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  1. 82rhoads

    Thai airways

    Thanks Bristle, sounds like a good trip all round then. We've got our dates sorted and Thai is still by far the best for price. Although after a UK trip it sounds like you copped a fair cost in shoes! Hopefully I won't!
  2. 82rhoads

    Thai airways

    Thanks so much for the detailed reply. This puts our mind at rest as yeah the price is so much lower than the others. We’ve flown Emirates, Qatar, Malaysian, Virgin and Qantas and out of those Malaysian was the better but now Thai is coming up at $4300 which is superb and if the service is good as you say I think we’ll go for it. I’ll remember the passport tip for sure. Thanks Bristle, much appreciated.
  3. 82rhoads

    Thai airways

    That would be great. Thanks very much
  4. 82rhoads

    Thai airways

    Hi. We all know that the cost of flights back to the UK can be be quite pricey but has anyone flown with “Thai Airways” back there? The prices are coming up quite good for return flights around $4000 in sept for 3 adults tickets and a child. Anyone had an issue with them at all? All the other airlines are $5500/ $6500...cheers, Darren
  5. I'll bear that in mind Marcozambini, always handy to have deps just in case no worries Deb, might see a couple of you down there over the weeks then..doing some air guitar
  6. we're there all of feb and March. I think we kick off about 9 :-)
  7. Hey everyone, I thought I'd post on here to mention that I'm playing at Rosie's O grady's in Freo this Friday and looking like every Friday for at least the next month if anyone fancies it. I've been in a band over here pretty much since we arrived and I know a few of you live in Freo...Mr Portlaunay being one The band's called Dakota and the set is pretty mixed from AC/DC, James brown to the Angels, Doobie brothers, GNR to Tina turner! I'm the guitarist so if you come along tap me on the shoulder cheers, Darren
  8. 82rhoads

    how did you all cope with the heat

    It was hot enough for my boss to say finish early, enough's enough! No air con in our workshop, and with saw dust about it's pretty uncomfortable. We stuck the air con on for the first time at home since we've been here as there was no air flowing, and then...the power went down about 5.30 for around 2 hours so we got straight in the bestway pool. Must say, if this was our first summer it would've knocked us for six, but then you say "it'll be nice and cool tomorrow it's gonna be about 30"
  9. 82rhoads

    Christmas plans?

    We've had a bit of our Xmas this weekend as our rellies have gone back to the UK to visit. Had a cheeky roast as per tradition but on Xmas day we'll be having a curry...the kids love it. Perth gets quiet around Christmas time as a lot people go away so we thought we would do a last minute thing. First time we've done it so taking presents,stockings with us for the girls to open on the day. Hope everyone has a nice time whatever they're doing and take it easy on the bike Portlaunay. :-) Darren
  10. 82rhoads

    Visa granted!

    congratulations. Bit of security there for you all. I did think like others you already were. Nice feeling though :-)
  11. 82rhoads

    Days out in Perth

    We found a good place for a walk and bit of history was at the john forrest national park. There's some waterfalls there and an old train track you can follow to the old tunnel. It's quite long, and cool for the kids to walk through. Take a torch though! we're planning a little road trip to a medieval fayre over in York this sunday. I've heard York's a nice place to visit, so though we'd give it a go.
  12. 82rhoads

    Things that drive you nuts

    The lack of courtesy when driving gets me. Like letting traffic out at junctions or acknowledging that I've let someone go....you know, the ol' hand up cheers thing. I drive myself nuts sometimes by forgetting that things take time here, and that it's a bit more laid back in Perth
  13. $28 a fortnight for the essentials pack. Worked well for us so far. I think braces are major dental and fillings are just regular dental so you get a percentage of the cost back for the odd filling. We wouldn't do without it but I know some Aussies who don't bother with private health care.
  14. Hi, we joined HBF and got the essentials package and hardly pay anything for the dentist. My daughters have been today and the bill was $500 and we didn't pay anything at all. We use an HBF recognised dentist as well in Scarborough. Hbf may well have an offer at the moment so worth looking at their site as sometimes you can join and claim straight away.
  15. 82rhoads

    Renting UK house out??

    Hi, we've rented our house out in the uk and so far things have been ok. Things to consider are, landlord insurance incase of non payment by tenant, telling your mortgage provider that you're renting out the property ( they may increase your mortgage rate for this ). We're with halifax on a fixed term and because it was fixed they didn't increase the rate, but be sure to tell them as it could affect the insurance incase of a payout. Try and find a recommended estate agent, and one that won't charge a stupid rate. Around 10-12% is fair. There will be set up fees and renew fees every 6 or 12 months. A gas safe certificate is needed and and safe electrics, although we were told it didn't need a full electric test but a new or up to date trip box is a good idea. Also, you will get taxed in aus for the rental income so make sure it's divided between 2 if you can...husband/wife. We've only had to call the agent a couple of times so far so we're quite happy or lucky!! can't think of anything else at the the mo. Hope that helps.