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    Your best ever holiday?

    Best holiday ever was when we spent 2 weeks in Lindos, Greece to get married 4 years ago. It was like something out of Mamma Mia, little white chapel by the sea, all the family came too, it was just amazing. Trying to talk the hubby into renewing our vows in a few years time just to do it all over again lol!!
  2. georgiasmammy

    Contacting potential employers

    It worked for my hubby Jason. He sent out his CV to a number of companies not long after our visa was granted, telling them that he was due to arrive in Perth on such and such a date, and asked that they kept his CV on file should any vacancies arise. 95% of people did not respond, however a couple did saying that he would be more than welcome to pop in after he arrived. He followed up on the ones that got back to him and had a job start within 2 days of landing. Don't give up, just maybe wait until your visa is granted, but persevere and it will pay off. Good luck x
  3. georgiasmammy

    Early Tax Return with ATO

    Looking for some advice from anyone who knows anything about submitting an early tax return with ATO. We arrived after the start of the current financial year and leaving before it ends. I've just phoned the ATO now, we can't submit one online via e-tax, so they're sending a form out to us. Just wondering if anyone's done it before? How easy is it to complete? What documents will we need to send back to ATO along with our tax return? Do we simply fill the form in with salary details/tax paid etc or do we need to send payslips etc? As always, thanks in advance.
  4. georgiasmammy

    Moving back to UK - our story

    Lol! Damn you welsh origin! Thanks everyone once again x
  5. georgiasmammy

    Moving back to UK - our story

    Thank you everyone. Got just over 3 weeks left and fully intend on making the most of WA before we leave
  6. georgiasmammy

