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  1. SKIPPY59

    Construction job market

    Hiya I am a site manager in the UK so looking for site foreman / supervisor roles in WA. and yourself? regards
  2. Just wondering what the construction job market is like and where work is going on regionally as we are moving out in July any info very welcome cheers
  3. Hi folks - hope you can help with a couple of questions. I have a regional visa for WA but have been told by a couple of people I could work in South Australia using this visa - is this correct? What's the construction job market like in WA? thanks. Skippy59
  4. Just returned from Perth. We did a reccie of Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham - but can't work in these areas due to restrictions on 489 visa. So we looked at Mandurah, Busellton, Bunbury, Margaret River, Albany and liked what we saw. We didn't get across to Kalgoorlie so wondered what its like to live/work there? Look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers
  5. SKIPPY59

    Missing UK

    Hi - just remember why you moved...... a totally different lifestyle mate.
  6. SKIPPY59

    Reccie trip

    We're coming over to Perth in March and setting up appointments for myself - Building Construction work and my wife - Secretarial work - what agencies would you suggest in Perth and any regional ones. We have a 489 regional visa. Can't wait..................
  7. Sooooooooooooooooooo pleased for you all my lovely friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:biggrin:
  8. Flying with Emirates from bham. Off to Brisbane first then to Perth - good deal £1766 for 2 tickets........
  9. Its to sus out jobs / areas to live. My o/h is a Construction Site Manager and I am a Secretary.
  10. hi all We have secured a Regional 489 visa and we are planning a trip in March to visit and sign up with agencies and meet [hopefully] prospective employers. Just not sure whether we should base ourselves in Perth and see what regional jobs are on offer with the agencies there or whether we should travel around the regional areas signing on with the different agencies - your advice would be gratefully received. Cheers
  11. SKIPPY59

    Jobs & planning a trip

    hi - can you point me in the direction for the list of recruiters please. Many thanks.
  12. SKIPPY59

    Jobs & planning a trip

    My hubby will be looking for a Construction Foreman role - he has done this before in Brisbane. I will be looking for a PA/Secretarial position - I worked in a University in Brisbane but have also done a Medical Secretary role here in UK. Cheers:notworthy:
  13. SKIPPY59

    Jobs & planning a trip

    Do you know if these places have local recruitment offices? Cheers
  14. Hi All I'm after some advice please. We have been successful in obtaining a 489 regional visa and will be coming out next March to talk to employers and recruitment agents. We are just planning our trip and wondering whether to travel around WA or base ourselves in Perth and travel out to various places, the choices being hiring a motorhome and travelling around or hiring a car and booking hotels etc. The companies I have been in touch with are based in Perth but obviously we have to get jobs in the regional areas - our favs are Mandurah, Rockingham, Fremantle, Bunbury and we are wondering whether it will be best to travel to these areas and sign up with local recruitment agencies. Any advice/info gratefully received. Cheers Skippy59
  15. SKIPPY59

    Medicals for visas in the midlands

    Hi - we are Coco's friends and we used Spire at Little Aston - they were gr8t. We went on a Saturday morning which was brill so we didn't have to take time off work. If there are any problems with the medicals they will advise you on the day. I would recommend them. regards Skippy59