Are the parents pleased? Any other constructive comments welcome. Thank you.
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    Secondary school teaching

    Or a regular subject specific degree plus a recognised PGCE. Needs to have a satisfactory amount of classroom practice.
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    Prediville Catholic College and Ocean Reef SHS

    Thanks @Arwen, much appreciated. Minefield, got that right!
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    Prediville Catholic College and Ocean Reef SHS

    Thanks @Scot01. Good to finally understand that 75% means an A and 65% means a B. So if someone does a TAFE course/practical subject, does that mean that leave at the end of year 10 and go to college or do it at school? But if they only do level 1 subjects for two years at school, what can they do after that? Better to leave and get trained? When do they get the WACE certificate, end of year 10 or 12? How many subjects do they have to take in year 11/12? What does it mean in the tables when it says 'pairs of subjects'? Feel daft aft asking all this but it is so different to what I am used to in the UK. Cheers.
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    Prediville Catholic College and Ocean Reef SHS

    Thank you all for your contributions. Lots to take in, lots to think about. We have been here for nearly a year now and the boys have settled happily into their schools. However, we are about to move. The eldest is happy in his high school but it would be a bit of a drive in the morning, although I am happy to do it. He is in the academic extension program, definitely heading for uni. The youngest would need to start at a high school nearer our new house, so sadly would be leaving his friends anyway. He's currently in year 5. Questioned whether it would be better to keep him settled at his primary or move him sooner so he can make friends in a feeder school. He's much more practical, but saying that, things change. Whilst high academic achievement may not be the be all for him, I do want a school that will value his abilities and nuture him in a supportive and encouraging environment. Does prediville cater for both ends of the spectrum? @Scot01 where do you get your stats from? I have looked at various sites that rank schools on the 65% thing and I find them confusing. How do they compare on TAFE levels? Is TAFE's level 1 higher or lower than level 3? What is each level equivalent too? Is is it also hard to get into Prendiville? Name down early??
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    Oz winter, things to do?

    It poured down today, so we used our scoupon vouchers and went ice skating. The boys loved it. I thought it was hilarious to see the dozens of Zimmer frames lined up for the beginners to use. Not a granny in sight. Tip: wrap up warm if you are just watching as its blooming freezing. Defo be back soon. Did lovely chips too!
  25. Great. Very busy for the next month or so, but after that we could meet up. Keep me on the backburner. Good luck on the job front.