    Moving back to UK - our story

    Firstly thank you to so many people on the forum who have replied to my "items for sale" post. You've been absolute stars. A lot of people are asking why we're heading back to the UK and a few have said they are in a similar boat. I wanted to tell others our story, purely to help others who may be in the same situation as us to show them that they are not alone. Here goes: Basically my husband is a tool maker, we have a friend out here in Perth who's been saying to us for years that we need to come over. My husband hit his 30th birthday 2 years ago and he said that if we were going to "try" Australia then we should do it now while we're still young and also our daughter is young....... So we started the visa process etc and it was granted summer last year, had a look at doing a reccie as we'd never been to Australia before but the cost was crazy and I personally don't think you can get an idea of a country that you potentially want to live in for the rest of your life in a fortnight/couple of weeks. So we decided to sell up, come over and just see what happens. We tried securing jobs beforehand but had little or no leads to follow upon arrival. Had a holiday let for 5 weeks and that was pretty much it. Leaving the UK was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. Our friends and family were in a mess, especially my husbands mother who absolutely adores our daughter, being her only granddaughter. She had also spent so much time bringing her up and looking after her while we both went to work. She was on her knees begging us not to go. The night before we flew out was the longest and most emotional night of my life. I remember have a crafty cigarette about 4 o'clock in the morning out the garden and thinking, "Our life isn't actually that bad. We've got a loving family, loads of friends, both got really good jobs, daughter doing so well in school.......... why the hell are we moving to Australia?"........ Anyway, we landed and at first I just wanted to get on a plane straight back home. I don't know what I was expecting really, but I just remember feeling completely and utterly lost. It doesn't matter how much research you can do........ you can never understand what it's going to be like until you actually get here. We were really fortunate enough for my husband to start work within 2 days of landing, went round cold calling to a load of engineering companies and it worked out really well. Moved out of the holiday let and into a proper rental, bought a car, put our daughter into school........ everything was going quite well. I think as well, obviously getting settled, getting into a house, daughter into school etc, seeing all the sights etc - we didn't have chance to think about people back home for a while. It was Xmas time that I think it started to become hard for us. I LOVE Xmas, I'm a big kid! Xmas in the sun wasn't quite how I imagined it to be. I know it sounds so silly but I love being cold, wrapping up in our scarfs and hats and going late night shopping in the cold, seeing all the Xmas lights in the city and playing cheesy Xmas songs full blast in the car on the way to school with my daughter. Xmas day is a massive family gathering over my mother in-laws, it's just the best time of year. I was watching the Xmas special of Gavin & Stacey on DVD and just broke down in tears, wishing I was home. My daughter was so lonely too, I hated seeing her so sad. My husband heard that his company was closing down just after Xmas. He's been trying to secure other employment ever since but everywhere is the same. No-one's got much work on and they too are laying people off. For me, this is the first time since I was 16 that I've been out of work. I've applied for 100+ jobs since October, had 1 interview and I didn't get that job. Our funds are quickly running out. If we go back to Wales now, at least we'll have some money to start back up again, get a rental, a car etc........ plus my husband's been offered his old job back as soon as we land and I know lots of people back home who'd be willing to take me on. Also, we've had an amazing 6 months here, we've got a really good idea of what Australia's like and if we want to come back we can, as long as it's within the next 4 years. I've had lots of comments from people, some showing lots of support, some saying that we've only given it 6 months and we should've given it more time. Yes we could give it more time, we could stay out here for another 6-9 months and hope that things get better. But what if my husband or I still don't find a job? There's only so long that our savings will keep us going and even then, how would we afford to get flights back home? How would we cope moving back to the UK with no money at all? Also, our daughter means everything to us, and all we want is to make her happy. She's not happy here. She's lonely, she's sad and it doesn't matter what amazing things we do here, she says, "I just want to see my family". So we've decided to head back. Like Andrew's boss said we came at the wrong time, but leaving at the right time. That's pretty much it really. There's things about Australia that I absolutely LOVE and I'm going to really miss them, but there's things about Australia that I don't really like too........ Maybe we're doing the right thing going back, maybe we're doing the wrong thing....... we're in exactly the same position we were 6 months ago coming out here, maybe it was the right/wrong thing to do coming out here - we'll never know. All I know is that we have no way of knowing what lays ahead for us in the future. All we can do is use the information at hand to make the best decision possible. And at this moment in time, with the information at hand, this is the best decision for us as a family. I'm not putting anyone off coming to Australia, far from it. This country is breathtakingly beautiful, and is a land of opportunity for so many. If you get the chance, come. I'm so glad we did. I don't wish to live my life with regrets, and I know if we hadn't made the journey here I would've regretted it for the rest of my life. Yes we're going back after 6 months, yes we haven't had much time here, yes the weather is awful back home. But there is nothing stopping us coming back in a few years if we choose to. Good luck to everyone who's making the journey, those already here in australia, and to those making their way back to blighty with us. X
  7. Hello lovelies, please accept my sincere apologies for not posting on here sooner. Been inundated with lovely messages from fellow perth pommers and managed to get rid of everything. For those who've messaged, I've pm'd you back. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words. Means a lot. I will get round to posting a thread to explain our situation, not because I want to tell the whole world what's happened, but maybe to reach out to others that are in the same situation as us, and to show them that they're not alone. all the best to everyone xx
  8. Thank you both, really appreciate your kind words. We're still young and the beauty of a PR visa means we can come back at a later stage. It's such a beautiful, amazing country and the last 6 months have been just wonderful. Lots of memories to take back, and of course the experience of moving to the other side of the world has made us stronger as a family. Going to leave it at that now...... starting to fill up........ thanks once again xx
  9. Hi guys, ok so don't really want to go into too much detail as it's too upsetting but due to current circumstances we are heading back to the UK in 4 weeks time. Bought all new furniture etc 4 months ago and basically getting rid of EVERYTHING. All available to be picked up from Baldivis. So if any new migrants are coming over and looking for excellent, used furniture/cars - here's a list of stuff that I'm selling at the moment. Need it gone by Thursday 13th March as we fly back that night. SuperAMart Cowra Queen Bedroom Package includes Queen Size Bed, Super Dream Series II Pocket Sprung Mattress, 2 x Bedside Drawer/Tables and 1 x 6 Drawer Tallboy/Chest - $600 for the lot - available now SuperAMart Manhatten Loft Bunk Bed with additional Single Bed + Super Dream Series II Pocket Sprung Single Mattress + Foam Single Mattress - $400 for the lot - available now Jumbuck 6 burner Gas BBQ & full gas bottle - $150 - available now Holden Astra 1.8L 2001 CD Hatchback - $3450 ONO - available now Holden Barina 1.6L 2007 Hatchback - $5900 ONO - available now THE BELOW ITEMS I'D LIKE TO SELL MORE SORT OF THE TIME WE'RE LEAVING, MAYBE A FEW DAYS BEFORE AS WE'LL NEED THESE UNTIL THE LAST FEW DAYS...... 3 seater + chaise connected L shaped sofa, purchased from chaisesofas.com - $400 Whirlpool Fridge Freezer 400L Capacity - $300 Baumatic 7.5kg front loader Washing Machine - $200 40" Sonic Full HD LED LCD TV with PVR + 3 x HDMI Input - $150 Queen Size Bed + Mattress - $300 Bunnings 7 piece outdoor dining set - $80 Have got pictures of everything so can send them via PM, also you're more than welcome to come over and have a look first. Thanks in advance x
  10. Hi all, not posted for a while. Anyhoo, got my beloved Holden Astra 2001 1.8L for sale - looking for $3450 but price is of course negotiable. Awesome car, economical, reliable, 5 door, air con, 123000kms, need a quick sale so please PM me if you're interested or know anyone else who might be interested.
  11. georgiasmammy

    Should I phone Woolworths?

    Haha! Kwinana store
  12. georgiasmammy

    Mobile Sim Cards

    I would highly recommend buying an amaysin sim card. We bought ours of t'internet before we flew out. Think they were £5 each, topped them up online with $30 of credit and I've still got $20 left on phone and been here over 2 weeks now. Constantly sending texts back home and phoning mum a few times a week. No connection charges when others phoning you out here from the UK, fantastic coverage, cheap texts. Top up online too, awesome!
  13. georgiasmammy

    Should I phone Woolworths?

    I got the JOB!!!! Woo hoo!!! I didn't phone, they just phoned me 10 mins ago!!
  14. georgiasmammy

    Should I phone Woolworths?

    Ahh that's so lovely thank you xx
  15. georgiasmammy

    Should I phone Woolworths?

    Thanks Ali, really appreciate your reply. Will wait till next week. Just impatient that's all! Have a fab day x