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  1. Hi akasully, This 4 year degree course thing is confusing. I'm pretty positive that if you have for example a 3 year sports science degree with the extra year PGCE at university it satisfies the entrance requirement. (From that you can tell I am a PE teacher) i have 9 years experience and am currently head of department at a school in London. We are just beginning the process of researching etc..... so kind of picking up as much info as possible with a view to a 2/3 year plan to get out to Australia. Let me know if you find anything useful out and I will certainly do the same. kind regards, Ryan
  2. Morning all, Have any Secondary School teachers had any success in securing work prior to arrival in WA? The 190 VISA means I would basically be leaving a secure job in the UK with potentially no employment upon arrival in Australia. (although reading the posts on here it looks as though relief/supply work would be available) I wondered how many teachers on here managed to secure employment sponsorship for their visa prior to arrival and have any information / advice as to how they went about it? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Ryan
  3. Hi Rachael, Are you counting you're teacher training year as 1 of the 3 years at University or is that not considered by the teachers registration board? For example I have a 3 year sports science degree at St Marys University College and a seperate 1 year PGCE at De Montfort. Only reason I am asking is that I am in the very early stages of looking at WA and this potentially could put a block on it before I start. Thanks in advance, Ryan