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  1. Cath.madd

    Nursing Wages

    No probs. There is alot of agency work especially for adult nurses in the city and south of the river. The pay with the agency is at least double UK nursing hourly rate pay. Your wife is welcome to inbox me for further info if it will help.
  2. Cath.madd

    Nursing Wages

    She should go to the top 1:8 with that experience. I'm a nurse with 11 years critical care experience and am on that band with an agency.
  3. Cath.madd

    Aphra problems

    I'm due to arrive in Perth in 2 weeks and got my letter of eligibility back in July. I've just spoken to APHRA and although the standards have changed my letter of eligibility still stands as I haven't has any further correspondence.
  4. Cath.madd

    Beagle leaving the UK for Sydney Quarantine

    Our beloved English springer spaniel leaves tonight for Sydney, we have used pet air who have been fantastic and have employed dog walkers to visit him.
  5. Cath.madd

    6 weeks in and everythings great

    That's great news. What's your trade, my hubbie is an electrician. We arrive in 3 weeks, can't wait!
  6. Cath.madd

    2 days in!

    That's good to know. We have started a rental pack, got a vets reference, neighbours reference etc and will get a reference from the holiday let we are renting in Clarkson. We stayed in Quinn's rock in January , your dogs will wnjoybthecbwaxh there
  7. Cath.madd

    2 days in!

    Fab news. We emigrate to Perth in 3 weeks and our dog leaves in 2 weeks. How easy was it to secure a long term house rental with a dog?
  8. Cath.madd

    Hello. Nurse moving to Perth by Christmas (I hope!)

    I'm a nurse and we emigrate to Perth in 3 weeks on my husbands pr visa. I'm received letter if eligibility and need to present on person in arrival to finalise registration. Applied for a job and waiting ??
  9. Cath.madd

    trouble with APHRA and ? new legislation

    I've been ringing the website number as well to arrange an appointment and it does say it's shut so waiting for my registration officer to email me back
  10. Cath.madd

    trouble with APHRA and ? new legislation

    Not sure, we arrive in Perth at the end of November and my assigned officer from APHRA told me that the criminal check takes 1-3 weeks, then it because I've already had my letter of eligibility to register as a nurse, it goes to a manager for finalisation which can take 2-8 weeks. Trouble is without a job you can't secure a long term house rental
  11. Cath.madd

    trouble with APHRA and ? new legislation

    It can take 2-8 weeks after presenting in person to APHRA for your registration to be finalised.
  12. Cath.madd

    Pet travel

    We are using petair and they have been fab. Our dog is going 13 nov to Sydney due to byford closing and it's cheaper
  13. Cath.madd

    Aphra nursing registration in wa

    I have a year to present in person at aphra and yes it is an expensive process cost £230 for a notary public to sign it, I insured it via airmail for this amount, transcript from uni £60 plus aphra fee but will be worth it when working xx
  14. Cath.madd

    Aphra timeline

    Mine took 1-2 weeks
  15. Cath.madd


    We have 11 weeks to go and I have been going through similar emotions when I think I want to go today with excitement then the next minute reality hits home of what we are doing. Good luck xx